October 16, 2011

Black angkoo...(Ord ku kueh)..~~黑菇粿还是...呜龟粿呢???

~Ord (means black in Hokkien) koo kueh.....黑菇粿~

If you like to eat kueh muih then you may know there is a kind of kueh like this one here but it is red in colour. The red one is called Angkoo kueh (Ang means red). This black koo kueh is made of Argy wormwood leaf (mugwort leaf-ai ye). This plant is a kind of herb, it has a lot of usage for health of a women. 
黑/呜菇粿很好吃...你有看过红菇粿黑菇粿可能比较少看到.也有人用粗叶来做这种黑菇不过我要跟分享的是我妈妈教我的是用艾草/叶做的. 艾叶是一种草药,功用可大了.

~Haha..that is the special part of this herb but I am using it to make this delicious kueh Ord Koo Kueh...先不讲他有什么功用,先来做~

Ingredients for skin...皮料:
50g rice flour, mixed with 210ml water and 3 1/2 tbsp oil, stirred and boiled, cooled
300g glutinous rice flour..糯米粉
a little bright red colouring...红色素
enough water to mix into dough...适量水
(I used approximately 180-200ml of water add in 1 cup compressed mugwort leaves and blend into watery paste ...

Ingredients for Filling....馅料:
150g mung bean split, washed, soaked for 4 hours or overnight ~ steam and mashed finely
2 tbsp ginger juice....大匙姜汁
1/2 tsp salt....盐
** If you do not like this filling you may stick to the angkoo filling...如果您不喜欢这个馅料大可用回红菇粿的馅料.

1 big piece of banana leaf, cut into oval shape (for lining the black angkoo)
1 大片香焦叶,剪成椭圆型

some oil for brushing the leaves and  black angkoo skin

To do filling:
1) Mix the mashed mung bean  with ginger juice and salt to combine. 
 Rolled into 20g ball eaches.

1) 把预先打好的绿豆泥跟姜汁和盐拌均,搓成每粒20克小圆球,备用.

~Rolled mung bean fillings....搓好备用的绿豆馅~

To do skin:
1)  Mix and knead all the ingredients together into a pliable dough. Divide into 30g each small  dough. (Depends on the size of your mould.)
2) Wrap a filling (20g each) with 30g skin. Press into angkoo mould and knock out, lined with a piece of  greased banana leaf. Steam  with high heat for 3-5 minutes.

1) 把面糊搓均,分成小粒,大约30克一粒. (看您的模子的大小而分)
2) 把20克的馅料包入以按平的小面团. 

~This is the ones that have wrapped fillings in....包好馅料的~

3) 把包好的面团按入模中,敲出放在抹好油之香焦叶上, 用大火蒸约3-5分钟.
4) 取出, 抹上一些油就ok了.

 ~They are ready to go into the wok....可以下锅蒸咯~

~The look of black angkoo before steaming....敲出来的样子~

~this is the cooked one...蒸熟了~

~The lines are stil very sharp after steaming....蒸熟了样子还是很美~

~my angkoo mould ... 这是我用的模子~



  1. They are beautifully made. I actually like your "black" colored ones for its natural colour and therapeutic purposes.

  2. Looks delicious but i still prefer the red color Angkoo.

  3. Hi Zoe thanks. I enjoy visiting your blog very much. Pictures are so pretty. Yes, the black ones are nice.

    Hi Holic thanks. Red angkoo are nice sometime the black ones can be a change of flavour...:)

  4. 这是我用的模子= 这个模子烘焙店都买得到吧?

  5. Hi Janet,

  6. Thanks for showing me the leaf. I had been looking for this plant nearly a year and I finally found it in a community garden. The man in charge was really nice to let me have it but he told me that this one wasn't so authentic. I hope to find the real version soon.

  7. Hi Edith,
    You are welcome.
    This plant is quite easy to plant. If you like I can send some to you..^^


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