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Jamie Oliver's Pancake ~ Cook Like a Chef (July 2012)

Pancake is a very light and simple snack. Can i say that?? But it can be very delicious. Shawn, Samson and Seanan loves pancake, i used to make the Nigella version for like it plain but sometimes i do spread a little something for them. This time i wanted to do another version for my boys, that is Jamie Oliver's version.  I found Jamie's version is so fluffy, soft and thick. Fillings can be added while cooking  and that is so cool..^^  This pancake can be made to prefection straight away. Simple, simple, simple and my Jools (for me is my boys) goes mad for them..hehe this is how Jamie express his  pancake...^^     ~Add 3 small balls of my homemade cream cheese mango ice cream and drizzle with some  honey ~   ~This is Shawn's snack box for him to bring to school for morning break He like his with a spread of Nutella~   ~This is Samson's snack box He like his with a spread of strawberry jam~   ~This is for Seanan snack

Coffee Mousse Cake ll ~ 咖啡慕欺蛋糕 ll ^^

What took me so long..:p been taking ages to post this recipe..:p hope you have not been waiting too long..i have been busy again hehe... This is the recipe... Making this cake is a new challenge to me. I did not study properly (which is very bad) before i started. i make mistake and i forgotten this step, that step  along the way. 不好意思噢! 迟了把食谱PO上来..:p 希望想看食谱的朋友们没 盼到 变长劲鹿了..嘻嘻 最近比较忙噢! 不好意思噢! 讲回这个咖啡慕欺蛋糕...当我做这蛋糕时没把食谱好好的看一扁再做 准备XD 我做了好多小小, 小小的失误..还好最终还是把蛋糕完成..:p This is the recipe for   Coffee Mousse Cake Recipe source  :  Carol Hu book of  The First Book of Baking for Beginners   (胡涓涓~烘焙新手必备的第一本书) yields: 1 8 inches cake Ingredient A: Twin color coffee and cream pudding a. cream pudding.. cc is equal ml     50cc (50ml) milk     50cc (50ml) cream (i use anchor dairy whipping cream)     10g castor sugar     4.5g gelatine leaves / powder b. coffee pudding     150g brew coffee     20g brown sugar     6g gelatine leaves/ powder B. Sponge finger cake for t

Bake Aong #28~ Checkerboard brownies~棋盘布兰尼..^^

This is another Free and Easy Bake Along event ~ Bake Along #28.   5 reasons I love to join bake along          .. 1st i learn new recipes..:)         ..2nd i get to do bakes that i know i will never make but i make because of these awesome fellow bloggers' encouragement..:)         ..3rd i get to taste new type of food (bakes and cooks) which is really delicious.          ..4rd  i will update my blog more frequently (when i am lazy sometimes i will delay updating my blog..:p)         ..5th  i get to know more new fellow bloggers (new friends) instead of being a lonesome ********************************************* Bake Along #28 ~ This round the recipe is  Coconut Checkerboard Brownies  from Bon Appetit (P589, from BA by Barbara Fairchild). When i saw this recipe in Zoe's blog i was like 'Cool..checkerboard brownies..but how to do this?' After visiting Zoe, Lena, Joyce, Angeline and the original recipe, i roughly have the idea how to do t

Happy Anniversary ~ 周年纪念日..^^

This is in June (our anniversary) but in Chinese Lunar calendar today is our 12th anniversary. I am taking this opportunity to post it today. If you have read my last post a lot of celebration happens in June. How i wish June will have 40 days instead of 30 days Our 12th anniversary..^^ Dear Simon thanks so much for being such a wonderful, supportive, loving hubby for all these years. I  really appreciate for what you have done for me. Holding your hand we are going to enjoy, to love and to explore another 12 years or more to you dear..Happy Anniversary..^^ 老公, 在一次说声 "我愿意" 在未来的日子里,你的大手 牵 着我的小手一起走. 一路走来的酸,甜,苦, 辣,酱,醋, 茶..互相经营和扶持...感恩..^^ 我真的很感恩...^^ 你对我的爱护,  体谅和包容. 这一路有 你的陪伴, 我不孤独而是幸福的. 原主,降幅我们及我们的家, 平安和 快乐..:) 今年的周年纪念的蛋糕选来了..Carol老师的咖啡慕欺蛋糕..真巧这个蛋糕也是Carol老师的周年纪念日蛋糕之一. 吃这蛋糕有好幸福,好甜蜜的感觉..^^ ~Coffee Mousse Cake..咖啡慕欺蛋糕~   This is the cake i chose to make for my wedding anniversary. It is a very coffee cake. From the top is a coffee jel

Puffer Fish Birthday Cake for my Dear Sister ~ 小妹的小河豚生日蛋糕..^^

My time have been a bit tide up lately....^^ My three boys caught 'chickenpox' .. :S I have to make sure they drink lots of water and what food to avoid..etc.  I was wondering why they caught it?? because all of them have got the shot.... 'chickenpox vaccine'  My eldest caught it first from school. A week later when he is almost recovered, my second boy caught it and  follow by my youngest... sigh.. ~This is my youngest..although he catches chickenpox, he is still naughty and cheerful..XD ~This is the second day the red spots becomes blister. Before the outbreak they have slight fever like 37.1C only. A mild one and goes away the second day. Then comes the little red spots,started one or two RED dots on their hands and body..eventually all over their face, hand and body. Pity them itchy all over.  This is my little tips to ease their itch and keep them in comfort condition while waiting for the 'chicken pox' to go away. Hope this tips will