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Samson's Birthday ^0^

Hi everyone I am Samson. my birthday...^0^ Samson's birthday falls on the 3rd of January. He is looking forward to invite his god parents, his parents friends and most of all his school mates. Unfortunately, school start on the 4th, so he can't celebrate his birthday in school with all his school mates. Anywway, he is happy too, to have uncle Peter, auntie Lena, godpa Alan, godma Angie, god che che Ashley, uncle Xiao Her, auntie Pei Yan, say yi chong Loong Hin, say yi Connie, cousin ah Hung and ah Yee koko. Samson wanted a Ultraman cake for his birthday. I made him a Durian Dream Cheese Cake with Ultraman picture....... ^^ Samson's birthday cake with Ultraman picture. Drawn by daddy (Simon) haha.... This is a 2 kg Durian Cheese Cake and is really yummy. Durian Dream CheeseCake Ingredients for the sponge cake: 125g sponge mix 125g eggs 62.5ml water 62.5ml melted butter Method: Preheated oven at 180c. Beat sponge mix and eggs in l

My good friend's birthday

This is a New Year and new vision year 2010. Have been 3 months since my last post. Guess, wat I am doing. I am in confinement in November 2009, for a month and taking care of my new born baby boy for a month. here.... I am back ^^. My good friend's Yan birthday is in December, I wanted to make a special cake for her so I choose this Durian Dream Cheesecake. I made a 6" miniature durian cheesecake for her and an extra 6" cake for us. I use fresh durian flesh for this cake. No artificial flavour at all. I uses Thai durian, given my brother in law. The Thai durian flesh is big, yellowish in colour, thick, sweet and smell so so nice. Simon wanted to eat it so much but I insist that I wanted to use it or my durian cheesecake. ***** Yummy yummy........Shawn loves this so much...^^ Durian Dream CheeseCake Ingredients for the biscuit base : 200g 'Tiger' biskuat biscuits 110g butter~melted 2 tbsp cocoa powder Method: Crush the biscuits into bre