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Low-fat Yogurt Granola Parfait 低脂优格,格兰诺拉麦片帕菲

This is a super duper easy parfait. Only a few ingredients a health and delicious dessert will be ready in no time. It is also good as a breakfast or brekkie. It is so easy to prepare and it can be made a  day ahead too. It is made of layers of low-fat mixed berries yogurt, homemade granola and some fruits. (i use strawberry and blueberry) You can use any fruits that you like too. 这是一道超简单的低脂优格,格兰诺拉麦片帕菲。 帕菲有美式和英式的,而这个是美式的。帕菲是法国的一种甜点,意思是完美( prefect)。可见这甜点可超好吃了。最重要是超容易做噢!!重点这个帕菲超容易又简单。只需要优格, 自制格兰诺拉麦片 和一些水果。(我用草莓和蓝莓)就把优格和麦片一层层的倒入使用的容器就可以享用了。 Low-fat Yogurt Granola Parfait Recipe refer : Annabel's Kitchen makes: 2 glasses  Ingredients: 1 tub (110g) low-fat mixed berries yogurt (i use Anlene) 1/4 cup homemade granola  some strawberries and blueberries To Do: Spoon a layer of homemade granola to cover bottom of 2 glasses.  Spoon another layer of mixed berries yogurt to cover the bottom layer of granola. Spoon again another layer of homemade gra

London Cheesecake ~ 伦敦乳酪蛋糕

This is a interesting cheesecake. I can't tell you how velvety smooth and creamy the cheesecake filling it is. Another interesting part is that it has a pretty and delicious topping. The topping is made of whisking sour cream, sugar and vanilla extract together and pour on the surface of the cooked cheesecake. Slightly cook for another 10 minutes and its done. 这伦敦乳酪蛋糕很特别呢!不但乳酪馅料香滑,味道好,蛋糕还有一层酸奶表层。这表层是酸奶加糖和香草精混合成的酸奶糊。 当蛋糕烤熟了,就直接把拌好的酸奶糊淋上表面,在轻烤多10分钟,就可了。 我呢,都会把蛋糕一次过切好。收在盒子,在送入冰箱。当要吃时就方便多了,要吃几片就拿几片。 I will normally use a cake divider to measure the cake and cut up the whole cake at once. Keep it in a Tupperware container. When you need to serve, it is nicely cut, just place a piece or two on and dessert plate and serve~ 这是重型的乳酪蛋糕,但是吃起来很顺滑,也不腻。表层的酸奶层(酸甜)中和了整个味道。 Although it is a heavy cheesecake, it taste velvety smooth and creamy. Believe me, once you taste it, you will ask for more :p London Cheesecake 伦敦乳酪蛋糕 Recipe adapted from How to be a Domestic Goddess by Nigella

Nigella's Mother in-law Madeira Cake ~马德拉蛋糕

It;s Bake Along time again. This round Bake Along #79 event is baking My Mother-in-law's Madeira Cake. This recipe is from the book of How to be a Domestic Goddess by Nigella Lawson or here . So you know it is her mother-in-law. It is interesting, isn't it? To find out how does this interesting cake taste like? i have to bake one. This cake has a firm, yet light texture. It is nice to eat with tea and it is traditionally flavored with lemon. It is a sponge cake in traditional English cookery. (want know more about the history of this cake here I baked 2/3 of the original recipe to suit a slim, long loaf tin that i have. I am glad that the cake turn out so well. Happy~ ^_^ ~ 为了配合我的长又高挑的模子就把食谱减成2/3的分量。做出来的效果好好,很开心呀! 香喷喷呀!! 马德拉岛蛋糕好好吃!虽然是命名为马德拉岛蛋糕但这蛋糕不是来自马德拉岛。 是来自葡萄牙,通常做成长条状。 19世纪蛋糕造成后,传统都是以马德拉酒同奉上,但现在则用茶。 蛋糕是类似一款简单的磅蛋糕。组织幼细,松而富有浓郁的奶油和柠檬香气。 My Mother-in -law's Madeira Cake Recipe adapted from How To Be a Domestic Goddess or here makes 1 loaf (i

Honey and Pear Muffin ( 蜂蜜梨子满芬)

I was searching something to bake for my kids. I usually will bake bread for them to bring to school for their tea break. Today, i am a bit late to bake bread so i thought why not bake muffins. I remembered that i saw this Honey and Pear muffins in Cheah's blog. Since i have all the ingredients, i am giving it a go. These muffins are so good! Love the soft and moist crumbs and the added diced pear give an extra bonus to the lovely muffins.  Honey and Pear Muffin Recipe adapted from Cheah of No-Frills Recipes makes 12 muffins Ingredients: 8 oz/220g plain flour 3 oz/  80g castor sugar 3 tsp baking powder 1/4 tsp salt 1 tsp cinnamon powder (i used 1/2 tsp) 1 cup yogurt (i used natural set plain yogurt) 1/4 cup melted butter or Canola oil (i used Canola oil) 1/4 cup honey 1 tsp vanilla  1 egg 1 cup diced Packham pear Some brown sugar  and some cinnamon powder for sprinkling (i did not add this) To Do: Whisk flour, sugar, baking powder, salt and cinn

Fruity yogurt popsicles 水果酸奶冰棒

Fruity yogurt popsicles  This is a creamy, fruity, cool, cool, cool and yummy, fruity yogurt popsicle. In my pervious post I made fruity smoothie with yogurt, strawberry, banana and mulberry, this time I am making them into popsicles. With the same ingredient only pour the smoothies into popsicles mold, freeze them and you will have these yummy popsicles for dessert. 选择一种比较健康的冰点给小朋友当甜点吧!上回,做了水果思慕雪,这次就把思慕雪摇身一变,成了冰棒!水果酸奶冰棒,香,滑又冰冷的甜点噢 ~ Fruity yogurt popsicles Recipe share by my little favourite DIY makes 12 popsicles (65ml each) Ingredients: 1/4 cup frozen strawberries and home grown mulberries (or any other fruits of your choice) 1 frozen banana 3-4Tbsp brown sugar 3/4 cup milk 1/2 cup Greek plain yogurt  To Do: In a blender, add in frozen strawberries, mulberries, banana, brown sugar, yo gurt, milk and blend into smooth puree.   Pour into popsicle mold and freeze till it is ready. About 3-4 hours. 水果酸奶冰棒 食谱分享: my little fav

New York Style Cheesecake ~ Bake Along #78 纽约式乳酪蛋糕

I am always late for my submission to Bake Along.. :p But i love to join these girls who is so special to me; Joyce, Lena and Zoe. This is Bake Along 4th Anniversary; Hey this is so cool.,, Bake Along is celebration the 4th year and i believe there will be more more fruitful and fun years to come.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY  'BAKE ALONG' ! This is a New York Style cheesecake. It is a heavy cheesecake. Just read the recipe, afterwards you will agree with me how heavy it is.  I have baked once a  New York CheeseCake  but it uses sour cream in the ingredient. This year my hubby's birthday he requested for a New York cheesecake which he love very much. I didn't want to bake the one that i have baked before but instead i bake this one i saw in  Marcela's blog . (Torta Della Figlia) In her version she uses YOGURT instead of sour cream. I am so in love with this version. The cheesecake is smooth, creamy and it is heavenly delicious ^_^ Another thing i love about