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Hot-milk Cake with Strawberry Cream: Bake Along #74

I am really curious how would this hot-milk cake turn out if i were to bake it. I found it is interesting to add hot-milk into the batter. Want to know how does it taste, i have to bake this myself. I bake this cake at night. Why? because it is a school day, I have to put my kids to bed before i start. No regret baking this hot-milk cake, my kids and hubby like it. We enjoy having it with the strawberry and cream!! My hot-milk cake turn out to be a little to the dense side but it is soft with fine texture. Topping with the cream and strawberries it is simply delicious!! We don't mind the little dense as it is soft and so delicious with strawberry and cream!! I bake them in ramekins Sliced the cake into 2 layers. Hot-milk Cake with Strawberry and Cream Recipe is from  Bon Appetit Dessert Cookbook by Barbara Fairchild (I followed recipe adapted by  Joyce from Kitchen Flavours ) Makes 6 ramekin cakes Ingredients: 2 large eggs 1/2 cup plus 4

JapChae (Sweet potato starch stir fry with vegetable: 잡채)

I have been wanting to try this Korean dish named 'Japchae' since AFF Korea month. But then i can't get this Korean glass noodles or potato starch noodles (Dangmyeon : 당면)  until last month i saw it in Giant supermarket. Without thinking twice, when i will cook it i grab a bag of this potato starch noodles. Now is the right time to cook and share it in Little Thumb Up !!  'Japchae' is a Korean dish consist of sweet potato starch noodles, vegetables and meat. It is easy to prepare, health and refreshing. It is sweet and savoury with sesame aroma from the sesame oil and the sesame seeds. According to Maangchi stir frying each ingredient separately seems like a lot of labor but this way you will get wonderful taste and color from each of the ingredient. Each ingredients requires a different cooking time and a bit of care. 好想煮这道韩式Japchae好久了。 上个月逛超市是看到红署粉丝好兴奋,就买了一包回家试试自己煮。 JapChae是韩式炒杂菜, 里头含韩式红署粉丝, 牛肉,菠菜, 胡萝卜丝,蛋黄丝,蘑菇,大葱和青葱。 用了糖,酱青,芝麻油和烤香的芝麻拌在一起就可上桌享用了! Let

Easy Durian Millefeuille ~ Bake Along #73 拿破仑千层榴莲酥

Hi there! Good morning!..I am into Bake Along mode this few days. Bake Along event is baking Milliefeuille this round. I love to join these 3 wonderful hosts of Bake Along event.; they are non other then  Joyce of Kitchen Flavours ,    Lena of Frozen Wings   and   Zoe of Bake for Happy Kids .   In this event they always suggest some awesome bakes that i will never thought that i will Bake Alone , If it is wasn't a Bake Along with these 3 awesome ladies and others great blogger friends, i will never bake so many different types of wonderful  bakes. Can you imagine that, it is Bake Along #73 now. If you have not join Bake Along, then come along join us :D  This is a easy and simple mille feuille recipe that i found in by Lorraine Pascale . It is made with shop bought puff pastry for simplicity.  Am i cheating here..:p :p  I wanted to make puff pastry from scratch but i just can't squeeze out any extra time lately :(... I am so busy with kids, work and house chores.

Chicken and Mushroom Cannelloni (鸡肉蘑菇烤肉卷)

'Pasta' do you love pasta?? Do you cook pasta?? Do you eat pasta??  Do you think of pasta?? Well, no matter your answer is a yes or no...we are having a Pasta and Noodles Feast in Little Thumbs Up this January. We are cooking pasta and noodles in January for Little Thumbs Up Event!! :D :D Our lovely host Anne of my bare cupboard  choose 'PASTA N NOODLES' as her theme for January - Little Thumbs Up! Zoe and I welcome Anne on board to host with us for Little Thumbs Up for January 2015..Yay..Yay..Yay!! Chicken and mushroom cannelloni (this is picture is taken the second day after reheating the left over bit of chicken and mushroom cannelloni from the fridge) 您喜欢意式面食吗? 您会吃意式面食吗?(哈哈!肯定会啦,放进口里就吃呗!) 您家的宝贝们 爱意式面食吗?  Zoe 和我邀请大家来参与‘小拇指说好活动’。让我们共同欢迎我们, 本月的主持 Anne 来自 my bare cupboard  她的主题就是意式面食和面点! Freshly baked from the oven. 热呼呼的鸡肉蘑菇烤肉卷出炉啦! Juicy chicken and mushroom filling !! (This is the freshly baked chicken and mushroom cannelloni fro

Star topped mince pie

It's new year eve!! After midnight it will be 1 January 2015!! It is a whole new year and hope that everything will be a whole new start and the best of everything!! I baked this dainty star-topped mince pie on Christmas day. I am baking this again yesterday for today after dinner snack to go with coffee. Everyone love the flaky  pie  crust and not overly sweet mince filling. The sweetness is just nice and it's bursting of fruity taste. I can't find fresh cranberries neither frozen ones in the supermarket so i use the combination of blueberries and strawberries. These mince pies are small, to be popped straight into the mouth in one go... The crust is light, flaky and plain with a slight saltiness, pairing with the rich fruited filling. These pies have not in full casings but with a little star as lid and that makes them look so beautifully. Dust it with some icing sugar. This blueberry and strawberry studded mincemeat pie taste equally g