August 07, 2015

Taro Balls and Sweet Potato Balls ~芋圆和番薯圆

Nowadays in the chinese dim sum restaurant, there are so many varieties of dim sum. From the Main, steams ones, like shu mai, savory stuff dumpling, baozi, mantou to the rolls, like spring roll, the rice rolls (cheong fan), the tofu skin roll, to the cakes, like taro cakes, fried daikon cake (loh bak guo) , to the sweets like egg tartsweet stuff dumpling (jian dui) , mango pudding and a lot more. Which one is your favorite? Tell me :D

This is the sweet dim sum. You can have it cold or warm.  i love it warm and i like to add ginger in it. The sweet potato and tato balls are soft outside, chewy inside. Having the sweet dim sum give your jaw extra exercise :D :D
现在的茶楼的点心,玲琅满目。从烧卖,虾饺,鱼翅饺。到包子,馒头。到煎堆,到甜点,蛋挞,芒果布丁,豆腐花。好多,好多。。你喜欢那种呢? 快告诉我吧!哈哈~


Taro Ball and Sweet Potato Ball 
Recipe adapted from the book 'The first Book of Noodles for Begineers' by Carol Hu
(This is a chinese book)
Serve 2-3 person (this is half of the original recipe)

Ingredient for Taro ball:
90g yam (peel, wash, steam and mash while it is hot)
60g sweet potato flour (divide into 2; one part 50g and the other part 10g)
1 Tbsp castor sugar
1-2 Tbsp hot water

Ingredient for sweet potato ball:
90g orange sweet potato (peel, wash, steam and mash while it is hot)
60g sweet potato flour (divide into 2; one part 50g and the other part 10g)
1 Tbsp castor sugar
1-2 Tbsp hot water
(1 Tbsp tapioca flour; floured on hand to prevent the taro ball from sticking when rolling and shaping it)

Sweet soup ingredient:
750ml water
4 pandan leaves, knotted
2 Tbsp brown sugar 

To Do:
Add water and pandan leaves into a saucepan.
Bring to a boil. Add in brown sugar. (the sweetness depends to own liking)
Add in cooked sweet potato balls and cooked taro balls. Serve warm or cool!

To Do:
1. In a mixing bowl, add in 50g sweet potato flour, sugar, mashed sweet potato/mashed taro and mix in hot water. Mixed and knead into a pliable dough. (add hot water accordingly, you may need more, if the dough is dry or less if the dough is wet)

2. Take out a small portion from each dough. (about 25g for the sweet potato dough and 25g from the taro dough) Rolled it round and flatten it; like in (pic 1-the 'pure cake' before and after cooked.)

3. Boil a pot of water, put in the flatten dough into the pot of water. When the dough float, just scoop it up with a strainer, drain it and let it cool down a little bit. Rub the 'pure cake' of sweet potato into the main sweet potato dough and the taro to the main taro dough. Mixed well. 

4. Sprinkle so tapioca flour onto the work top. Rolled the sweet potato dough into a long roll about 1.5cm in diameter (see pic 2) and cut them into square cube ball about 1.5cm lenght (see pic 3)

5. If you are no eating them straight away, just sprinkle some tapioca flour onto the  sweet potato and taro balls, keep them in a zip lock bag and put them into the freezer. It can be freeze up to 1-2 months. 

6.When you wanted to cook them,, just boil a pot of water, pour all the sweet potato and taro balls in and boil. (cook in batches, don't not crowded) When they float, just scoop them up with a strainer. Add them into a sweet soup and you can serve it cold or warm.

** "cake brittle" or "pure cake," is a cooked glutinous rice dough. A small portion of the main dough is taken out to boil in hot water to cook it. After cooked it will becomes very sticky, then it is added to the uncooked rice dough and rub in to mix well.  The whole dough will be a little sticky slightly, with this method, when rubbing the dough into rice balls it is will not broken. It will be smooth and manageable.

              之前            (Pic 1) 图片1            之后            
(Pic 2) 图片2
(Pic 3) 图片3
食谱分享: ‘面点新手必备的第一本书’ 胡涓涓者
份量: 约2-3人(我做了原食谱的半份) 

90克 芋头 (削皮,洗干净,蒸熟,再用叉子压成泥)
60克 地瓜粉 (分两份,1 份50克,1 份10克)
1 大匙 幼糖
1-2 大匙热水

90克 黄番薯 (削皮,洗干净,大火蒸熟,再用叉子压成泥) 
60克 地瓜粉 (分两份,1 份50克,1 份10克)
1 大匙 幼糖
1-2 大匙热水

750ml 清水
4 片香兰叶,打结
2 大匙黄糖


2。揉好的芋团和番薯团,各别捏出25克,然后将捏出的小团压扁。可看图片1, 番薯团和芋团捏好和煮熟之后。

3. 煮一锅水,将压扁的小番薯做成’粿粹‘ 煮熟的'粿粹'捞起,沥乾水分,大概凉一些些,在把‘粿粹’跟原来的大番薯团及番薯粉10克一块搓揉均与成为不黏手的番薯团。(糅合时如果觉得粘可以加少许番薯粉)

4. 在桌上灑钛白粉把番薯团搓揉成直径1.5cm条状,在切成宽度约1.5cm的小方块的芋圆和番薯圆。(图片2和3

5. 短时间不吃,可灑上太白粉可以收放在冷冻保存1-2个月左右。吃之前煮一锅热水,水滚就将番薯圆和芋圆放入。 

把清水,香兰叶倒入锅煮开。 加入黄糖拌均再加入煮好的番薯圆和芋圆就可以享用了。


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    你真快手, 这么快这甜品就煲好了, 我要一碗。。。还有我超喜欢今天的照片, 美哦!

  2. 点心楼里的点心,我全都爱,当然也包括这个咯,嘻嘻。。

  3. 同意May的说法,今天的照片很漂亮,我大爱!

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  5. Doreen, I would like to have a bowl too! :P

  6. nice photos Mui Mui, I need a bowl too heehee

  7. Hi Doreen,

    Very pretty dessert! I love the colours :D


  8. 我还没在点心楼点过甜品,看着妳的,好想喝

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