November 11, 2014

Butter Bread Loaf ~英式奶油土司

This is a soft and simple bread but it is very delicious. It has no egg just simple bread ingredients. The looks of this simple butter bread loaf is just like a little mountain top.
Cute right? hehe..
Butter Bread Loaf
The crust is nicely brown and it is light crispy.

面包整形过程..The shaping process of the loaf.
最后发酵要送进烤箱了。 Ready to bake!
出炉了!!Hot hot hot from the oven!
Fresh from the oven!!
Slice it!
 Add on a piece of cube butter while it hot,
 pour a cup of hot chocolate and ENJOY!!
    Make into simpkle kaya and butter sandwich!

      See that pretty cupcake paper bag, it a gift from Esther
      Thank you Esther for those lovely gifts.

      Butter Bread Loaf (英式奶油土司 )
      Recipe adapted from Original Flavor (原味)by Carol Hu (this recipe is translated from chinese)
      Makes 1 loaf (20cm x 10cm x 10cm bread loaf pan)
      280g bread flour
      1/2 tsp instant yeast
      1/2 tsp sea salt
      15g castor sugar
      180 cc cold water (i used 180 ml)
      30g unsalted butter
      To do: 
      (i used my bread maker machine to mix the dough)
      1. Add all the above ingredients except butter into the bread maker pan. 
      2. Mixed into a rough dough then add in butter and mixed into smooth dough. (In my bread maker machine I use dough mode. Which takes 1 hour and 30 minutes including first proof timing. I add in butter after 15 minutes mixing.)
      3. Take dough out from the bread pan and punch down to expel air. 
      4. Divided into 2 equal portions Roll round, cover and let it sit for 10 minutes. 
      5. Rolled the dough out to shape it (please refer to the tutorial above for shaping.
      6. Cover and proof till double size.
      7. Bake in a preheated oven at 170C and bake on low rack for 38-40 minutes. (i tenth mine after baking for 25 minutes.)
      8. Un-mould the bread immediately once it is out of the oven. Cool on wire rack. Slice with a serrated bread knife when it is totally cool. i slice it while it is hot, can't wait to try it ^_^ 


    1. Hi Doreen Nice loaf!! Thank you for the shaping instructions. It helps a lot!

    2. Hi Doreen,
      Wow, such a gorgeous loaf! Looks so spongy and soft!
      As soon as there's a bilingual copy of Carol's bread book, I'll be the first to queue in line!
      Thanks for sharing with CYB!

    3. Looks very soft although with straight dough method. Bookmarked!

    4. I could only admire this lovely loaf ^-^ !

    5. Hi Doreen,

      This loaf looks gorgeous! It is very perfectly baked.


    6. Mui Mui, very pretty loaf, perfect!

    7. yes, 小山形。。。 very cute indeed. nothing beats a simple bread loaf

    8. Homemade bread loaf is always the best..... healthy!

    9. mui mui, I love your bread!

    10. Mui,妳家的吐司颜色烤得恰到美。。。我的每次都是深色的

    11. MuiMui,你家的吐司很松软呢。。。我要吃!! :D

    12. Mui Mui, I wish I could have a couple of slices of your yummy bread. Looks so soft... homemade bread is the best ...

    13. It looks so simple and lovely!


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