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Rainbow Jelly 彩虹菜燕

  Hi everyone, hope you have a lovely day! The weather is really unbearable, the heat is so warm. My kids have been hiding in the air conditioner room to get away from the heat. To cheer them up i make some Rainbow Jelly for them to enjoy. It is cool, sweet and refreshing. It is simple to make, appetizing and also suitable for any gathering or party. 炎热的天气,真的让人吃不消!我家的小朋友们都躲到有空调的地方去了。 为了能让他们凉快一些,就做了这彩虹菜燕给他们。这是个值得推荐的甜品。这甜品好看又好吃,冷冷,甜甜(当然不会太甜)最适合带去聚餐或小朋友的 party 。 I choose a healthier version, i use fresh milk to make this pretty rainbow jelly. Ingredients is simple. 选来了比较健康的牛奶取代椰浆。简单的菜燕粉可以做出好吃,健康又美丽的彩虹菜燕呢!! Rainbow agar-agar Jelly Recipe shared by my little favourite DIY makes 2 boxes of 12cm x 17cm (approx: 1 liter each) Ingredients for the colored layers: 1 liter fresh milk 120g granulate sugar 1/2 tsp salt 6 tsp agar-agar powder 4 pcs pandan leaves-knotted some Americolor food coloring (Soft pink, Orange, Lemon Yellow, Electric Green, Electric Blue and Rega

Crumbed Boxing Drumlets 脆香锤锤

My boys was excited to know that i am cooking fried chicken for them again. They just can't wait to taste these crumbed boxing drumlets. i just tell them it is boxing chicken. Sam:     Mum, What's for dinner today? Mum:     i'm cooking Aunty Vic's fried chicken boxing. Sam:      YAY! Fried chicken !!! but why it is called boxing chicken?? Can the chicken box? Mum:     Because it look like a fist that would punch you..haha! Sam:      lol... Seanan: Mum, but who is Aunty Vic? Is she pretty? Mum:     She is mummy's blogger friend. oh yes, she is VERY pretty! Seanan: Oh! Pretty girl always cook very tasty food, mum hor!! Mum:     Yes, she is a great baker and and she cook very well too.  Shawn:  Hmmm..its the boxing chicken ready yet? After tasted they all love the drumlets.   Shawn:  Mum, Its crispy and taste good!      Sam:  Mum,  i love the juicy meat! Seanan:  Mum, thumb up for Aunty Vic!     mum:  How about me?  Seanan:  Mum, i give 2 thumbs

Wholemeal Almond Butter Buns (QQ糯米全麦杏仁奶油面包)

If you are from Sarawak maybe you are familiar with the Sarawak Butter Buns. Today my buns are not the local soft buns but it is a soft buns made of glutinous flour, wholemeal flour, almond meal and bread flour with Sarawak butter buns filling. The actual recipe i use for this buns is this recipe QQ glutinous rice loaf (that i tweak a little) from 'The second book of baking for beginners' from Carol Hu The other day i show my hubby a post here .  It is the butter filling that attracted him. I use to make the other version of Buttermilk filling here and here which my family love very much. To kill the curiosity we venture into trying out this butter filling.   面包没刷上蛋液,就喜欢那自然烤黄的感觉。。哈哈! 做了一盘12粒的小面包 Made a tray of 12 small buns Sometimes making bread can be so fun especially when you can mix and match the ingredients that you have. But of course the bread have to turn out nice and successful :p 宝贝们带走当小点心就剩下这些了。 After my boys take away for their recess snack

Pasar Malam Deep Fried Chicken Wings (夜市炸鸡翅)

I guess it is fine to have some sinful dish once a while right... :p My boys love fried chicken, be it fried chicken drum or parts or wings. My Shawn would drool if he sees those pasar malam (night market) hawker selling fired chicken while going night market shopping in the weekends. If he ask for it, this conversation this will start :p Shawn: 'Mum, can i have one?' i will reply him ' Wait ah! mummy will fried some for you this weekend'  Shawn: 'Why not just buy some? Easier, faster and you wouldn't need to clean your kitchen. me:  LOL i will reply again: 'Wait dear! We didn't know how many times they have used the oil for frying!!! Shawn goes ... lol ...> &lt  久久吃一次炸鸡翅因该是没问题吧!!我家的宝贝们很爱吃炸的食物。 香炸鸡翅,炸薯条, 炸鸡块等等。  我想小孩都爱吧! 香香,脆脆 很好吃但是我怕怕。不敢常常让他们吃! 每回如果到夜市走走,只要看到小贩卖炸鸡翅。。。。。 Shawn 就会看着我问。。咪,我要买? 咪: 等,咪炸给你吃! Shawn: 为什么呢? 买不是更方便多吗?你也不用抹厨房呢! 咪: 等等吧宝贝!我们不知道外边的油炸了多少次嘛! 对吧!很多时候我们想在外边买炸的食物可是又怕那油不新鲜。还有,还有

Almond Honey Joys (杏仁蜂蜜玉米片)

  Saw this little addictive snack while blog visiting at Baby Sumo space. It is easy to prepare and it can be done in less then 30 minutes. All you need is cornflakes, honey, almond flakes and some sugar. It is just like its name real Joy eating this. It is sweet, crunchy and i added dried cranberries for the extra taste.  当在拜访格友Yen时无意中看到这超好吃的小吃/饼。非常容易就可以做好的一种小吃/饼。是小吃还是小饼呢? 哎呀!不管啦!反正就是好吃又比较健康的小零食。对了,就叫零食吧! 材料简单,就玉米片, 蜂蜜, 糖,杏仁片(一定要哦,因为他是主角 。。哈哈)还有,我加了蔓月莓味道更加!!有了材料就可在30分钟内搞定。 A healthier choice for snacking :D  是个更健康的吃零食法。。哈哈  Nice to see, easy to make and it is so yummy! :p (this is what my second told me when he was steal a little cup away) 好看,好做,又超好吃呢!(这是我家老二说的当他的小手偷偷拿走一个) Almond Honey Joys  (杏仁蜂蜜玉米片) Recipe adapted from Baby Sumo , originally from MasterChef Australia i make half of the recipe - about 41 mini paper cups (recorded in half of the recipe) 食谱: Yen    可做迷你的小纸杯型大概41个 (食谱是半份的记录) Ingredients:  40g salted butter 1/8 cup sugar (i used 20g)

Honey Soy Sauce Chicken (蜂蜜酱油鸡)

Little Thumbs Up have landed on Diana's house this month. Zoe and i would like to welcome her. She is the host for April, Little Thumbs Up with her theme 'Chicken' Diana is brilliant to choose 'chicken' as her theme. Chicken is one common ingredient that almost everyone use for daily cooking. Yes, I do use it for cooking almost  Like Diana mention in her blog "Chicken it is so versatile - you can fry them. steam them. roast them, cook them in pasta. in rice, in soup  the list is infinite." Before i go any further, Zoe and would like to Thank Faeez from BitterSweetSpicy once again for being such a wonderful host for Little Thumbs Up in March . Please visit here for our March banana month awesome posts. ************************************ Yesterday was my eldest Shawn's birthday. We had a small get together sort of party with sibling and some close friends. I bake him Chocolate Hokkaido almond cupcakes as his birthday cake. I