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Chicken Curry Mee ~咖哩鸡面

Love this simple and delicious Chicken Curry Mee. It can either be with bee hoon or mee or even with steam rice. I omitted the chilli paste to cook it into a kids version.  Yummy! Chicken Curry Mee Stir-fry the curry paste and lemon grass. Add in chicken pieces. Cook till chicken pieces are opaque or half cooked. Add in water, coconut milk, beancurd puff, potato cubes and let it boiled then turn to low flame and let it simmer away!!  Chicken Curry Mee  Recipe mostly adapted from  honey bee sweet Serve 3 to 4  Ingredients for Curry paste: 6 gloves garlic 5 shallots 1 large red onion 1 tsp salt 1 tsp sugar 2-3 Tbsp Sing Long Chilli Sauce (i omitted) To Do: Blend everything together until smooth in a food processor. Set aside for use later. 1.5 kg Chicken pieces, cut into smaller pieces (i used 4 chicken whole leg) 2 lemongrass stalks, bruised with the back of the knife (i slice it) 3" thick young ginger, slice thinly

Durian CheeseCake, Indulgence ~榴莲乳酪蛋糕,飘香

Are you a fan of Durian?? If you say YES, you must try this! I knew some people don't like it and some LOVE it!! Either you are the one who LOVE it or the one who TOTALly HATE it!! Hahaha!!  Anyway, my family is a big fan of Durian. This is a treat for them since i have a box of frozen durian in the freeze. 'Shh!! i always have a box of durian standby in the" This durian cheesecake is easy to whip up. It is a heavy type of cheesecake. It is rich, smooth and i like the addition of coconut milk in it. Coconut milk pair so well with durian. Do you like durian dodol? The taste is something like that but with rich thick and smooth texture from cream cheese and durian puree. Durian Cheesecake Just a simple shake of cocoa powder will give a pretty deco too. Biscuit base add texture and flavor to the cake too.          This durian cheesecake yields a good portions of 12 pieces. Durian is very mysterious! .... What is so mysteriou

Coconut Tarts ~椰丝塔

  This is a highly recommended coconut tart. Frankly, i never fancy coconut in tarts but after baking this batch of coconut tart i have changed. I love the fragrant coconut filling. It is lightly crunch on the outside and moist coconut filling inside. The recipe mention to use desiccated coconut but i rather like the richness and taste of the freshly grated ones. I happen to have some freshly grated coconut in the freezer so why not make use of it :p i am impress how lovely the look of this tart!! :D ;D Simple and lovely! Yummy!! Coconut Tarts The coconut filling is moist and fragrant with a light crunch crust ... YUM! I used freshly grated coconut instead of desiccated coconut. i only make 1/4 of the recipe, which give me only 3 tarts :D Coconut Tart ~椰丝塔 Recipe of tart crust,  adapted from The Joy Of Baking Makes 16 tart crust (size: 7cm tart mould) Tart crust   Ingredients:  125g unsalted butter (cold) 63g icing sugar, sifted 250g flour , sif

Pandan Coconut Ogura 香兰椰浆相思蛋糕

Saw this Milo/Cocoa Ogura in Jeannie's blog. I would say she is the Queen of Ogura and Sponge cake. She always baked out such soft, fluffy, fine texture and smooth top sponge cake. Do drop by to her blog to see more of her lovely bakes. I am in love with her Milo/Cocoa Ogura. Since the theme for this month for Little Thumbs Up is Coconut, why not make a little tweak to the recipe into a Pandan Coconut Ogura!! The recipe call for cake flour but too bad i run out of that so i substitute it with plain flour. Lucky me, the cake turn out not bad at all.  Pandan Coconut Ogura Thanks Jeannie, for the wonderful recipe. Pandan Coconut Ogura makes one 8 inch round cake (my next bake i will use a 7 inch baking pan to have a taller cake :p  ) Recipe adapted from Jeannietay's Blog   Ingredients: 50g corn oil (i used canola oil) 60g fresh coconut milk Pinch of salt 5 yolks (large eggs) 1 whole egg 70g cake flour (i run out of cake flour; i used plain flour) 5 egg

Giraffe Patch Bread and a meet up 长颈鹿面包和格友见面

This is a cute loaf of bread. It has giraffe patch on every slice of the bread. When i had a meet up with these three awesome baking buddies, we were talking about this giraffe patch bread. Sonia have baked and blog about this cute loaf of bread so May, Aunty Young and i decide to bake and post together.  The giraffe patch bread. There is a few version of  making this bread. I am using the bread dough i like to make this bread. It can be mix and knead in the bread maker or a stand mixer or even by hand if you like. I made 2 dough, 1 is plain and the other 1 is with cocoa powder. The dough is slightly more so i end up having extra 5 little plain bread buns. It is good to spread with Nutella or eating just as it is; my second like it plain! It is quite simple to assemble it, i follow the instruction from Sonia's blog . PIC 1 PIC 2 This is ready to bake in the oven. It is kind of out of shape; yes, if it is not shape and arrange nicely, it will grow out

Steamed Tapioca Cake ~蒸木薯糕

Hi, i am back! But there will be more for me to learn and explore in my new job.  Time really files, it is October now and its the last quarter of 2015. In this month of October we have Jess from Bakericious as our host for Little Thumbs Up. Her theme for the month is 'Coconut' Come and join us and have fun!! Last month we was a great month although we have not collected a lot but Zoe and i appreciated your sharing and linked to Little Thumbs Up event. If you have missed the awesome Milo theme recipes, please drop by here .  Steamed tapioca kueh i managed to get yellow tapioca to make this steamed kueh Lined the steam tray with banana leaves Ready to steam!! Done! Pic 1  Top right to left: The bitter juice which squeeze out from tapioca;  After sitting for a while there is a layer of starch leave behind, we need that ; Add the collected starch and sugar into the grated tapioca. Bottom right to left: Add in cream and coconut milk;