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Christmas Velvet cupcakes (圣诞红丝绒杯子蛋糕)

Today is Christmas Eve. Have you plan anything for tonight?? My family and I, we are attending the Christmas Eve mass in the Cathedral. I love the Christmas Eve mass as you can hear the lovely voices from the choir group singing the Christmas Hymns and Carols. Forever Friends is sending a gift to you!!!  可爱的小熊圣诞红丝绒杯子蛋糕祝你圣诞快乐!!  Velvet cupcakes without the FF topper, just cream cheese rosette frosting! With Santa FF bear topper. Which one do you like? The rosette frosting or the FF bear topper? :D This velvet cupcake is moist and dense. It pair very well with the cream cheese frosting.  Christmas Velvet Cupcakes (圣诞红丝绒杯子蛋糕) Recipe adapted from 星期天的烘焙时光-郑荣仙者 (this book is in Chinese - Home Baking by Parandal) makes: 5 cupcakes Ingredients for velvet cupcake: 70g unsalted butter  80g castor sugar  1 egg 55g sour cream 35g milk  88g plain flour  12g cocoa powder  1/2 tsp baking powder  1 tsp red food coloring (I use Americolor 119-

Forever Friend Birthday Cake (Forever Friends熊熊生日蛋糕)

Forever Friends bears are so adorable! Don't you think so?? They can be seen on any greeting cards, as plush toy, as computer wall paper, as calender cover, almost anywhere you want them to be.  I have never thought that I would make them with fondant until a friend request me to help her to make a birthday cake for her hubby. She send me a picture of what she want. A heart shaped sponge cake with 1 bear topper. Then I tell her that 1 bear seems like too lonely. Let make 2 bears together. She wants a really adorable, cute and sweet bear. Hmmm...  I made the first bear and send her a picture. She then asked me 'Only one??' Then i send the the following picture.. below I made her this pair of Forever Friends - couple. She replied 'O i love it!' Then she asked me again 'Where is the cake??' Then i send her another picture ...    This is the whole cake with the FF on top of the heart shaped snow cheesecake. Personally i feel its lik

Mixed Nuts Biscotti (意大利传统咖啡脆饼)

Hi there!! Christmas is 2 days away! Yay! Yay! Yay! (this is what my boys tell me today Have you missed out someone whom you intend to send a Christmas gift? Bake something as gifts! I believe the person will be overwhelming with joy to receive some home bake gifts. Why not try baking this biscotti?? Bake Along event is baking 'BISCOTTI' this time round. I am excited to jump on the wagon and bake along with  Joyce from  Kitchen Flavours  and Lena from   Frozen wings   and Zoe from Bake for Happy Kids. 送完您的圣诞礼物了没??还有谁还没送的吗?? 这意大利传统咖啡(果仁)饼是最佳的圣诞礼物呢!! 自家烤的,满满的爱心和诚意噢。。哈哈 My youngest asked me..mum what is this?? Mum: Biscotti. Youngest: it is so hard. Arrg!! (he was trying to have a big bite into the biscotti that i pass a piece  to him) Mum: small bite at a time..Enjoy the nuts and the brittleness of the cookies.. Youngest: mum..why is this called BISCOTTIIII...(he pronounce the 'ti' sound long and loud ><) Mum: Bis

Yogurt Cheesecake (优格乳酪蛋糕)

Hi there!! How's your Christmas preparation getting on? It's only 10 days away. Are you counting the days?? My kids are :p I am sharing a quick post here. The is a simple yet delicious non baked cheesecake. You can prepared it one or two days ahead. I make the cheesecake into individual cup. Why not?? Save your time from slicing and you can serve the cake to your guest in split seconds. 您喜欢乳酪蛋糕吗?? 我家的宝贝们爱的很!! 我想没人会拒绝吧。。:D 圣诞节还有10天就来临了。这优格乳酪蛋糕很适合当,圣诞晚餐后的甜品呢!! 把蛋糕做成一小一小杯,方便吃有美观!! Fion, 这个是为你而准备的 ^_^ Get ready all the ingredients and the cups you want and start rolling!!  Pour the mixed biscuits base into the individual cups and press onto the bottom firmly. Chilled in the fridge while preparing the filling. Beat cream cheese and sugar till creamy. Add in yogurt. I love to use Greek yogurt from Nestle. It is creamy and it is unsweetened .   Fold in whipped cream, then it is ready to pour into the cups. It is DONE!! Just chilled in