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Chicken Fricassée

Saw this in Yen's blog today. I know my family will love this hearty, comfort chicken dish so i immediately give it a try. It is true that we love it. According to Yen 'Fricassée' is a french method of cooking whereby meat is chopped up, sauteed and braised, then served with its sauce. The sauce of this chicken fricassee is very flavourful and the chicken is tender and moist.   These are some of the ingredients. Did you see my fresh rosemary...I bought a small rosemary plant today. Its on sale for 2.99 a small pot.     Chicken and streaky bacon    Seared the chicken skin side down. brandy and chicken stock   Chicken Fricassée Recipe adapted from Baby Sumo which she adapted from Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Home Cooking Preparation time: 5 minutes Cooking time: 40 minutes Serves 4 Ingredients: 2 tbsp olive oil 4 chicken maryland, jointed into 4 drumsticks and 4 thighs 100g bacon lardons or streaky bacon, sliced 4

Taiwanese Fried Chicken in Plum Sauce ..梅汁雞柳 (AFF Taiwan)

From what i read in this Taiwanese Fried Chicken in Plum Sauce is a dinner and lunch favourite in Taiwan. Now it is a dinner and lunch favourite in my house  ^_^ Yes, this taiwanese dish taste extremely good with it sweet and sour taste of the plum sauce. You will simply have another bowl of steam rice with must try it!! I don't know how to make my own sour plum sauce so what i do was to buy a bottle of plum sauce. I bought LKK plum sauce, hope that it is nearest to Taiwan taste.     It is quite simple to prepare this dish. Get ready all the ingrediets, marinate the chicken and start wokking.   These are the ingredients. Marinate the chicken.      Double fried the chicken will make the chicken pieces crispy outside and moist inside.   Taiwanese Fried Chicken in Plum Sauce Recipe adapted from   Ingredients: 2 chicken breasts, sliced and marinated some chopped bell peppers (i used yellow be

Plum Tartlets - Bake Along #67 ( 梅子馅饼 )

I am lucky to find some beautiful plums on sell just last sunday when we went for grocery shopping. Quickly pick a few, cause i am going to bake Plum Tartlet. Bake Along event is baking Plum Tartlets now. Come, come and come  join in the fun. I made these tartlets in 5 small oval shape and 3 small round shape tart moulds.  . Which one do you prefer? The oval ones or the round ones.. :D   This is the oval Plum Tartlets! and coming ....are the round Plum Tarlets    I followed Zoe's adaption of the recipe from 'Back in the Day Bakery. She half the amount of butter which i love as I don't want to put extra kilos around my waist line But again this is so delicious althought Half amount of butter still taste so yummy!! Love the buttery shortbread like crust. 1. Beat butter, sugar and vanilla paste. 2. Creamy and pale. 3. Mixed in flour. (I fold the flour in with a spatula) It feel bit like a soft dough.    Divide the dough

Tuna Pasta Bake (Bake Along #66) .. 金枪鱼芝士焗螺絲粉

Love this tuna pasta bake by Annabel Karmel. It is easy and  most of all i can get all the ingredients in my fridge and pantry. Most importantly it is delicious!! Sam was excited when i told him that i am going to cook Tuna Pasta Bake.   Sam: Mum, can i have a bowl of my own? Mum: I am going to bake all in a ovenproof dish dear. Sam: Pleaseeee... i want a bowl of my own AND i want that yellow bowl. Mum: ........     Tuna Pasta Bake in a yellow ovenproof bowl as per Sam's request ^_^    This can be prepared a day ahead, cover with aluminiun foil and keep in the fridge. Just sprinkle on parmesan cheese, heat through in the mircowave and baked it in the oven till the top is golden and serve.   There is 3 parts that need to prepare for this Tuna Pasta Baked. First, cooked the pasta. Bring a large saucepan of salted water to boil. Add pasta and cook, stir often ensure they don't stick together, for 8 minutes or until tender but still firm to the

Hello Kitty and friends Snow Skin mooncakes...冰皮月饼

This is a cute and easy to make snow skin mooncake. The soft dough is easy to mix and easy to handle. This year i make these snow skin mooncake like years that i used to do only that i add on a new friend. Hello Kitty!! Are you a big fan of Hello Kitty?? If yes you must try to make this  ^_^   Sweet Hello Kitty :D     If you are not a big fan of Hello Kitty, try these.. Three little fishes swim .. swim.. swim   Don't like fishes.. Guess who is hidding here... Guess you have guess from its ears ;D     Two little bunnies!! Still not sure which one your little boy like .. My boys love this...the beep beep cars..   Share with me, which one do you like :)   These are the bento moulds that i use to make the snow skin cutties! (Picture updated on 26/08)      Now let me share how to make these cutie snow skin mooncakes..   Snow Skin Mooncake recipe adapted form 'Mooncake Sonata' by Alan Ooi - under 'durian mooncake&#

Lion buns - 狮子面包

Hi everyone!! Hope you are having a great week! I am quite tide up with some other business lately Sorry for my late update. :p Thanks to Jasline for being a wonderful hostess for Little Thumb Up in August..please do visit  HERE..Jasline from Foodie Baker    *********************************** Zoe and i would like to welcome Diana from Domestic Goddess Wannabe  the hostess for our Little Thumbs Up event, August.. I am so excited seeing that the link up posts till today have collected 100+ links, Awwww....isn't that awesome. Looking forward to have more of your wonderful posts share to LTU-August and Diana's theme for this month is 'FLOUR' Remember the potato buns  i shared in my blog last month? That recipe was from Alan Ooi - the handsome baker that Zoe admire :p :p :p  Today i am going to share another potato buns recipe by Agnes Chang. Some blogger friends ask me which one do i prefer, i would say depends on individual preference. My boys love bot