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Custard "Sweet Corn" Sandwich Loaf...卡士達"玉米"吐司

Good morning.... *:) happy How are you today?
Let me share a cafe-style thick slices of toast topped with butter, sugar or butter and kaya or savory tuna and cheese..... *^O^||3 eat
Sorry for mia for so long *:P tongue.. I was not feeling well, caught flu and cough. Kids caught it too *:-&lt sigh
Thank God everyone is well and back in action *~^o^~ cheernow.
大家早*:) happy 今天请大家吃奶油厚片噢!!
好久没上贴子了...真不好意思.  宝贝们不舒服啦! 我也感冒.
还好雨过天晴..宝贝们都好了*:) happy 感恩.

A thick slice of toast topped with butter and sugar. Toasted it in the toaster until the crust is lightly browned and soft and fluffy inside. This cafe-style thick slices is very popular here. It is not only in cafes, you can even see it in coffee shop. Those coffee shop without air conditioner but lots lots of customer. They makes great kopi o and tea c.. to go with these yummy thick slice toast.

 I have been making breads for kids to bring to school as snacks. I do feel that bread are more filling and healthy for them.  Making your own bread at home can be quite easy. Once you get the hang of it. All you need to do is to get the basic ingredients(water or milk, sugar, salt, bread flour, butter or oil and instant yeast) going and wait. When the dough rise, punch it down. You may need a little hands on to shape and mould the bread dough into a bread pan. Wait again until it rise and baked. Making your own bread also means that you avoid artificial leaveners and preservative used in many commercial bread in the supermarket.
 I been using my bread maker to mix and knead my bread dough. I found it is easy and versatile. When you are familiar with the basic method of making the bread. You will be more adventurous to try out all the other buns and breads.*:) happy 

用面包机搓面团. 待发30分钟

picture **
After first rise take dough out divided into 2 equal portion and roll into shape as in picture above.
搓好待发30分钟后就可以整型了. 请跟着以上的图片噢! 做出来的面包型才会美美的.

Place into a prepared pullman pan, spray with some water, cover and rise for 55 minutes. (i put into a 40c oven to rise for 45 minutes)

Nicely browned crust  after unmould.

Stand tall... can't wait to slice it..^^

切一片厚片吐司,抹上一层奶油, 再灑上砂糖送进烤箱.

烤至表面酥脆是我家宝贝们最爱的早餐. 前天做了一条卡士達吐司给宝贝当早餐. 今天他又要求要那天的吐司, 说好好吃呢!! 冰箱刚好还剩卡士達酱就在做吧!! 这个没成功哦!! ><
都怪我, 把烤箱的时间调错了而没发觉, 面包烤的不够熟就.......
不过还是把熟的部分吃光其他的就那去喂鱼啦 :O (喂鱼记)
卡士不够了, 怎么办?? 不管啦, 都已经旁晚6点多了.
就拿了那天买错的玉米酱(cream corn)加了一点下去. 怎么知道效果还很不错哦 \(^_^)/

Custard 'Sweet Corn' Sandwich Loaf
recipe source: Adapted from Carol Hu book (Second book of baking for beginners)
Custard Cream 
A: 200 cc/ml milk 
20 g castor sugar
1/3 vanilla pod (scrape out the seeds)

B: 1 yolk 
20 g castor sugar

C: 50 cc/ml milk
10 g corn flour
15 g plain flour

D: 10 g unsalted butter

Bread dough:
100 g custard cream
(48 g custard cream and the rest that is not enough i replace with 52 g cream corn)
250 g bread flour ( i used 280 g )
1/4 tsp salt
20 g castor sugar
1/2 tsp instant yeast
20 g unsalted butter
130 cc/ml milk ( i used110ml )

To do Custard:

  • Cut a slit on the vanilla pod, scrape out the seeds. 
  • Pour  milk and sugar into a saucepan. Add in vanilla seeds and pod.
  • Warm the milk (do not boiled it)
  • In a mixing bowl mixed B (lightly beaten) add in C blend well.
  • Pour warm milk into the above mixture. Mixed well. Bring back to stove and cook over low heat until it is thicken. (keep stirring to prevent burnt)
  • Once it is thicken, cover it with a cling foil. Set aside.
**Notes: This portion of custard can make 2 and half loaves of custard sandwich toast. 
The last half of the custard i mixed with cream corn to make into this Custard 'sweet corn' sandwich loaf.

To do bread dough:

  • Mix all the ingredients together to form into a rough dough. (keep 30 ml of the liquid/water to add into the dough later)
  • Knead the cubed butter into the dough until it form into a smooth dough.
  • Keep kneading until the dough is elastic and check if it pass the windowpane test.
(i did not follow the above steps. Just let my bread maker do the job.)

  • When the dough is ready just mould it into as at above picture **
  • Place into prepared pullman pan and wait for 55 minutes or it risen until it reaches 70% filling the bread pan.
  • Preheated oven at 210c and baked for 38-40 minutes.
Notes: The original recipe used pullman pan with cover. I baked mine without cover and i tenth my bread with double aluminium foil after 20 minutes of baking.

  • Unmould the loaf once it is cooked, Cool the loaf before slicing and serve.

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  1. Hi Mui Mui, how you doing? Great to know that you and your children are getting better.

    Your bread look absolutely soft and fluffy, very well baked. Nothing beats the homemade bread, homemade kaya... the aroma of freshly baked bread is wonderful.

    Have a nice day.

  2. Hi Mui! I give a big thumbs up for this, looks so soft and fluffy and the custard gives the bread a nice yellow color....beautiful!

  3. Hi Mui! Glad that you and kids have recovered. We all miss you! :D

    Really love this bread/cake... In fact I love everything with butter! But my recent medical report shows that my cholesterol level is on the high side... :(. I need to watch my diet...

  4. Good that you and your kids has recover :)

  5. 最近天气不好,很多人都病了,要好好休息哦!

  6. Mui Mui, Great that you're back again and staying healthy ;)
    Your corn bread looks very soft and fluffy. Thank you so much for reminding me this toast with butter and sugar topping. I miss it ;)

  7. Doreen , glad that you and the kids are getting better :) ...... LOVE your soft and fluffy bread ! Beautifully-baked and looks pretty yummy as well :)

  8. Hi Mui, Glat to hear that you and your kids have recovered.
    The bread looks soft and fluffy and I love the golden colour. Very pretty!

  9. 辛苦妈妈了,你也要多休息。再联络

  10. 我要厚片土司。。。加一杯kopi!!

  11. A beautiful loaf of bread! I would really love to have a few toasted slice with my kopi-O! Yum!

  12. Hi Doreen, the bread sounds nice and healthy. I will remember to add some corn into my breadmaker next time i'm making one, this is good for growing kids :)

  13. I bought Carol's book when I back in Malaysia but haven't try a single are great!and I agree with you, making your own bread can avoid all the unnecessary ingredients!

  14. Hi Doreen,

    Glad that you are recovering well now... Flu and kids are good friends and they can very harmful to parents... LOL!

    I love baking all the bread recipes from Carol's book. Her recipes are always good! Your yummy custard sweet corn loaf is no exception.


  15. Hi Mui Mui, these corn bread looks so good! I really want to try this recipe.

  16. mui mui, glad you and kids are feeling better now. I love your bread! I must try baking bread one of these days :)


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