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Pumpkin Soup With Glutinous Rice Balls ~ 南瓜珍珠露

Tang Yuan (glutinous rice balls) is a traditional Chinese Dessert. It is a desert that is well loved by all generations. The original ones are plain tang yuan in clear sugar syrup. Ginger and pandan leaves are added for more flavor. Today more and more varieties of tang yuan are made to suit individual taste. This is one of the varieties that i found in a book to share here. 'Pumpkin Soup with Glutinous Rice Balls' ~Chewy glutinous rice balls in milky pumpkin soup~ ~Tang Yuan (glutinous rice balls) are filled with peanut butter and coconut sugar~ ~Sago in this dessert added an extra texture to the taste~ ~slice and cut pumpkin in pieces~ ~steamed until it is cooked~ ~mashed it~ ~these looks like fish ball ...right? hehehe  They are tang yuan~ ~Scald the tang yuan (glutinous rice ball) in boiling water and soak into cold water..this is to make the tang yuan more chewy~ ~this is slices of coconut sugar fr

Pear and Maple Crumble ~ for Bake Along #26

I am baking this for the first time. I done crumble on buns and bread but never on fruits. When i go thru the recipe, only then i found it is not that difficult to make. It is simple but the result is so awesome. I really love the crunchy crumbles with walnuts and pistachio. (I added a little pistachio in the crumble since i have some..:p) The pear is soft and crispy after bake with crumble and the lovely smell of the maple syrup. I chose Forelle pears to bake this.  Forelle In Season:  October - March Flavor Profile:  crisp, tangy, and refreshingly sweet The Forelle is an uncommon variety known for its smaller size and its unique yellow-green skin that is naturally decorated with crimson freckles. It has a crisp texture even when ripe, and is perfect for snacking, cooking, and pairing with wine and cheese...For what they lack in size, Forelle pears make up in sweet flavor and beautiful appearance. Know as a great "snacking" pear. Forelles are as wonderful

Cookies & cream ice cream layer cake for Bake Along #25 1st Anniversary Layer Cake.

  ~Ta..ta..a cake for a celebration~ ~sing the happy song~   Free and Easy Bake Along 1st Anniversary!! Happy 1st Anniversary to Bake Along. I am making this cake Cookies n Cream Ice-Cream Cake specially for Bake Along. I never try baking an ice-cream before. I have always wanted to try to bake this for a special occasion and this opportunity comes along   Recipes is adapted from book 'Yummy cold desserts made easy~香滑易制冷冻甜品' by Kelly Tang  Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Layer Cake Chocolate sponge cake: 240g sponge mix 4 eggs 60ml water 60ml melted butter To do: 1) Whisk sponge mix and eggs  at low speed for 2 minutes. Pour in water and beat at high speed till fluffy. (Double the volume) 2) Fold in melted butter till combine. Pour mixture into 2 9"x9" greased and lined baking tray. 3) Bake in a preheated oven at 180c for 15-18 minutes each. Remove and cool the sponge cake on wire rack. Cookies & Cream Ice cream (i make h