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Red Egg Jelly

As a Chinese, our tradition, following a child birth we will gives away red eggs to family members and close friends. Red eggs is a symbol... of announcing a good if next time you see Red Eggs in a Chinese family means there is a celebration. Red is also a auspicious colour among Chinese.  As for Easter Red Egg is the  of rebirth of Christ...Our Saviour.. Red Egg Jelly Recipe source is adapted from Exquissite Desserts & Snacks for Party(精致宴会美点) Ingredient for yolk: 1/2 tbsp agar- agar powder    30 g sugar 115 g water   40 ml fresh milk     3 Pcs pan dan leaves ( knotted ) some orange food  1 3D round shape jelly mould To do the yolk. 1) Boil water and pandan leaves together. 2) Add in sugar and agar-agar powder stir till sugar completely dissolve. 3) Pour in fresh milk and stir to combine. Add a drop of orange food coloring. ~ Pour agar-agar mixture into the 3D round ball jelly mould ~ *** ~ After the agar-agar is set then we can take

Orange sweet potato Angkoo Kueh ~ 橙番薯'红'龟糕

  Saw this latest issue of Yum Yum magazine (volume77) in the book stand. The cover of this magazine attract me to have a look at it. I found this very interesting 'kuih' in this month magazine; its main ingredient is Orange Sweet Potato.  ~ Natural colour from the Orange sweet potato... 天然的橙色番薯颜色 ~ ~T his Orange sweet potato Nyonya Angku kuih.. 娘惹橙菇糕..(传统是红色的)~ 这是一个零失败的食谱..This is a sure success angku kuih recipe.. Ingredients: 100g Orange sweet potato ~ steamed and mashed  150g glutinous rice flour 1 tbsp sugar 120ml hot boiling water 1 tbsp cooking oil(I used canola oil) Mung bean filling: 180g mung bean - washed and soaked 4 hours 3 pieces pandan leaves ~knotted 125g sugar  1 tsp salt 130ml oil To do for filling: 1) Steam the soaked mung bean with pandan leaves (knotted) and steam for 30 minutes.  2) Blend in a processor til fine. 3) Cook it with sugar, salt and oil until it firm and form like a paste.  4)Let it cool and roll it into 20g ball.

White And Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake~ 黑白巧克力慕思蛋糕

**This is continue part of the angry birds fondant..You may asked  'What took you so long to post this ...' My apologize I am a bit tide up with Shawn's school examination... Have to guide him as this is his first y ear in Primary **翻糖愤怒鸟的下集.. ~ The blue angry bird..this one took me 5 minutes to get it done... 蓝色的愤怒鸟..用了5分钟就完成了~ ~ Sleepy angry 闹通宵的愤怒鸟...~ ~ This is a  White And Dark  Chocolate Mousse Cake.. 黑白巧克力慕思蛋糕~ ~ Its another birthday cake for a friend's boy 'Nigel'.. 送给一位朋友孩子'Nigel'的生日蛋糕~ This is a very nice cake. It is a Continental Cake, originated in Europe. Continental cakes are shaped by a general design concept. Techniques like pulling, shaving, smearing and pressing are used to make the cake. Colouring is seldom use in the making process. The main items used for decoration are fresh fruits, chocolate and marmalade, which greatly enchances the look of the Continental  Cake. I decorated the cake w

My Shawn turn Seven today...^^ 大宝贝七岁了!!

Shawn.. my eldest boy turn seven today. He is excited about it. He request for a chocolate cake but I made him a Super cheesecake.   :p  ~ This is the simple decoration ~ ~ This is the look of the whole Super Cheese Cake ~ This Super cheese cake is really cheesy. It is two pieces of cheese sponge cake sandwich together with cream cheese filling and shredded cheddar cheese covering the whole cake. If you like cheese, do try out this cake. Please click here for the recipe.. Super CheeseCake   I decorated the cake with fondant  Angry Birds. I  found  some of these fondant angry birds pictures in  Sonia's blog (Nasi Lemak Lover) . I follow the pictures and made my own fondant Angry Birds.  Shh...tell you a secret this is my first attempt on fondant. I never touch fondant before..:p..  I love to visit Sonia's blog very much. The way she explain her recipe into detalis, with wonderful pictures to show 'how to do' for her cook and bake. Her blog

Matcha Red Bean Bread Loaf~抹茶红豆土司

~ Slice, slice... Matcha Red Bean sandwich loaf ~ Matcha and red bean is a very good combination. The compliment  each other. I love the taste and the flavour of Matcha.  'Matcha'  means finely-milled or fine powder green tea. It is not only for drinking. Matcha also can be use to flavour and dye food such as mochi, soba noodles, ice cream and here I am using Matcha for making bread.  This Matcha Red Bean sandwich loaf is soft and nice. This recipe source is from ' 孟老师 100 types of bread book' The original recipe is three tone sandwich bread loaf. I change it to Matcha Red Bean sandwich loaf. Since this month is Saint Patrick Challenge by Very Good Recipes ,  it is why I change it to green by adding Matcha (green tea).  Hope you will enjoy this! ~ Matcha Red Bean sandwich loaf. HOT, HoT from the oven. ~ ~ side view of this Matcha Red Bean sandwich loaf ~ This recipe is modify and adapted from: 孟老师100 types of bread book Ingredie