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Old times favorite local hawker's delight..~..小时的街边风味小吃..^^

Angkoo is a kind of Nyonya kueh (sweet dessert) and its local hawker's delight. It is made from glutinous rice flour with sweet  smooth and soft mung bean paste as filling. Then it is pressed in a mould looks like a tortoise and  place on a piece of shaped banana leaf and steam for 10-15 minutes. They believe the tortoise is a symbol of long life and prosperity.  Poeple use it as one of the return gifts to friends on Baby's Full Moon.  The taste is wonderful the skin is soft, sweet, sticky and the filling is smooth, sweetmade of mung bean or green bean paste. My boys love this kueh very much. ~ Kueh Angkoo ...红菇糕~ Ingredients for skin...皮料: 50g rice flour, mixed with 210ml water and 3 1/2 tbsp oil, stirred and boiled, cooled 粘米粉,油和水混合拌煮成浆,待冷. 300g glutinous rice flour..糯米粉 a little bright red colouring...红色素 enough water to mix into dough...适量水 (I used approximately 180-200ml of water...我用了大概180-200毫升的水) Ingredients for Filling....馅料: 150g mung bean split, washed, soaked

Pumpkin Loaf/Toast bread~南瓜面包/土司

Pumpkin, you can cook with it, make a pie with it, make malay delicacies with it, bake with it ....can do a lot with it. I like making bread with all type of health ingredients like pumpkin, beetroot, celery, carrot and a lot more. It is good for kids and old folks, if they do not take much vegetable in they diet. By blending this natural ingredient in they will get extra nutrition and dietary fibre. ~Pumpkin Toast Bread..南瓜土司~ Ingredients: 200g bread flour..面包粉 50g plain flour...普通面粉 50g sugar..糖 3/4 tsp salt..盐 2 tsp instant yeast..酵母 55g cold milk..冷鲜奶 50g cold pumpkin puree..冷南瓜泥 30g water (cold)..冷水 20g egg..蛋 30g carotino oil ~ I use butter..carotino 油~我使用牛油 To do: 1) Mix together water, pumpkin puree, egg and milk in a bowl. 2) In a mixer, combine bread flour, plain flour, sugar, salt and yeast. Pour pumpkin mixture into the bowl and fit the bowl onto the mixer fitted with a dough hook. 3) Knead the mixture for 20 minutes on low

Pudding angkoo~红姑布丁

Seanan's nanny went to Penang for a trip. She went with some of her friends for a special event. She tasted all the great local delicacies in Penang. One of them she always remember is Puding angkoo. It is her birthday month (september) I made her this Puding angkoo. Maybe is a another version but it taste just as good...^^ Mama (宝贝是这样叫褓母) 是很有爱心的褓母. 她很会照顾孩子,她照顾的孩子都是肥肥白白又可爱. 哈哈讲到像小猪那样...:p Mama也有参加一些社团. 前些月Mama去了槟城 参加活动,就尝了那里很多美食. 其中的美食是红姑布丁. 这个月是她的生日我做了红姑布丁送她吃. ~3 different colour of angkoo puding...三色红姑布丁~ 红姑布丁~Angkoo Puding Ingredients...材料: 3 tsp agar-agar powder..菜燕粉 400 ml water..水 100g sugar..糖 50 ml thick coconut milk..椰浆 50 ml fresh milk..鲜奶 2 pandan leaves ~ knotted..班兰叶 green, red and purple colouring..青,红,紫色素 cooked red bean paste..黑豆沙馅 To do: 1) Boil agar-agar powder, water, sugar and pandan leaves together. 2) Remove from stove and add in coconut milk and fresh milk. Divide into 4 portion and add in green, red, purple and plain. 3) Pour agar-agar mixture into a

My mil's signature dish....Hakka Stuffed tofu~~婆家的拿手好菜..客家釀豆腐~

Making tofu is a family business in my hubby family. My mil and fil have been in this business for 30 years. Lots of our friends love our home made tofu. Stuffed tofu is my mil signature dish. Every special occasion, we will have this dish (Hakka Style stuffed tofu). It can be eat solo with a piece of local lettuce or eat with porridge. My boys like to have it with porridge. ~local lettuce...本地生菜~ 婆家的豆腐干或白豆干是许多朋友们的喜爱. 婆婆做豆腐也做了30年. 现在这生意也传了给下一代. 釀豆腐这道菜很自然就是我们家的招牌菜. 每逢佳节都会做这道菜. 我们都会用一片本地生菜包着一片釀豆腐来吃. 或者我家小呱们最爱用粥配釀豆腐....你呢? 喜欢怎么配...^^ ~Tofu is ready to be stuffed....白豆干出炉了..可以釀了~ Come on, let get ready the stuffing first... 先准备内馅吧!! ~Mince meat is the main ingredient in the stuffing.... 馅料主主角是肉~ Ingredients for stuffing..馅材料: 450g mince meat 肉碎 2 tbsp mackarel salted fish meat~pan fried ahead 马胶咸鱼肉~预先煎熟 1 egg 蛋 1/2 tsp salt 盐 1/2 tsp five spice powder 五香粉 4 shallots~mince finely 红葱~磨幼 5 cloves garlic~mince finely 蒜米~磨幼 3-4 tbsp water 水 2 cups or enough cooking oil for

Easy make steam bao...with sengkuang (sweet turnip) as filling~~简易叉烧包...内馅是豆薯

Hubby and I visited a old friend last week. We visited this friend (SL) at his shop. The shop sells lots of different vegetables and poultry. He have been an old friend and classmate of my hubby since primary school. After visiting, when we left he gave us a big Sengkuang. Sengkuang is the name of this root corp known by Malaysian. It is known by the Chinese name 'bang kuan' to us Chinese who live in Southeast Asia and in Mandarin Chinese, it is known as 'dou shu' (豆薯). Sengkuang has a layer of thin brown skin and crispy, sweet and white flesh. It can be taken raw or cooked. It is usually use to make salad, rojak or all types of savory kueh muih filling. With this sengkuang given by SL, I used it to make my steam bao filling. It is a savoury filling with crispy texture when you chew it. The sengkuang gives the crispy and sweet taste for this filling.                 ~Sengkuang filling in the steam bao.. 里头的豆薯馅料 ~ ~This is the products ~ Pretty steam bao....