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SAS Steven's Apple Stack ~ Cook like a Chef

After browsing thru Masterchef website, I am confuse which recipe to choose. This recipe is great, that recipe is awesome and a lot more. Finally, i chose this recipe from Junior Masterchef  2011 - recipe by Steve, Junior contestant. ~ I found that this apple stack is really good, the buttery flaky pastry with the soft cooked caramelize cinnamon scented apple and the coffee flavour cream  ~   ~ Sprinkle with icing sugar ~   Peel and sliced apples, add in cinnamon powder and brown sugar mixed and cooked with butter to soften the apples. Set aside. ~ 1) Rolled the chilled pastry between 2 plastic sheets into 2mm thick 2) Cut into equal size retangle 3) Place on grease and lined baking tray  ~ ~ This pastry piece looks flaky and taste buttery ~ SAS Steven's Apple Stack recipe here   Ingredients: Pastry 1 cup plain flour 1/2 cup self- raising flour 1/4 cup corn flour 1/2 cup castor sugar  90g butter. roughly chopped  1 egg yolk 1/4 cup i

Happy Mid autumn Festival ...中秋节了~

Today is Mid autumn or moon cake festival  . I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my friends and everyone out there a warm  Happy Mid Autumn Festival....^^ My boys is so busy getting ready their lanterns for this Mid Autumn Festival. They have a fews that uses little light bulbs which is given by friends two years back. I will let them play with it and kept it for the following years to come or until it can't be use. Hehe ..recycle the the environment and save This year Sam have a special handmade lantern that he made in his Tadika. 今天就是中秋节了, 我想很多朋友们已经准备好月饼和灯笼了吧? 我家的宝贝们很兴奋的把前两年朋友送的电子灯笼搬了出了. 老二呢..就在幼儿园带了自制的灯笼回来.. 我在这祝所有的朋友们有个.. 平安快乐的中秋节...= ) ~Blue pea flower Crystal(Jelly) mooncake..type 1  蓝花水晶(菜燕)月饼..第一样~ ~Blue pea flower Crystal(Jelly) mooncake..type 2 蓝花水晶(菜燕)月饼..第2样~ ~ Soaked blue pea flowers in hot water to release the blue colour in the flower... 把蓝花浸泡在热水中让它散发它的颜色~ Thanks to Vicky (a fri

Bake Along #32 - Everyday Yoghurt Cake

Last two weeks is a very tough week for my family. My father in law was admitted into general hospital (gh) because of his appendix.  He was having a very serious stomach ache that very morning. We sent him to gh instantly and he was diagnose acute appendix problem. He have to be operate immediately (to prevent it from busting) but something is wrong somewhere so he have to wait to observe. He was on drip that day and thank God his pain gone after the drip.  He was then operate the next day and get rid of what should be done. Again thank God he is now discharge from gh and resting at home.  ************************************************************************* Back to what i am rushing now. This is the Bake Along #32. I have a new helper this time to join me in this Bake Along #32. I hop around among our blogger friends who have made this Everyday Yoghurt cake. I found there is two sides, one is like and the other is so I myself found this cake is nice. I don't

Pandan Angku for Malaysia Food Fest - 班兰(红)龟糕献给马来西亚美食节

Angku kueh, this is a nyonya kueh (soft cake) Traditionally, it is in red colour but today there a lot of us are more health conscious. More of us prefer to have natural colouring to be added to our food. Natural colouring like colour of Bunga Telang (blue), red yeast rice (red), beet root (purplish red) , pandan leaves and  green tea  (green), and etc. This is my Pandan Angku..'ang' means red and 'ku' means tortoise = red tortoise soft cake(Isn't this a funny translation??...=p)  This is a Nyonya sweet dessert. Today my Pandan Amgku is green colour and. Here for the red ones. Pandan Angku recipe source:  a book of Nyonya Delights Ingredients A: 350 g glutinous flour 50 g castor sugar 250 ml water 100 ml thick coconut milk 50 ml pandan juice(i used 10 piece of pandan leaves, cut into sections , add 30ml of water to blend) 100 ml corn oil (i used only 2 tbsp) Ingredients B: 50 g rice flour 120ml water 1 tbsp wheat flou

Kerabu Lady Finger for Malaysia Food Fest....凉拌羊角豆

This is the fourth and the last but not least dish i cooked for MMF.  I enjoy eating this it is very appetizing.  It is simple and easy to prepare. It is the combination dish of the Northern and the Southern Nyonya Cuisine. Kerabu Lady Finger. ~My nanny gave me some special red lady fingers~ Kerabu Lady Finger Recipe source: Northern and Southern Cuisine by Chef Ricky Ng Ingredients A: 350g lady fingers ( cut into halves) Ingredients B: 1 1/2 tbsp dried shrimp (pounded dried shrimp) 1 tbsp dried shrimp (fried untill crispy) (i added this) 1/2 tbsp chopped ginger torch 1 nos shredded chili 1 shallot (slice thinly) Seasoning: 2 tsbp lime juice 1 1/2 tbsp sambal belacan 1 tsp sugar 1/4 tsp each salt and pepper To do: 1. Blanched lady fingers for 2-3 minutes, then remove and place it into a mixing bowl and mix well with ingredients B and seasoning. (i arrrange blanched lady on platter and sprinkle (ingredients B and seasoning mixed together) on to