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Strawberry Yogurt Jelly

I was looking for a nice and easy to make jelly. I found this Strawberry Yogurt Jelly in Yum Yum Magazine. The strawberry smell is really awesome. ^^ Ingredients (A): 300ml fresh milk 70g sugar, mixed with 5g of agar-agar powder 2 cups of strawberry yogurt 1 tbsp of lemon juice Ingredients (B): 300ml water 50g sugar, mixed with 4g of agar-agar powder 100g strawberries, water and cubed/100g canned longan This is how to do for 1) A: Bring milk to boil at medium low heat. Add in sugar and agar-agar powder, stir until dissolved. Remove from heat, mix in strawberry yogurt and lemon juice. Pour mixture into the prepared mould. Leave aside until it is half set. 2) B: Bring water to boil. Add in sugar agar-agar powder and stir until dissolved. Mix in strawberry cubes or longan. 3) C: Before pouring B onto A, use a fork to draw lines on A surface. Pour B mixture onto A and leave until set. Chill in fridge before serving.

Afternoon Tea ~ 喝下午茶 ^^

Bao Ingredients: 500g Bao flour 11g instant yeast 100g castor sugar 50g Crisco shortening 250g water Filling: 3 chicken whole thigh, debone 1 tbsp chopped garlic some oil Marinade: 4 tbsp dark soy sauce 1 1/2 tbsp light soy sauce 1/2 tsp pepper 3 tbsp sugar 1 tsp sesame oil 1 tbsp abalone sauce Prepare Filling: 1) To prepare the Marinade, Combine dark soy sauce, light soy sauce, pepper, sugar, sesame oil and abalone sauce in a bowl and set aside. 2) Marinate chicken in mixture for 30 minutes or overnight in the refrigerator. 3) Drain the meat and reserved the Marinade. Use a thick bottom sauce pan without oil pan fry the chicken till it is cooked. It maybe a little burnt but that is fine. Leave cooked chicken cool a little before cutting chicken into bite-sized pieces, set aside. 4) Meanwhile, place the chopped garlic in a wok with a little oil, fry a while and pour in the Marinade and bring to the boil. Simmer for 3-5 mintues. Lastly pour in a little corn starch (1/2 tbsp corn flour

Shawn n Samson's gong gong birthday

Gong gong is 79 years old, he is a loving and caring person. He likes the whole family to have a sit down dinner together at home. He doesn't like heavy cake so I made him a sponge cake with boysenberry jam sandwich in the middle. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GONG GONG 亲爱的公公祝您 福如东海, 寿比南山

Daily bread ~ today is carrot and honey miniature loaf

We have bread almost everyday, today we are having carrot and honey loaf. I named it miniature because I made them into 3 small loafs. Each loaf I can cut into 6-7 pieces. I gave two loafs to my buddies, they loves it. I'm happy with the end result, it soft, texture is 'QQ' and it smell lovely. You can even sees the shredded carrot on the slices. Ingredients are: 100ml full cream milk, cold 160ml water, cold 70g manuka honey 90g shredded carrots, cold 460g bread flour 15g milk powder 35g butter 2 tsp instant yeast Method: 1) Mix all the wet ingredients together, stir well. Add in yeast stir till its melted. 2) Stir in shredded carrots, mix in bread flour and milk powder. Knead into a rough dough. Knead again till it is smooth, then add in keep on kneading till butter is all combine and dough is smooth. 3) Put the dough in a clean bowl and cover with a dampen cloth. Let the dough proof for 40 minutes.(If you have a

Baked Mash Potatoes

Mashed potatoes, can be cook in many ways. Try this is really 'hao hao chi.' We visited a friend S in Brunei few months ago. She made these and we love it. Its really filling and low GL snack. I am a bit lazy to mashed the potatoes so I cubed it instead. Its really yummy too. When you bite it the texture of the cubed potatoes have a different kind of taste. I always do this in 2 in 1 style hehe... That is I cooked ABC soup with all these ingredients and its also for making this mashed potatoes at the same time.....I will scooped up the potatoes, carrots and etc for my baked potatoes cups and the extra soup and potatoes, carrots, chicken for my kids..... hope this will help you too. ^^ Baked mashed potoates in a cup Ingredients: 500gm potatoes, peeled and cubed 120gm carrot, cubed 1 big onion, wedge 1 pc chicken breast or 2 pc of whole leg(trim away the fats and skin if you do not want too oily) 1.5 - 2 litres of water (depends on how much soup you want) Ingredients for the w

A New Apporach For Me ~^^~

Hi there, I am new in the neighbour hood. I was inspired by my sister who is a blogger. So here I am. haha! Hope to learn and grow here. ^^ eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee My son Shawn was introduced to ice cream when my sister in law and family came visiting from Ireland. My brother in law Enda(his is an Irish) would bought Shawn and his 2 lovely kids(Emier 15 and Colm 10) ice cream when ever they go shopping.So Shawn was use to eating ice-cream when go shopping. When they left, back to Ireland Shawn is stick to that habit. To stop this habit i promise him that I will make our own ice-cream and we will have it at home. I tried this, Strawberry Ice-Cream It turn out to be yummylicious ~ 香,滑,可口 ,你 也 试试 看!~ Ingredients for the ice cream: (a) 3 egg yolks 30g castor sugar 100ml dairy whipping cream (b) 130g strawbe rry yogurt (c) 200ml whipping creme I found it is simple and easy to make this. Firstly mix all the (a) ingredients till combine in a stainless steel bow

Advent Month ~ a Joyful Month

Its h oliday time, everyone is busy, busy, busy even my good friend L is going for holiday on the 18/12. Hap py Holi day L.. Shawn's christmas tree Its ADV ENT month, time to be JOY. A dear friend of mine A, told me about this. December is a month is time for US RC to WAIT(EXPECTATION), JOY , HOPE, ACCEPTANCE . * WAIT ~ When we expect something to happen we wait for it to happen. We are waiting Christ to come to us at Christmas. * JOY ~ Jesus fills our life with many good gifts. Let us try to find JOY in a simple things in life~ * HOPE ~ We are still waiting for the preparing for Jesus' coming. We hope to make Jesus a part of our lives, not just at Christmas but all year long . We can prepare ourselves through prayer. Prayer opens our hearts to let God, love, faith in, and lets out our hate and fear. * ACCEPTANCE ~ How can we beat light the candle of acceptance? First of all in our own hearts, Let us each remem