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Chocolate Cream Cheese Square

This is a easy, simple and  yummy cake. I got this recipe from my cousin PY. I like the simplicity of it and the end result was superby. Ingredients for (A): 250gms cream cheese 100gms butter 40gms icing sugar 1 tbsp milk powder Ingredients for (B): 30gms nestum cereal 140gms marie biscuites (crushed finely) Ingredients for (C): 125gms cooking chocolate 25gms fresh milk some whole almonds (toasted and chopped) 1) Lined the tray with a plastic wrapper. Do leave the plastic wrapper a little longer so that it will hang out of the side of the square tray, this will makes the cake easier to take the out when the cake is done.  2) Cream butter, cream cheese, icing sugar and milk powder together until well combine. 3) Stir in marie biscuits powder and nestum cereal. After sombined it is like soft and sticky bread crumbs. 4) Pour into a 7'' x 7" square tray and press lightly to make it firm and even. (pic 3) 5) Pour fresh milk onto cooking chocolate and