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Parker House Rolls ~ Bobby Flay (派克屋餐包)

Y: This is one yummy roll, i love it mum!!  M: Do you want some more??  Y: Yes, yes, yes..more..more..more..please!!  The above is the conversation between mum and her little boy!! Indeed these rolls are fabulous. It is soft, fluffy and it stays soft until the next day. This rolls are so similar to the Kopitiam Milk Bun  here . This recipe uses straight dough method. 这 小餐包 超软,超香,超好吃呢!这餐包很像 甜牛奶面包 的口感和味道。 这食谱是用直接发可是程序有点不一样。 首先是将鲜奶煮温把奶油和糖加入拌均,待凉。把酵母加入温水拌至融化,产生小泡泡。把所有的材料(待凉的鲜奶,酵母和1/2杯面包粉)搅拌成面团。在搅拌的过程加入粉1/2杯量的慢慢加至加完。 Nice and golden crust, soft and fluffy inside bread rolls Simple looking bread rolls but it is so satisfying. It is so nice to have the roll on its own or dunk it with a cup of hot tea or coffee. I love the buttery smell from these rolls. It goes very well with a piece of luncheon meat or ham or bacon sandwich in the bun, again adding a slice of cheese, some mayo, a piece of lettuce and drizzle with tomato ketchup..Mmmm..YUM!! 面包适合用来夹培或午餐肉或汉堡肉加芝士片加萨拉菜再挤上美奶滋酱和番

Jam Doughnut Muffins 果酱多拿满芬

These jam doughnut muffins are so easy to prepared. Just use a fork mixed all the ingredients. Spoon some batter into the muffins tray (i use mini muffin tray) spoon again some jam onto the batter in the muffins tray and top up again with some more batter. Then send to the oven and bake. After baked rolled them in melted butter and coat them with some castor sugar. It done!! Simple right?!! It taste Delicious!! I use Yuzu jam in my jam doughnut muffins. My youngest love Yuzu jam so i baked these again for him to bring to school for his year end party. He loves it!! I did not rolled the whole jam doughnut muffin in the melted butter, i just dipped the top into the melted butter and sprinkle with some castor sugar. I love it this way more :D Jam Doughnut Muffins Recipe from  How to be a Domestic Goddess (Nigella Lawson) made about 20 mini muffin (i made 18) Ingredients: 1/2 cup milk scant 7 tbsp corn/ vegetable oil, plus more for greasing (  i used 5  ) 1 large egg

Mini Sausage Bread Rolls ~ 迷你香肠面包卷

Making bread rolls can be fun. I saw these mini sausage bread rolls in Sonia's sometimes ago. She twist the famous Champion bread recipe a little to make into the cute and fun to eat mini sausage bread rolls. If you are a newbies in bread baking try this recipe you would regret it. The recipe only call for 200g flour which is easy to mix and knead. The dough it self is easy to handle not too sticky. Just floured your hands with a little flour then you are ready to roll. These bread rolls stay soft and nice even after 2-3 days. Mine wouldn't last for a two days ^_^ Just cool the bread rolls completely on wire rack and keep it in a tupperware container or a zip lock bag. This is how i store my bread all the time. Most most importantly it is so so delicious. Even more delicious then the store bought...hehehe Mini sausage bread rolls 在家常做吐司面包应为方便又快嘛。一堆面团份一到两份后用擀面棍把面团擀平再卷起就可以做第二次发酵了。可是偶尔换换 pattern 也挺好玩的。今天就来玩玩迷你香肠卷。如果您是个新手那就不要错过来尝试哦!为什么呢? 1. 食谱

'Lego' fondant cupcakes 乐高翻糖小蛋糕

Do you like to play with 'Lego' when you are a kid or do your kids now play with 'Lego' ? I  remember there was a departmental store in our town at that time that sale lots of 'Lego' At that time, i was a little girl then, maybe 35  years back ..hehe (guess how old am I now?)  In  those days 'Lego' pieces are simple. They are square, rectangle, thick or thin, mini figures,  pieces only. Now they have various  There are the basic lego set, duplo lego set. ninjago set, etc. You named it, they can make it with lego. There is also a LEGO LAND somemore, the Lego Theme Park and Lego Water Park located near Johore Baharu in our country (Malaysia) Get more details here and here Today there is even Lego fondant cake and cupcakes.. COOL right?!!! To be continue ....

Cocoa Bread ~ 可可吐司

Having white bread all the time? Would you like to have a change? Have a cocoa bread instead. It is really just another bread which is bake by adding 15 grams of cocoa powder. I used 15 grams of unsweetened  chocolate powder instead, The smell of chocolate is so good. Every bite give you the feeling like biting into a chocolate bar which is not because this is a   We spread it with chocolate spread or nutella .... yummilicious! 这换上黑衣裳的土司感觉还蛮不错!! 香香浓浓的可可味再抹上巧克力奶油无以伦比呢! Slices of mini Cocoa bread with a cup of Kopi O (black cofee) Kids bring this to school for the break time snack. This cocoa bread uses a straight dough method but it yield a very soft bread. My kids like to spread Nutella but i like it just on it own.  Spread with butter taste so good too!  Mmmm..Yum! This is the cocoa bread dough before and after the first rise. Cocoa Bread   ~ 可可吐司 Recipe adapted from Home Baking (星期天的烘焙是个时光)郑荣仙 者 recipe transla

'Frozen' Cupcakes ~ 《冰雪奇缘》翻糖小蛋糕

Do you like fondant. Making fondant cupcakes is very interesting. It is not so hard to make if you get the hang of it!! Try it you might love it!!  收到个朋友watspp问我会做《冰雪奇缘》翻糖小蛋糕吗?? 我的反应。。嗯!可以试试! 就问她要什么款式的。 她问我有sample吗?我没有呀!Google了一些给她看,就做了这个!! 'Frozen' Cupcakes Anna and Snow Queen inspired from  here Which one do you like??? Packed them all in a box that has a window. Olaf inspired from  here This reindeer is cut out of a hippo cookies cutter  with slight adjustment here and there. Anna Fairy Cupcakes (天使小蛋糕) Recipe adpated from 'How to be a Domestic Goddess' by Nigella Lawson Makes 12 muffins size cupcakes Ingredients: 125g unsalted butter, softened (room temperature) 125g castor sugar (i used 80g) 2 large eggs 125g self raising flour 1/2 tsp vanilla extract 2-3 Tbsp milk 1 tub white fondant some Americolor food coloring  (brown, blue, yellow, orange and red) 1 portion of mock cream To Do: The Nigella way, P

Butter Bread Loaf ~英式奶油土司

This is a soft and simple bread but it is very delicious. It has no egg just simple bread ingredients. The looks of this simple butter bread loaf is just like a little mountain top. Cute right? hehe.. Butter Bread Loaf The crust is nicely brown and it is light crispy. 漂亮单纯的双峰圆顶土司! 单纯的双峰土司,烤的金黄香脆是我家不可少的早餐。喜欢哪绵密丝丝的组织!抹上一层黄油配上一杯热饮就是幸福满满的早餐了! 面包整形过程.. The shaping process of the loaf. 最后发酵要送进烤箱了。 Ready to bake! 出炉了!! Hot hot hot from the oven! Fresh from the oven!! Slice it!  Add on a piece of cube butter while it hot,  pour a cup of hot chocolate and ENJOY!! Make into simpkle kaya and butter sandwich ! 把面包做成简单牛油和 咖椰 三文治当宝贝的早餐! See that pretty cupcake paper bag, it a gift from Esther .  Thank you Esther for those lovely gifts. Butter Bread Loaf (英式奶油土司 ) Recipe adapted from Original Flavor (原味)by Carol Hu (this recipe is translated from chinese) Makes 1 loaf (20cm x 10cm x 10cm bread loaf pan)