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Kek Lapis Cheese~..芝士千层蛋糕..来了~~

Cake lapis is a very special and delicate kind of cake. Originally this cake is from Sarawak, just like Indonesia kek lapis is originally from Indonesia. Now you can see this cake lapis all over Malaysia. Some are homemade and some are from bakery. I...prefer a DIY.....Of course, a homemade one. A friend of mine sold a Sharp double grill, convection and mircowave oven from our company to a Malay friend. This Malay friend wanted to use this new oven to make Lapis cake. Cheese Lapis Cake This Sharp mircowave oven really works, using this oven to do Layer cake is really easy and good. The rotating turntable gives the cake a balance browning and the top grill function gives the cake a browning at the top, cook well and will not makes the cake too dry. The cake stays moisture and not dry. Kek Lapis Cheese Sarawak~~ Sarawak Cheese Layer Cake Ingredients (A): 25 egg yolks 5 egg whites 230g castor sugar(I only used 180g) 100g Hong Kong flour 1 tbsp ovalette 砂洲芝士千层蛋糕 A 材料: 25 蛋黄

Tea time 8 ~ Japanese sweet potatoes loaf bread

I have been looking forward to do this bread few weeks ago. Finally, Shawn's gong gong bought back some Japanese sweet potatoes, so I take this opportunity to make this bread. This bread need to make a overnight sponge dough for one of the ingredients. I never try making bread with overnight sponge dough I am looking forward to see what is the end result. Really, the result is Awesome...^^ You must try this.....口感好,松软,又香甜。。。你要试试看噢。。。 This is the after proof loaves that is ready to go into the oven. I made 1 small loaf and 2 bigger loaves. 这是还没烤,第二次发酵好的面包条。。我做1条小型和2条中型的。 This is the two bigger loaves. Can you see small orangey bits on the loaves? That is the japanese sweet potatoes bits. 那橙黄色的小点就是打栏的日本甜番薯粒 This is the small loaf just hot from the oven. 这是刚出炉的面包条。。。好肥吧。。 Japanese potatoes bread This is the bigger loaf out of the loaf tin. 这是烤好脱模的中型面包。 Ingredients for overnight sponge dough: 100g bread flour 60g water 1/4tsp instant y

Roselle Cake Lapis

Another lapis cake... ^^ I like this one a lot. It had fine, smooth and soft texture. It looks wonderful in pink red too. Although it is named Roselle but there is no Roselle flower in it at all. I guess due to the pink red color of the layer so the it is named as Roselle lapis. :D  My two boys love lapis cake too.   Once they start having the first piece, they will ask for more ... " Can I have some more please?" You might like to try to make this one too.... ^^ RoSelle Cake LaPis Ingredients (A): 15 egg yolks 4 egg whites 200g Hong Kong flour 180g castor sugar 1 tbsp ovallete Ingredients (B): 480g butter 1 medium size 'seri kaya' 120g milk powder 4 tbsp condense milk some red colouring and some strawberry paste Method: 1) Beat ingredients (A) until pale and fluffy. 2) In another bowl beat ingredients (B) until it is pale and fluffy too. 3) MIx (A) and (B) together until it is all well combined. 4) Divid

Teatime 7 ~ Macau Pork Chop Buns :0 ~ 澳门猪扒包

Pork chop buns is a very famous Bun/food in Macau. If you like the pork chop to be extra special, you can barbeque the pork chop with charcoal and sandwich it with sesame bun. For me I do my bun a little bit different. I made a 8 grains bun, it still taste really good...^^ This is my 8 grains buns. They are soft and nice. 五毂有听过吧! 现在为了健康也有八毂的材料,哈哈。我用了八毂做了八毂包子。在夹入香喷喷的猪扒。。em。m。m。m。m 好好吃噢! To assemble the bun into pork chop bun is easy. Just cut at the side, do not cut through. ** Spread one side with mayonise and one side with 'olive grove spread'. 不需太多什么的,只需摸上一层美奶之和一层牛油。这就够了。。^^ Pork Chop Ingredients: 500g lean pork, cleaned, drained, ~cut into 10 slices and pounded with the back of the knife to have a better more tender texture 1 tbsp light soya sauce 1 tsp sugar 1 tbsp worcestershire sauce 1 tbsp cooking wine or sherry 1/2 tsp salt 1/4 tsp of pepper 1 tsp corn flour add a little water to dilute it 1 egg Method: 1) Mix pork

Kek Lapis Kopi

I misses the Hari Raya goodies so so much. One of the best is Kek Lapis. You need to take a lot of time to grill this type of cake. Grilling it layer by layer. Normally, in Kek Lapis ingredient need a lot of egg yolks and sugar. This one is pretty good you do not need so much egg yolks. CakE LaPis COffee Ingredients: 10 egg yolks 6 egg whites 10 ozs butter 8 ozs castor sugar 7 ozs hong kong flour 2 tbsp ovalette 4 tbsp condense milk 1 tsp vanilla essence 2 ozs ice water 1 tbsp coffee granules ~ dilute in 1/2 tbsp of hot water 1 tsp coffee oil Lined a 8' x 8' baking tray with greased paper. Method: 1) Beat butter and condense milk until it is pale. 2) In another bowl beat eggs, sugar, hong kong flour, vanilla essence, ovalette and ice water all together until it is fluffy. 3) Mix in butter mixture and beat until well combine. 4) Divide into 2 equal portion. i) 1 portion ~ plain ii) 1 portion ~ add in coffee granules and coffee oil 5) Preheat the oven double grill