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KL Selangor MFF - Petaling Street Lohanguo Longan Drink Copycat

Love this refreshing and cooling dessert. For hot days we are having here, this is a real thirst quencher. It is super cooling, so good! There is only 5 ingredients for this recipe. It is so easy to prepare.but you have to be patient, it takes 2 hours plus 1 hour and another 10 minutes before you can enjoy this dessert to the fullest. (I read in Alice's blog she mention something like this  I cook this dessert for the second time...why?? I burnt the winter melon  soup for the first attempt. I set the pot of winter melon with water added to the hob to cook. Then i went to pick my kids from school. Later know what happens :p It is really worth going for the second attempt, this dessert is really so good ..despite the sweetness...i just add more ice Petaling Street Lohan Guo Longan Drink - copycat Recipe soure: Wendyinkk Ingredients: 300g wintermelon 300g rock sugar (I used honey rock sugar) 3 lohan guo 100g dark longan flesh 2L water To

Cheat-Claypot chicken rice -冒牌沙锅鸡饭

Good Tuesday to everyone! How's your weekends going? I hope everyone had a great time. 大家周二好!! 时间过的好快. 七月来到了最后一天了!! 上个周末煮了沙锅鸡饭, 是冒牌版的.  当在 Esther 和 Phong Hong 的部落格看了她们的就很想煮, 可是我没有沙锅呢 :( 就那么巧在我其中一本烹饪的书看到免沙锅也可以煮哦!!! 太兴奋了..快快就煮了 ^_^ This is what I cook for our weekend dinner last week. It's claypot chicken rice but it is another version. When i saw Phong Hong's and Esther's post their clay pot chicken rice, I too am interested to give it a go BUT I don't have a clay pot :(   When I saw this recipe from one of the cook book, saying "Traditionally this dish is cooked and serve in a claypot. If you do not have a claypot, cooking the dish in a saucepan or rice cooker will produce similar result"  Oh wow! No claypot also can cook up this dish. I decide to use my electronic pressure cooker to cook a cheat claypot chicken rice.. lol I  use chicken cutlet, about 350g (a mixed of tight, drumstick and some breast meat) chopped into b

Ginger cookies ~ 姜奇曲

My mum is a big fan of ginger cookies. When ever i go to Brunei i will grab a pack or two for her. She love the crunchy  bite and the hint of spice in this cookies. This time she complain that the last packs of ginger cookies i bought for her was not as nice as before. I never thought of making my own ginger cookies but  for my mum to enjoy a nice cookies and for Little Thumb Up i got to make my own Ginger cookies. I found this ginger cookies recipe from one of the recipe book hibernating on the book shelf from last winter..:p After reading the ingredients and method, i start right away since i have all the ingredients in my pantry. Everything goes pretty smooth. No mixer needed only mixed and roll with bare hands.  When it comes to baking the cookies, i baked following the recipe. That is 200C for 10 minutes BUT the cookies comes out lightly brown, crunchy side BUT BUT chewy center. I was wondering is this cookies meant to be like this???? No no no, i remember those store bo

An expired birthday cake ~ Mango cheese mousse cake ~ 芒果幕欺蛋糕

This is a expired post rather then a expired cake :p Like i have mention in my previous post that my wifi is dead...causes all my bakes and cooks queueing up to be post..LOL  This is a cake i make for Mother's Day cum hubby's birthday. The previous cake  (Rhumba Mousse Cake) i make for Father's Day is actual cum my birthday cake...hehe It is a coincident that hubby's and myself's birthday (mine) fall on father's day and the other on mother's day.  Save my job one stone kills two birds..=p 这是个过期的蛋糕贴子. 还记得我的wifi出状况吗? 就因为这样贴子托到现在才贴上 =p 这蛋糕是二合一, 就是庆祝母亲节和老公的生日. 上个贴子 伦巴幕欺 蛋糕, 也是二合一, 是庆祝父亲节和我 mui mui 的生日呢!! Another cake that uses  fruit, mango as main ingredient,  This mango again is from my back yard, its gong gong's mango  tree :D Have you heard of Kuini fruit or Kuini mango?? It is another type of mango, if i am not mistaken it is only found in eastern malaysia.  Mangifera Odorata its scientific name, known as Kuwin (Kuini) Mango or Mangifera

Mini Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut Muffin ~ 迷你肉桂多拿满福

This is something new to me again, baked doughnut muffin. A friend gave me a recipe book which is about how to baked doughnuts but have always delaying to give it a go.. =p Thanks to Bake Along event i have the chance to bake this to join the event :D Thanks to Lena for her converted version recipe. I am very confused when using cups and spoons..:p but hers is in grams and milis..:D This doughnut muffin is quite nice to eat. It has a crunch crust, soft and cakey inside when it is hot from the oven. After cool, coat it with cinnamon sugar. It is not overly sweet as the doughnut itself is not sweet. My youngest love it very much..he is always my dear supporter..^_^ ..  很特别多拿滋..是用来烤的哦!! 通常看到的多拿滋都是炸的, 比较油腻..可是香又好吃!! 但是这个烤多拿滋也很不错哦! 口感比较蛋糕式和柔软. 可以试试哦!  Bake Along event is a group of bakers who make the same recipes to share and to have fun together :D If you are interested to join please get the details here . I am submitting this to  Free and Easy 

Rhumba Mousse Cheesecake ~ 伦巴慕斯蛋糕

This cake is specially made for my kids' Dad :D It is a Father's Day cake.  When i asked:  'Daddy, what cake would you like for Father's Day?' Hubby: Use those banana to make a cake.' Me: 'Good idea!!' Since gong gong (my fil) harvest a big bunch of banana from the backyard small orchard. 这是特别做给小宝贝们为爸爸庆祝父亲节的蛋糕...伦巴慕斯蛋糕 我问他 :   爸,你今年想吃什么蛋糕呢? 他(男人) : 就用老爸收割的香蕉吧! 我 :            好注意哦! 公公在后院种了好几棵香蕉树. 也刚收割了一大串. I have never make a cheesecake with banana before so i was quite curious about how does the cake will taste. After study the recipe from this book i am quite confident the cake will taste good....没用过香蕉做芝士蛋糕所以啊! 很好奇它的口感和味道呢!! 看了看了食谱还蛮有信心蛋糕会好好吃=p  According to the recipe, the riper the bananas used, the sweeter and more aromatic this cheesecake will be. I like the natural aroma of the fruit and not going to use essence. 食谱里说要用熟透的香蕉,会很甜,很香也可散发香蕉天然的香气.  不想用香精, 只喜欢天然的味道. This cheesecake have three parts to prepare. First ha