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Neslo Mexico Buns 美禄咖啡小圆面包

  Hi, I'm in KL now. Having my new job orientation. It will last a week and i will be back to normal routine with my new job, pursuing my new dream!  Just happen to have a little bit of time. I would like to share with you a little about my happening. I miss Little Thumbs Up a lot and i miss YOUs too. Between sorry for not dropping by your blog to visit you but i will drop by soon :p I am sharing here a popular Mexico bun that is a hit in my place sometimes ago. Now the bakery have close down and i don't know why but i can tell you that this Mexico bun is so delicious! It has crunchY topping in coffee flavor with soft and fluffy texture inside with buttery taste. I made some tweet to this Mexico bun. From just Mexico bun, i made it into Neslo Mexico Buns. When these buns were baked in the oven, the whole kitchen was full of Neslo aroma. It smells so good!! My boys can't wait to taste it. Soft and fluffy texture inside! Nescafe and Milo pow

Milo Dinosaur ~恐龙美禄

Hi everyone!! This few weeks would be my  crazy times. I am still in my job transition mode and i have been very busy.  I have all my bakes ready to share, it is just that i didn't have the time to sit down in front of the computer to draft my post... sigh!! Anywhere, i have a little spare time now so let me share my first MILO post with you. It's MILO DINO or MILO DINOSAUR. Have you heard of that?? I believe you do!!  It is a chocolate flavored beverage with lots of crushed ice and lots of MLO powder on top it! It is a popular beverage of Singapore local favorite and now it is in my town too.  I came to know this beverage from a local cafe, which have established 2 years back. It means i knew this drink for 2 years already It is a refreshing beverage to enjoy!! Yippy!  Add lots,lots,lots of Milo on top! Make the Milo drink Add crush ice or ice cubes Top with heaps of MILO powder Enjoy! My youngest, in the garden right af

Pretzel ~德国咸面包

Making my own German bread, Pretzel is a great fun.  This recipe i followed and adapted, need two-stage glazing method gives an authentic result. This is my first time making these Pretzel and i am addicted to it. I love the soft in the inside and chewy exterior texture. Pretzel These pretzel is soft, fluffy and chewy and it is lightly salted with the salt sea sprinkle on top. My boys began to love these Pretzel. My second like to dunk it in cold milk, my eldest  and youngest like to dip it into nutella   :D Ready for breakfast!! YUMMY!! pic 1 pic 2; Divide dough into smaller portions pic 3; shaping the Pretzel pic 4; before and after proofing the Pretzels Pretzels Recipe adapted from Step by Step Bread by Caroline Bretherton Makes 16 Ingredients:  350g (12oz) strong white bread flour, plus extra for dusting 150g (5 1/2 oz) plain flour 1 tsp salt 2 Tbsp castor sugar 2 tsp dried yeast 1 Tbsp sunflower oil (i use canola oil), plus

Little Thumbs Up-- September (Milo) ~九月份‘小拇指说好-美禄

MILO, MILO , MILO !!!!  Do you like MILO?  oH!! no, no, NO! We don't like it, WE LOVE Little Thumbs Up September is in MILO mood! Zoe (Bake with happy kids) and i will definitely baking and cooking with MILO. Talking about cook with milo..Hmmm...can we cook with milo?? I am not sure, will see... soon. Thanks to Zoe, this MILO theme was chosen by her.  Now you know how much she LOVE MILO... :D Jumbo size MILO... What is Milo?  is a chocolate malted beverage,  which can be prepared with HOT or COLD milk or water. It offer essential vitamins and mineral to meet the nutrition and energy demands of young bodies and mind.  Who is Milo?  Milo is a product of Nestle. 'Good Food, Good Life' is their motto. Milo was launched in Australia in 1930's, the Milo brand take kids development seriously. It is a energy beverage highly associated with sports and good health. Further more, do you know that Milo and skim milk is  LOW GI? It is t o help provide su