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Black Tea Ogura Cake ~ AB #30 It's tea time (红茶相思蛋糕)

This is my .... lose count of how many times since my first attempt to bake Ogura cake. I am falling in love with the texture of the cake.  相思蛋糕...是不是吃了就会对这蛋糕念念不忘呢!! 我想是了! 当第一次做这蛋糕时, 还在想不知这蛋糕有什么特别!! 做了就爱上了这蛋糕. 蛋糕体很幼,很柔软也很棉密, 还可以变化不同口味呢!!  Full of black tea aroma. Have a piece of cake with a cup of English Breakfast black tea..Mmm... 蛋糕有淡淡的茶香, 吃起来很好吃. 吻起来很舒服!! Lipton  'English Breakfast'  (black tea) 用了Lipton红茶 Brew the tea bag/ sachet with hot water and let it steep for 2-3 minutes. 把茶包泡在热水里2-3分钟. Black Tea Ogura  Cake  recipe source:  corner cafe   with my modification in purple Makes one 20cm/7 inches cake (I am using a 22cm/8 inches baking tray) [Ingredients] Cotton Sponge Cake: Part A: 85g cake flour 15g custard powder  (i used corn flour) 1/4 teaspoon salt 55g canola oil 70g milk  (i used 50ml black tea from 1 sachet of Lipton English Breakfast (black tea) brew in 50ml of hot water

Akok Kedut Kelantan

Kelantanese desserts are mostly sweet. They are highly influence by Thai dessert. This is one of the Kelantanese dessert.  I was  attracted by its name Akok Kedut (mean wrinkle or crinkle dessert) and the review in Wendy's blog. She mention this dessert has a egg tart filling  texture which i love.  Appearance of this dessert is not pretty :p it is wrinkle and flat. W hen it is baked in the oven this dessert fluffs up and when its cooked it deflated. This is how it becomes wrinkle and flat. Despite the look and the sweetness (a little too sweet to my liking) this dessert it is very nice to eat. I mean very very nice :D  非常特别的 Kelantan 甜糕点. 名字也特别,叫皱纹糕..哈哈..是我直接做翻译的. 如果你知道这糕点的华文名请告诉我吧! 做法简单, 把材料都搅拌均匀就可以了. 把模预热抹上油再倒入拌好的面糊就可以送进烤  箱,  烤了. 简单吧!! I like the mixed aroma of coconut, palm sugar and pandan. It smells so fragrance when chewing  into this dessert. 充满椰香味的Kelantan甜糕点. 咬一口, 软软,香香, 吃了还, 口齿留香噢!! Let me share how simple it is to make this Akok Kedut..:D Add chop

Fusilli Pasta with Tuna and Sweet Corn

This is another quick lunch. It is fast, easy and simple. 这道可以是简单的 早或 午餐哦!! Corn and tuna is a great combination. My kids loves it!!   玉米和 tuna鱼很棒的配搭...味道好好!! Fusilli Pasta with Tuna,  Sweetcorn  Recipe source: adapted from Baby Sumo Ingredients 80g fusilli pasta ( i used mixed spinanch and carrot fusilli ) 1/3 can tuna (i used can tuna chunk in olive oil) 1 shallot, finely chopped 6 cherry tomatoes, halved (i did not add this) A handful sweetcorn (you can use canned or frozen) 2 quail's egg ( i did not add this) Salt and pepper, to taste 2 tbsp EVOO (i used olive oil from can tuna) ( i added 1 tbsp mayonnaise and 1/4 tsp condensed milk) To do: 1. Boil quail's egg for 4-5 minutes in simmering water, according to your preference. Then transfer to iced water,  the cold water sets the membrane so the egg can be easily peeled. Halve the egg. (Note: If making for packed lunch, it would be better to hard boil the quail's egg) (i did not  add quail&#

Special sweet corn fried rice (玉米炒饭)

A simple and easy lunch..Sweet corn special fried rice. There is so many different types of  fried rice. This is a simple but special one that i use to make for my family for a quick lunch.  It is special that i serve this fried rice with a sprinkle of pan fried dried shrimps. This pan fried dried shrimp add more texture and fragrance to this fried rice. 这是宝贝们喜欢的玉米 炒饭, 简单又带点特别的午餐哦 :D  宝贝们不大爱吃豆类和菜, 就偷偷在炒饭里加了点菜类 :D  加了切丁的长豆,  胡萝卜和红葱头. 特别的是在炒饭上撒上炸香的虾米. 香香脆脆很好吃呢!!  Simple sweet corn fried rice..nice !! 简单的玉米炒饭...  好吃又香    ^_^ Special 'Sweet Corn' fried rice recipe source: Maggi Liquid Seasoning with modification Ingredients:  4 tbsp cooking oil 2 cloves garlic - finely chopped (i replace this with 1 medium crimson onion - chopped) 1/4 cup skinless chicken meat - diced (i did not add this) 1/4 cup small shrimp - diced 11/4 cup turkey ham (optional) I added this - 1 1/2 tbsp dried shrimp - washed, chopped and pan fried until it is crispy, set

Custard "Sweet Corn" Sandwich Loaf...卡士達"玉米"吐司

Good morning....    How are you today? Let me share a cafe-style thick slices of toast topped with butter, sugar or butter and kaya or savory tuna and cheese.....   Sorry for mia for so long  .. I was not feeling well, caught flu and cough. Kids caught it too  .  Thank God everyone is well and back in action  now. 大家早  今天请大家吃奶油厚片噢!! 好久没上贴子了...真不好意思.  宝贝们不舒服啦! 我也感冒. 还好雨过天晴..宝贝们都好了  感恩. A thick slice of toast topped with butter and sugar. Toasted it in the toaster until the crust is  lightly browned and soft and fluffy inside. This cafe-style thick slices is very popular here. It is not only in cafes, you can even see it in coffee shop. Those coffee shop without air conditioner but lots lots of customer. They makes great kopi o and tea c.. to go with these yummy thick slice toast.  I have been making breads for kids to bring to school as snacks. I do feel that bread are more filling and  healthy for them.   Making your own bread at home can be quite easy. Once you get

Hee Ban (Hee Gao Ban) ~ 喜粄

This is a favourite of mine since i was a kid. Whenever mum is selling her kueh in the wet market i will hop over to this 'Ah Yee' (auntie) who sell this Hee Ban and bought a piece from her and it is  only   20 cents a  piece . Hahaha!! at that time in the wet market different kueh store sells different kind of kueh. I think that is good idea because there is no competition ^_^ They help each other to market each others products (kueh/cake).  这是个非常好吃的糕...^_^ ...客家人叫这糕..喜粄. 客家话' Hee 是喜就是喜庆, 'Ban是糕就是糕的意思. 吃了这糕肯定很喜庆..哈哈. 喜粄的 口感柔软带Q, 味道是米的香气.  小时常常陪妈妈去菜市, 那里有个阿姨有卖喜粄, 是传统的那种白白色的.  This is the old time favourite Hee Ban (See Pan) a type of sweet nyonya kueh. The texture is soft and chewy. Full of rice aroma..:D Recently this Hee Ban is every where in the blogging atmosphere of the chinese bloggers. You can see lots of different flavour Hee Ban in QiQi in the house's blog. She have the plain, the  pink, the pandan flavour and the pumpkin flavour t