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Potato abacus beads ~算盘子~

Hai hai there...Have not post a single thing lately since the arrival of my baby. Busy, busy, busy everyday :p I miss my blog, miss doing what I want to do.....  I am back again..:D This is a Tai Poo (Hakka) specialty. Normally it is made from Taro(yam) but this is a different version. This ones are made of potatoes and they tasted just as good. The main attraction in this dish is, it is made from potato. It is made into a soft, chewy, little ball that have to flatten it a little in the middle, like a bead. Along with this dish is the mince meat, shitake mushroom, spring onion, dried cutterfish, dried shrimp and black fungus. Ingredients (A): 300gms potatoes 100gms tapioca flour 50gms wheat starch 1 tbsp cooking oil 1/2 tsp salt a little water (just enough to mix these ingredients into a soft dough) Ingredients (B): 200gms mince meat 1/2 tbsp chopped garlic      3 pcs shitake mushroom ~ soak and cut into strips 1 tbsp dried shrimp ~ wash and drain 1 tbsp dried c