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Durian, durian, durian ...season is here?....榴连飘香..是榴连季节到了吗?

Durian is a delicacy in Southeast Asia. My whole family LOVE durian very much. That means, this including my boys (my eldest is 6, second is 4 and youngest is 2) they are also loving it. As we know too much durian will cause heaty body. To prevent them from get heaty we did not  even  buy  one durian this year. Always saw lots of the D24, D93 selling in the road side store, just tell ourselves too expensive hahahahha....YOu might think WHY so torture ...:p What to do for the sake of my boys. ~slurp,slurp~ Guess what?? No matter how we hide and avoid it comes... Law of attraction I guess, the more you think of it, the more it will stick to you....XD. My dear sister SC come to my house with a durian in her hand. She said "This is for you it just drop from my durian tree" OMG...see it comes..YEAH!!!..accept it. Thanks dear SC. Comes again the next day with 2 again..this time is a bigger durian, the flesh is thick and seed is so flat.  My elder is just like a bee

Confinement ... Black vinegar vs sweet vinegar ...黑醋, 添丁黑醋, 甜醋, 醋,醋,醋..你爱吃醋吗?

A mother to be is a very exciting moment. When baby comes, everyone at home are so so excited. Busy, busy, busy starts...caring for the post natal mum and the new born. Confinement starts...this is a healing stage..the mum have to get more rest, eat nutritiously, a lot of family member moral support and most of all.... is still eat lots of health, nutritious food and traditional chinese recipes kind of cooking. These recipes believe to help the mum to restore energy levels and restore the mother's health. I called this kind of food recipes as confinement essences. My niece BP had just delivered to a lovely baby boy. It is her 12th day in confinement. We, her(BP) mother side family will go to visit her on the 12th day. I help to cook for her Vinegar Trotter Soup...^^ Ingredients: 1 pig trotter about 1.5kg to 1.8kg 1 bottle sweetend black vinegar 2 tbsp rock sugar 500ml water 500g young ginger 3 tbsp sesame oil ~main ingredients pig trotter, rock sugar, sweetened black vinega

Beet Root Bread ... 甜菜根/素地面包

Beet root is a kind of edible taproot with green leafy on the top. This is a local beet root, we don't use them to make salad. We use them to boiled soup with rib bone instead. It is well known of its rich source of antioxidant and rich in nutrients like Vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus and iron.  Beet root may aid the natural process of elimination and support detoxification processes. It has liver, spleen, gall bladder and kidney cleansing properties. My son love this soup, he named it 'the red sweet corn soup' because it gives the purple red hues and the  sweetness of sweet corn. He just love it, I was surprise when he have the first sip of this soup, he told me "Mum... it is delicious....^^" It is just a simple soup, of lots of rib bone and beet root slices slow cook for 2 hours. ~local beet root in and out, looks interesting ....甜菜根的里里外外, 有趣吧...^^..~ (A) Gelatinied dough ingredients ...烫种材料:  120g bread flour...高筋面粉    85ml boiling water..

Pumpkin angk00...南瓜(红)菇粿...^^

If you know this 'kueh' then you may know that this always comes in bright red colour. Nowadays people are going for healthy choices, which means food that have no colouring, no flavouring, no preservative is better. I agree, I make this pumpkin angkoo instead of the red one....But I sometime don't mind taking the red angkoo...:p. 你喜欢吃这种红菇粿 吗? 通常在市面看到的都是大红色的所以叫 红菇粿....呵呵..那就来个改变做黄色的. 叫金菇粿是用南瓜做的. 天然的色素,大家都强调健康不要色素, 不要 添加剂, 不要防腐 剂. 我认同但时候还是喜欢红菇粿. 红代表吉祥如意嘛. ~pumpkin angkoo......南瓜 菇粿~ Ingredients for skin...皮料: 200g glutinous rice flour...糯米粉 2 tbsp oil...大匙食油 100g steamed pumpkin...蒸熟的南瓜 1 tbsp sugar...大匙糖 100ml water...水 filling...馅料: 150g split green bean ,soaked overnight... 绿豆片,浸隔夜 2 tbsp oil... 大匙食油 80g sugar...糖 To do: 1) Combine all ingredients  and mix into a pilable dough. Cover with a piece of damp cloth and rest for 10 minutes. 2) filling: Steam the split green beans until soft. Remove and mash into paste while still hot. Add in remai

Simply Just Pineapple Tart...就是那么平凡的黄梨塔...^^

Simply just Pineapple tart, I like the taste of Homemade pineapple jam. Not too much of additives, flavouring and it is just simply original natural taste. Tasted lots of pineapple tart bought from the supermarket, just can't find that original pineapple taste. Want something difference...Do it yourself :D The pastry, which wrapped up the jam also played a important part. Both have to compliment each other to make a delicious pineapple tart. Only with good butter that can  give the tart pastry a rich buttery scent. Once bite into the tart you can taste the buttery scent, soft, melt-in-mouth pastry and the full of pineapple aroma jam just simply delicious...^^ (some details was edited on Feb '13) ~cook your own pineapple will appreciated it... 自己煮的黄梨馅..你一定会很喜欢~ 就是那么平凡的黄梨塔..但是平凡中的原汁原味..好吃. 我不爱黄梨馅里加太多的调料, 因为这样子会吃不到黄梨的香和味道. 塔皮要用纯牛油才香. 找篇了超市都找不到那味道. 好挑剔!!! 自己做吧, 爱用什材料都可以. 纯牛油香的塔皮包入香香浓厚的黄梨馅..咬一口就溶在口里...好好满足的感觉...^^ ~Just shape it whatever s

My son's tea time snack...lion bun....我两个宝贝的下午点心...狮子面包...^^

'Arg..Arg..the lion is coming... This is a cute and yummy lion buns.I saw this lion buns from a fb friend's wall. I found it is very very cute and  interesting. This fb friend got this recipe from a CN blogger. I cannot resist to try this. So ....this is the result....;) 啊..啊...啊.. 幼狮在哄...快快走吧... 可爱的狮子面包,第一次在fb朋友 (Seokhui) 那看到. 爱不释手,就动手做给孩子当下午茶点心...^^  thanks SeoKhui...^^ fb的朋友是在cn网那里看到的... ~ Lion bun ... using cooking chocolate to make lion's face and chicken floss to make lion's fury hair. 狮子面包..用了融化巧克力做脸和用了鸡肉丝做了狮子的毛.~ ~filling for this lion buns.... 狮子面包的内馅~ I use a simple filling: 4 slices of chicken ham,cut into cubes ~ I use Ayamas Chicken ham 1 tbsp of mayonise 1 tsp of chopped spring onion dash of black pepper Mix all together and set aside. 我自己调了个简单的内馅: 4 片,鸡肉火煺片, 切丁..我用了'Ayamas 的' 1 大匙美奶芝 1 小匙葱花 少许黑胡椒粉 把所有的材料都拌匀, 备用. Ingredients for dough/面团材料: 250ml cold water..冷水 50ml cold milk..冷鲜奶 5 tbsp sugar..大匙糖 1

Black angkoo...(Ord ku kueh)..~~黑菇粿还是...呜龟粿呢???

~Ord (means black in Hokkien) koo kueh.....黑菇粿~ If you like to eat kueh muih then you may know there is a kind of kueh like this one here but it is red in colour. The red one is called Angkoo kueh (Ang means red). This black koo kueh is made of Argy wormwood leaf (mugwort leaf-ai ye) . This plant is a kind of herb, it has a lot of usage for health of a women.   黑/呜菇粿很好吃...你有看过红菇粿黑菇粿可能比较少看到.也有人用粗叶来做这种黑菇不过我要跟分享的是我妈妈教我的是用艾草/叶做的. 艾叶 是一种草药,功用可大了. ~Haha..that is the special part of this herb but I am using it to make this delicious kueh Ord Koo Kueh...先不讲他有什么功用,先来做~ Ingredients for skin...皮料: 50g rice flour, mixed with 210ml water and 3 1/2 tbsp oil, stirred and boiled, cooled 粘米粉,油和水混合拌煮成浆,待冷. 300g glutinous rice flour..糯米粉 a little bright red colouring...红色素 enough water to mix into dough...适量水 (I used approximately 180-200ml of water add in 1 cup compressed mugwort leaves and blend into watery paste ... 我用了大概180-200毫升的水加入1杯艾草/叶,用搅拌机搅拌,备用) Ingredients for Filling....馅料: 150g mung be