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Red Wine Raisin Wreath Buns (酿酒葡萄花圈)

Made this red wine wreath buns just before Christmas. It is a soft and chewy buns with a hint of red wine aroma raisin and it looks so pretty in the wreath pattern. 葡萄干是最常见的果干配料. 外酥脆内湿软还带弹性口感. 伴着洋派红酒 口味,太迷人了... Soft and chewy texture. love the moist and soft raisin in it. With this recipe i made 2 wreath ring buns and a Christmas tree buns. Christmas tree buns with sesame seeds topping. I have seen Mel, Jeannie and Veronica is doing this Christmas Tree buns too. This is how i do the wreath ring buns... Made into 2 type of patterns.  2  wreath ring buns and a Christmas tree buns. Red Wine Raisin Wreath Buns recipe adapted from : 手感烘焙, 台式经典面包(Handmade Breads) method: straight dough  Ingredients: A..  400g bread flour 100g  all purpose flour 60g castor sugar 5 g salt 20g milk powder 5g instant yeast 1 whole egg 150g water 100g grape juice ( i used fresh milk) B.. 50g unsalted butter wine raisin 30g

Banana Bread - Bill Granger (Bill's 香蕉蛋糕)

This recipe  Banana Bread  from Bill Granger is a keeper. It is easy peasy to prepare and bake. The texture is soft and fine, more to dense but it is moist and so delicious to enjoy it with a cup of hot tea. The topping is a mixed of brown sugar, chopped almonds (i used almond nibs) and cinnamon powder, then its sprinkle onto the bread before sending to bake in the oven. This add extra flavour and  texture to this simple banana bread.  英语它叫做 Banana Bread (香蕉面包)不过它是蛋糕而不是我们认识的面包噢!! 这蛋糕有一层香香脆脆的表面层. 是杏仁角,桂皮粉和黄糖拌均后洒在蛋糕烤的. 味道香级了!!  F ragrance and c runchy top which will makes you want to have another piece....:p This is also a very good Christmas treat to give to friends, just wrap it up with a piece of pretty wrapper and a pretty bow :D 柔软的香蕉蛋糕配上一杯热茶, 来喝下午茶吧!!! Ingredients for the banana bread Banana Bread  Adapted from Good Food Channel By Bill Granger  Ingredients: 45 g light soft brown sugar 30 g almonds, chopped (i use almond nibs) 255 ml so

Italian Almond Tart

Love this tart very much. The crunchy crust and almond flakes and also the cake like filling.  It is simple delicious!! The whole tart looks so beautiful when it is cooked. It would make a awesome gift for a Christmas treat to family and friends. Ready to send into the oven...  This is FRESH from the oven... I am so glad that i rush to bake this Italian Almond tart. WHY?? because it is simple delicioussss!!! Recipe  ( from  Williams-Sonoma Baking Book  ) makes one 7 inch tart (i follow Lena's half of the original recipe) Basic Tart Dough 100gm plain flour 45gm sugar 1/2 egg yolk 1 tbsp ice water, plus more if needed 1/8 tsp salt 1/2 tsp vanilla extract 63 g cold unsalted butter, cut into cubes Method ( by food processor ) In a small bowl, stir together the egg yolk, the iced water and vanilla. In the bowl of a food processor, combine the flour, sugar, salt and pulse to blend. Add the butter and pulse till the mixture resembles coarse meal with b

Honey Croutons (蜂密面包干)

I believe we all have left over food sometimes. Be it we do some switch up to cook into something else or just throw it. I don't like the second way, throw it.... I try my very best to do a switch up to make it into something edible. Normally when i cook ABC soup, the soup and meat will be very fast moving leaving the veges behind. With the left over veges, the potatoes and the carrots i will keep in the fridge to make my chicken pie fillings later. This round i have some stale bread in the fridge. I am going to make them into Honey crouton. It is a more healthier choice for the kids to take it as a tit-bits or a little snack. Honey Crouton (蜂密面包干) recipe source: Carol's 'The second book of baking for the begineers' Ingredients: 4 pieces of stable bread (i am using my left over Oat meal sandwich loaf) 30 g castor sugar 20 g honey 15 g unsalted butter 15 g dairy whipped cream a pinch of salt To do: Cut the bread into cubes. Spread them onto a b

Oat meal sandwihc loaf (燕麦土司)

Today is last day for LTU November event, hosted by Vivian from Vivian Pang Kitchen  with her theme OATS.Next month December would be a BREAK for LTU for school holiday and festive holidays. We will be back on January 2014 with our host Alice from I Love, Cook, Bake and her theme 'CHEESE' Do join us please !!   今天是'小姆子说好' 111月活动 的最后一天了. 下个月将会是小姆子说好活动放假了. 是学校和圣诞节的. 活动会在1月回复状态噢!! 我们1月的主持是 Alice , 来自 I Love, Cook, Bake 和她的主题 ' 芝士'  欢迎大家都来参与噢!! This is about a oat meal sandwich loaf. I search for a recipe which is easy, soft, nice and straight forward method to make a quick loaf. Found it in Carol's 'The second book of baking for beginners'. It bakes nicely in a 450 g pullman loaf pan but mine comes out a bit under bake because the crust is not nicely brown. The loaf still taste soft and nice despite the not so nicely baked crust :p    I then found out that my pullman loaf pan is a bit too thick and i need longer baking time to achieve a nicely

Kai Pad Med Ma-Maung (Stir-fried Chicken with Cashew Nuts) 泰式腰豆炒鸡 - AFF Thailand

This is a Chinese influenced Thai dish. It looks impressive and it is easy to prepare. It is  unexceptedly very flavorful and my kids request mummy to cook again the next day. To cook this all you need is cashew nuts, boneless chicken, skinned and cut into bite-sized pieces, some light soy sauce, some palm sugar, onion and some julinene chilli, spring onion for garnishing. Simple right, i believe you have all this ingredients in your refridgerator. 这是道很华人的泰式小炒- 腰豆炒鸡片. 好吃, 下饭又简单准备. 用料有腰豆, 大葱 鸡肉片, 酱清, 椰糖, 还有青葱和辣椒做装饰. 材料也不多相信您家肯定会有这些材料 的.. I    used 2 chicken maryland, skinned, deboned, cut into bite-sized. Add 1 tsp corn flour mixed well, covered and set aside in the fridge. Then toasted the cashew nuts until it is golden brown and cooked. It took me about 5-8 minutes with the toast function in my oven (stirring occasionally). Slice the onion, spring onion and chilli. Add some cooking oil in a wok or a stir-frying pan. Stir-fried the slice onion until it is soft, add in chi