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Kerala Style Fried Chicken : AFF India Sub-Continent

This is a versatile Indian dish, fried chicken can go with almost anything. I am going to eat this with nasi lemak like what i see in Gertrude's blog ^_^ Fried chicken, I guess most of us love fried chicken. This Kerala Style fried chicken is full of aroma from the spices that added in. This is the first time i use Garam Masala. I would like to take this opportunity to thank  Sonia from Nasi Lemak Lover  who send this wonderful garam Masala to me. Thanks Ah Chi !   The chicken pieces is pat dry and marinate with the spices and let it sit in the fridge for at least an hour. The coating of rice flour and all purpose flour on the chicken give a clean and lovely colour after frying.   Yum! Yum! Can you guess which drumstick is with skin and which is without skin?? The one with skin is crispy and nice where as the one without skin is also crispy and nice :D      I used 2 chicken maryland, skined one and leave the skin on for the other one. I like to know

Mango Lassi - AFF Indian Sub-continent (印度乳酪)

This is a delicious and cooling beverage to beat the super HOT weather that we are having now. It is also mango season here so this is the most prefect beverage to have now. And and and it is super easy to prepare.   A  glass of thick and smooth mango lassi!!     There was a Deli cafe that we use to go here that makes nice lassi. Plain lassi was RM4 and mango lassi was RM5 back then but i don't know how much now.But now i know making my own will be so so so much tastier, fresh and save quite a bit     Homemade Mango Lassi that is thick, smooth and fresh.       Preparing this delicious beverage is so easy. All you need is some fresh mango, yogurt, milk or water, honey or sugar and some spices like caradomon and saffron (optional). Add this into a blender or a liquidazier and blizt away, DONE! You can now enjoy a glass of delicious Mango Lassi       Mango Lassi .. (印度乳酪) recipe adapted from the book of 30 minutes Indian by Sunil Vijay

Lemon-Scented Pull-Apart Coffee Cake : Bake Along #61

I always like to bake along with Bake Along event simply because this event always let me try out awesome recipes that i would never think i will try to bake :p Bake Along #61 is baking Lemon-Scented Pull-Apart Coffee Cake this round. I am curious about this coffee cake. Why?? Because its named Lemon-Scented Pull-Apart Coffee Cake and yet it look like a bread to me :p  To kill my curiousity i must bake this coffee cake. Guess what?? We all love the coffee cake expect my second. I don't know why but he only likes the cream cheese topping .. lol  When it is pull-aparted the texture is so soft and fine. I love the layer of pull-apart coffee cake. It is like counting he love me .. he loves me not .. he love me .. he love me not  After counting the layers, it all went into our tummy :D :D :D  These are the look of the coffee cake before proofing. These are the look of the coffee cake after proofing. See any difference? I don't know why i can't put

Chewy Korean Mochi Bread ... (QQ 韩式麻磁面包)

I have been wanted to bake this Korean mochi bread for quite sometimes but did not take any action until a friend of mine ask about it. She sent me a pack of this Korean mochi bread premix and ask me to try. Thanks to LK for sending me the pack of Korean mochi bread premix. This premix is not cheap, a pack of 550g cost rm12.50.  本想老早就来玩玩这麻磁面包担是就一直没行动 :p 友LK拿一包韩式QQ面包预拌粉给我,就赶快试一试吧!! Nice looking little buns, my second ask me "mummy, its this some kind of DINO eggs??" Haha..what do you think? Do you feel the same as my second? This is my first attempt for this Korean mochi bread. I am quite happy with the out come of this Korean Mochi Bread. I have 2 recipes with me when i wanted to try out, which i can't decided which to use. In the end i decided to use the smaller portion recipe. I was thinking if it doesn't turn out well, as least i did not waste too much ingredients :p The recipe i am using is from a fb friend, Pheony. She is a great baker. All her cakes,

Kopitiam Milk Buns/Plain Milk Buns .. 甜牛奶面包

When i was little there is a small cha tiam(means local cafe in hakka and kopitiam is local cafe in Hokkian) in the wet market that my grandpa used to bring me there for breakfast. This 'cha tiam' sell really nice small 'kosong' buns (plain buns). I like to dunk my kosong bun into my cup of milo and my grandpa like to dunk his in kopi O (local coffee with sugar only). If this cha tiam is on off day, mum will bring me to the local bakery nearby our house to buy this small kosong buns. I always love the aroma of the buns when we are reaching the bakery shop. It is like the aroma of the buns are welcoming me to the shop :D :D Now we can't buy this type of small kosong buns anymore like before. Baking this kopitiam milk bun bring back my childhood memory; plain milk bun, dunk into my cup of milo ^_^ The recipe uses overnight sponge dough method, which gives the buns a super soft and fine texture. The buns remain soft even after 2-3 days. (my buns usually don

Chocolate Orange Loaf Cake - Bake Along 3rd Anniversary...巧克力香橙蛋糕

Wait for me, wait for me but i was late >< Anyway, i have baked this cake specially for Bake Along #60 to celebrate the 3rd anniversary. Happy 3rd anniversary Bake Along!! i have baked for the 1st, 2nd and now 3rd anniversary. Can you imagine that, three years have gone by and we are still baking along. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!! Tasted the first slice and can't stop having the second and third and forth and this is what is left for the celebration :p  Let's light up the 3 candles!! Ready .. LET'S SING!!!  Happy Birthday to Bake Along Happy Birthday to Bake Along Happy Birthday to Bake Along May there will be many many more years to come for Bake Along :D     Cut the cake and ENJOY!!  This is a delicious cake. It is a simple chocolate cake with orange scented. My boys love this cake, simply it is a chocolate cake. My boys are my super fan, what ever mummy cook or bake they love :p My eldest even told me 'Mum you are the best