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Hokkaido Chiffon Cake - A Cake that will make you Smile (Bake Along #64)

I baked this cake once, twice, thirce and now i lost count BUT everytime i bake this cake i feel HAPPY. Hope this happy thoughts and feeling will spread to YOU ^_^
Happy that the cake rise beautifully and with almost no shrink or crack. Happy that my boys and friends love this cake.

I baked this chiffon cupcake again for Bake Along event. I am going to Bake Along with these 3 beautiful ladies again.  This is a revisit of this recipe - HERE

The previous post of Hokkaidao chiffon cupcake, i used durian cream as filling. Now in this post i used vanilla whipped cream/Chantilly cream as filling. I love to use dairy whipping cream as filling. Just add adequate of icing sugar/castor sugar to the whipping  cream and whisked it to light and fluffy. Then mix in any flavor that you like into the cream and piped it into the cake.

Saw some nice and fresh bluberries in the supermarket, i quickly grab some for decoration :D

Nice and smooth sides.

 Moist, soft and fluffy texture

Hokkaido Chiffon Cupcakes
Recipe from my previous post here with slight changes
(yield 13 cupcakes)

A. Ingredients:
60g corn oil
80g milk
100g top flour (i used Hong Kong flour)
5 egg yolks
1/2 tsp vanilla essence (i use vanilla paste)

B. Ingredients:
5 egg whites
90g sugar
1/4 tsp tartar powder (omitted)

Ingredients for whipped cream/Chantilly cream filling:
150g dairy whipped cream (i used Anchor brand with 30% butterfat)
14g castor sugar
1 tsp vanilla paste

(In my previous post i use blended fresh durian paste, mixed into whipped cream to make the durian cream filling) 

Method for filling:
Pour whipped cream, vanilla paste and sugar into a mixer bowl.  Whisk with electronic mixer until it is light and fluffy. Store in fridge if you are not using it immediately. (Whisk it immediately from the fridge. Do not over whipped. Overwhipping it will turn watery and the butterfat will stick together.)

Method for cupcake:
1. Mix corn oil and milk together in a medium bowl, place it over a double boiler, cook with low heat, stir well. Remove the bowl from heat when the milk mixture turns warm.
(I zap this mixture in mircowave for 45 seconds)

2. Add egg yolk, one at a time, mix with a whisk.Then add vanilla paste, stir well the mixture.

3. Add the sift flour, mix the mixture until smooth.

4. Using an electronic mixer, whisk the egg white and add the sugar in three batches. The egg whites has to whisk until stiff peak.

5. Take 1/3 egg white mixture, add it to the egg yolk mixture. Mix until well combine. Fold in the remaining egg white to the egg yolk mixture.

6. Fill up 3/4 of the cupcake linear (i used a mix patterns of cupcakes cases for this batch of cupcakes)  Bake in preheat oven at 140C for 20 mins then 150C for 15 mins.

7. Knock the cupcake on table top once and set aside to cool completely. (this is a must to prevent the cupcake from shrinking)

8. Make a hole on the cupcake (i snipped a cross on the cupcake with a sicssor)  and pipe in the whipped cream, sprinkle with icing sugar and garnish with fruit if desired. Serve cold!


I'm linking this post to 'Bake Along' #64 with theme 'Chiffon Cakes'

 hosted by

Joyce of Kitchen Flavours, Zoe of Bake for Happy Kids and Lena of Frozen Wings.



  1. Wow!! That is soo cute..loved your chiffon cake dear...Really made me happy

    1. i was just browsing along and came upon your blog. just wanted to say good blog and this article really helped me. cupcakes bakersfield

  2. Hi Mui Mui, your Hokkaido cake look so delightful and well bake. Thanks for sharing your recipe, yours look really nice and cute.

    Have a wonderful day ahead,regards.

  3. Your lovely Hokkaido chiffon cupcakes makes me happy too. It rises so beautifully and no shrinkage. Bookmarking this recipe for my next bake. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Mui, looking at these so sweet & lovely Hokkaido chiffon cupcakes really made happy too ^-^!

  5. Hi Doreen,
    Beautiful cupcakes! I am going to bake some Hokkaido Chiffon Cupcakes, sooner or later! Looking at everyone's cupcakes with spongy texture, makes me want to bite into one!
    How nice if I could have one for my late supper right now! :)

  6. I've seen chiffon cake everywhere :) I like your very smooth top. Just beautiful!!! The one I baked before looks like volcano erupted. All wrinkly at the top. I will try your recipe out soon.

  7. Hi Doreen,

    Your smooth top Hokkaido chiffon cakes look really really really good! I have to try this recipe too :D


  8. Mui,妳开心我也开心。。。哈哈哈

  9. mui mui, your chiffon cupcakes are so nicely puffed up and have such a smooth top! I remember mine was wrinkled. Must try your recipe!

  10. Mui Mui, your cupcakes top are so smooth and nice! I always wanna bake hokkaido cupcakes as I think my children gonna like it but too lazy to prepare the cream hahahaha

  11. Hi Doreen, the top is so smooth and nice. How did you do it?? Wondering is it the Hong Kong flour that resulted like that?

  12. Hi Mui Mui, 我也很久没做北海道戚风了, 你的蛋糕让我有些冲动了, 哈哈哈!

  13. Hi, Mui Mui, I think you have really master this Hokkaido chiffon cake, they look so outstanding and pretty, love it!

  14. Wow I haven't bake Hokkaido cupcake yet. But I'm gonna bookmark this recipe. Great recipe indeed for me.

  15. Just looking at them and I am smiling.

  16. Your hokkaido chiffon looks so alluring. Wish I can bring a few home with me. :o)
    Enjoy your evening.

  17. it is spreading to me! happy to see your lovely hokkaido cupcakes, happy to see you joining our chiffon bake along and happy to read that you call us beautiful ladies...hahahaha!

  18. Wow, they look so cute. Bookmarked this long ago but yet to bake it :)

  19. Hi Mui Mui, Your Hokkaido cupcakes look so pretty. I've yet to bake this cake. Would like to try it. How many cupcakes did you made in this recipe?

    1. Thank you Ann. You must try this HCC, you will smile with the result :)
      I baked 13 cupcakes with this recipe.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Mui Mui yr cupcakes are really lovely makes me smile indeed. I tried yr recipe yesterday but it shrank n wrinkled. May i know why? I used top flour instead of Hong Kong flour. Is this the cause? Yr advice appreciated. Thks.

  21. I cannot get top flour or hong kong flour from my location. Can I use cake flour instead and still get the same perfect result?

    1. Hi Andromeda,
      Cake flour will be fine.
      The result will make you smile too!
      Happy Baking :)

    2. I don't have a digital oven. I cannot change the temp successfully. How can I solve this dilemma? My cupcakes keep sinking in the middle! 😢

    3. Hi Andromeda,
      You can try just stick to one temperature (145C) if you can't adjust your oven temperature accordingly. You know your own oven well, please adjust accordingly.

      As for the sinking in the middle, I think it is the folding step. The egg white meringue have to be whisk till stiff peak but not dry and fold into the egg yolk batter lightly and gently to prevent the batter from deflated. I use a small whisk to fold in 1/3 of the meringue till there is no spot of meringue. Then follow with another 1/3 of the meringue,then the last 1/3 of the meringue folding in gently and lightly. Lastly I use a spatula to gently fold in again to mix well.
      Then I will pour the batter into each cupcake case. The batter is quite thick as it can't be pour out easily. If your batter is quite thin and can be easily pour out it means the batter have deflated most of it. This will cause the cake to sink and shrink.
      Hope my tips will help up when you try to bake again the next time.
      Happy Baking.

    4. May I know why we need to adjust the temperature from 140C to 150C instead of the other way round?
      Thank you.

    5. Hi there,
      May I know your name please?
      The temperature is stated as 140C is to slowly cook the cake battter. If the temperature is too high the cake will not be cooked inside but only outside. The cake surface will be browned too quickly too. By the time the cooking time is up the cake will be too browned on the top or burnt.
      The 140C is to slowly cook the cake so that is it evenly cook inside. Then turn to 150C is too let the cake browned and cook nice and even on the outside. This temperature also helps the cake to stay high and fluffy and not easily sink or shrink after bake.

    6. Thnx fr the recipe...ur cake looks grt

  22. I made this today but it sank in the middle and wrinkled on the bottom. The texture was perfect though! How can I prevent the sinking and wrinkling?

  23. Everytime I make this, the texture is melt in your mouth perfect! But it still sinks in the middle! Help me please!

  24. Hi... Ive tried dis n i luv it... Id like to make a cake wid dis texture... Can it b done?how big pan and for how long?

    1. Hi there, May I know your name please?
      I have not try this recipe to make into a big cake. Between this recipe is meant to bake into cupcakes only.
      Anyway, you can try it. Do let me know if you have. Or if you like this kind of texture,why not try Ogura cake. May be you will love it too. Have a look at this, here

  25. Hi,
    I just made the cake yesteady. It tasted real good ! Want to ask whether ur cake shrunk after removing from oven. Mine shrunk quite a bit though the shape is still quite nice.

  26. Mui,can I steam this instead of baking?

  27. Hi dear.
    I love making hokido cakes and I would like to try your recipe and I would like to know what is top flour as I'm from the middle East and we don't have the same brand's.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Widad,
      You can use any type of cake flour that you can find .

  28. Hi Mui
    Your recipe is fantastic. Besides doing the blueberry I tried it with lychee martini n ondeh ondeh cupcake. It all turned out beautiful n yummy. Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe.

  29. Hi!
    I want to try this recipe out but stuck on step 7. What do you mean knock it on table top?

  30. Amazing recipe worked great!!!

  31. Hi Mui, are baking it using fan-forced mode or without fan? Thanks in advance


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