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Mango Cream Cake ~芒果鲜奶油蛋糕

Hi, Hi, Hi, i would like to Thank Jozelyn from Spice Up my Kitchen for hosting for Little Thumbs Up ~November. First, my apologize to Jozelyn for my super late post. It has been quite a super duper pack month for me. Hope that i can post more after this. Second, i also like to thanks to all dear friends who share their wonderful recipes to Little Thumbs Up events and Best Thumbs Up Recipes in facebook. Thank you!!! :D My family is a big fan of mango. Especially my boys, they love mango very much. Anything with mango they will love it!  My mil's birthday falls in this mango season. It is great to have fresh mango around to make her a mango cream cake. The cake taste just the right sweetness, with dairy whipped cream as frosting and sandwich in-between are fresh cut mango slices. Yummeh!! Mango Cream Cake   A simple cake for a special person. Love the soft, fluffy sponge cake, which pair well with  whipped cream frosting and the sweet mango slices >< my spon