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Buttermilk Buns with crumbles topping

I have been searching for a buttermilk filling recipe that is really nice, really rich milky and buttery taste. Guess what? I got this recipe from a friend and I do some changes and the out come  really awesome. I make a streusel crumble to garnish the buns. The streusel gives a crunchy texture... ^^ So have to serve while it is hot. ~ 香香的奶油馅再加了脆脆的奶油酥在上面。。哇! ^^ 。。好好吃 Basic bun dough: Please refer to my coconut buns basic dough.. ^^ 1 portion of basic dough.. here (Makes about 25 buns with 35g eaches) Buttermilk filling: 125g anchor brand unsalted butter 120g castor sugar 150g fern leaf brand instant milk powder 80g plain flour Method: 1) Beat butter and castor sugar until just combine. Add in milk powder mix well and lastly add in plain flour and mix well. That is all, simple right... 2) Divide the basic bun dough into 35g eaches and let it sit for 10 minutes. 3) Flatten the small bun and wrap a spoonful of buttermilk filling and seal up with the sealed side

Old time favourite of my hubby~coconut buns

I guess everyone had a old time favourite. Especially when you think of your younger days. Those happy days when you were in school, having your favourite food or snack (in the canteen) like curry puff, banana fitters, nasi lemak or any type of kueh-muih... Or even your the van penjaja who use to come around your house area in the afternoon to sell cakes and buns for afternoon tea. This is what happened, my hubby's old time favourite is this coconut buns which is use to sell by a scooter penjaja who is a Indian man. He loves the coconut filling that is mixed with gula melaka, that gives a very aromatic smell and taste. 椰子包。。好好吃!。。^^ 哈哈!。。 Pandan叶绊的太紧 ^^ 。。不过还好叶子增加了包子的香味。 香香的 gula melaka的椰丝馅。。还带有甜甜的汁... :p Ingredients for basic dough: 250ml water 1 egg 7 tbsps castor sugar 1 tsp salt 500g bread flour 50g butter 2 tbsps milk powder 2 tsp instant yeast Method: I use my bread maker to knead this basic dough so the steps is very simple. Po

Mum gave me some Passionfruits

~香香,芝士白香果冰冻芝士蛋糕。。 ^^ My mum gave me some local Passionfruits. I always wanted to do a cheesecake with passionfruit. With this I have a chance to do my Chilled Passionfruit CheeseCake . I like the sweet and fruity smell of the passionfruit. You can smell it from outside of the skin. Inside is the pulp with lots of seeds. I was so excited with it ^^.... Chilled Passionfruit CheeseCa ke Ingredients: 18cm round chocolate sponge cake, 2cm in thickness (A) 250g sponge mix flour 60g water 240g (4 nos) eggs 20g cocoa powder, mix in sponge mix flour (B) 60g cooking oil Method: 1) Pour (A) into a mixing bowl and cream till light and fluffy. 2) Add (B) amd mix until well combine. 3) Pour in a greased 9" tin and bake at 180c for 30-35 minutes. Filling (A): 250g cream cheese 40g castor sugar (B): 3 tbsp passionfruit pulp 80g plain yogurt (C): 1 1/2 tbsp gelatine 60g water (D): 100g topping cream, whipped Topping (A): 3 tbsp passionfruit pulp