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Chocolate Cream Pound Cake (巧克力磅蛋糕)

  This cake is a hit in my house. My kids and hubby love it. It is the strong chocolaty taste and that moist and crumbly texture of the cake that makes it so inviting. Well..I guess everyone loves chocolate..who don't!! :p   这巧克力磅蛋糕在我家超红呢!! 做了三轮, 不过第一轮是失败的. 蛋糕硬又不会发:(  可是蛋糕很香也不太甜就吃完了. (孩子吃时-点冷鲜奶..mui和老公吃时就点 kopi O ) 不甘心的mui又做了第二次..成功了!! 蛋糕松软, 超香巧克力味,不太甜而是带苦甜 '味道..好好吃呢!! My second chocolate cream pound cake. I have make 3 rounds for the cake. WHY?? The first round the cake was hard at the top -very hard :0  Oh!! I must bake again and must be a success one so i can link this post this to Bake Along :D I remember Zoe thought me this cake is very crumbly that i have to be careful but mine is so hard but inside is moist and full of chocolate aroma. We finish the first kids dunking the cake in cold milk and hubby and me dunking the cake in kopi o  ^O^  I try again the second time. YEAH!  YEAH!  YEAH!! This time it is not hard but nice and crumbly. The

Rugelach (山核桃酥卷)

This is my first rulegach.  Since last watch pastry chef 'Anne Olson' making her rulegach i have been wanted to make rugelach. Rulegach have been on my very long to do lists. This round Bake Along is baking 'rulegach'  Yipee! I can bake along in the Bake Along event #. . Here I had to apologize  cause this is a late late post. 这是mui第一次做'rugelach'. Rugelach是一种犹太人过 hannukah的传统庆祝美食. 犹太人没庆祝圣诞节而是'Hannukah' 是 光明节,修殿节. 看过Anna Olson 甜点主厨 的节目就很想尝试做这犹太酥卷. 不过啊! 迟迟都没行动. 这次就曾着'Bake Along'的活动动手做了. 这酥卷的饼皮是用乳酪奶油和牛油做成的, 所以呀,特别香酥. 内馅是果干,坚果,黄糖和桂皮粉.(我用了美洲山核桃, 味道更香噢!) I wasn't very happy with shape of my rugelach. I found the pastry dough is too soft to handle although i have chilled it as the recipe says.  面团有点太柔软,不容易卷起. 所以我的酥卷就卷的丑丑的. 不过啊!! 这美洲山核桃酥卷很香很好吃!!  ^_^ Look at my ugly but delicious rugelach :p   This rugelach is indeed very flaky and delicious. I made mine into pecan filing instead of walnuts. I used apricot jam and reduce the amo

Kuih Syara ... 小花班兰蛋糕

  Shawn : Mummy, i miss this little green flower 'kuih' (cake) that grandma brought for us the last                   time she came visit us.  Mum : Oh!! really and what about that?? Shawn : Can you make some for me?? Mum was thinking .. Oopsie! i didn't know how to make that. Furthermore i don't have the  recipe.  Mum : Oh! i am busy now. Maybe next week when i am a bit free i will make some for you. Shawn : Oh!! Thank you are my best mummy!! Muaks! (mummy Since i have promised Shawn that i will make this little green flower cake for him, i had to keep my promise. Guess what?? i am so lucky that  at the same week, a friend came to me with a local Sibu, Sarawak delicacies cook book to ask me to help her to solve some of her baking questions. I found this little green flower cake's recipe in this book. What a coincidence!! So excited i am going to make this little green flower cake which its name is called KUIH SYARA. Kuih Syara is

Piggy buns...猪猪面包

Good Morning Monday to dear all ^_^ Little Thumbs Up for August, with the theme "EGG"  have ended  yesterday. Our host for Baby Sumo (Yen) from Eat Your Heart Out have done a great job, 250 posts were collected.  All big round of applause for Yen      YOU ARE SO AWESOME!!   WELL DONE YEN  What's next?? It is September month for Little Thumbs Up ^_^ Joceline  from Butter, Flour & Me is hosting September month for LTU. She cooks and bakes very well. Her awesome bakes and cooks can make you really wanted to try each and every one of it. Her theme for this month is   'Pandan or Pandanus or Screw pine leaves ... click  here I am using my previous egg white sandwich bread dough again to make this piggy buns. I am supposed to share the assorted buns of red bean buns and chicken floss rolls but this piggy buns is so cute that i jump queue and post this first  :p i come up with the piggy buns idea from my piggy baos.. here These piggy buns turn out

Eggs White Sandwich Bread....蛋白土司

This is a highly recommended bread .... it is the Egg White Sandwich Bread. Thanks to Joceline  from Butter, Flour & Me for sharing this. She cooks and bakes very well. Her awesome bakes and cooks can make you really wanted to try each and every one of it. She is our Little Thumbs Up host for September month with her theme 'Pandan or Pandanus or Screw pine leaves... click here Now come back to this  Egg white sandwich bread.  I make this because i have extra egg whites left after making my kuih lapis  ' here '.  Whenever i make kek lapis i have problem with lots of left over egg whites as kek lapis uses more egg yolks then egg whites. Now with this recipe i can use up my left over egg whites.    Why it is highly recommended ??? This bread is cotton soft but with chewy (QQ) texture which i love because it is not to soft that once you bite into it, it goes flat.  It stay soft until the third day and how about fourth day?? no fourth day because this br

Yellow Split Pea with Frankfurter Soup....马豆香肠汤

I bought some yellow split pea last week, thinking of cooking curry with them. But i change my mind after i read this Yellow Split Pea with Frankfurter soup in Nigella 'FEAST' ^_^ I found that i have all the needed ingredients in my fridge so i decided i am going to cook this.  This is a yummy soup although it is only vegetables and frankfurter. The sweetness taste of carrot, celery and the soup is thicken like a chowder by the cooked yellow split pea. I made some buns to go with it for a our lunch. This buns are made with the black bean okara that i kept in the fridge from making black soy milk. It is a recipe from Carol Hu in chinese here ( Okara  or  Soy Pulp  is a pulp consisting of insoluble parts of the  soybean  which remains after  pureed  soybeans are  filtered  in the production of  soy milk   and  tofu ) (info from wikipedia) My kids love it with the buns. They enjoy having their own little pot of yellow split pea soup with lots of frankfurte