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Loh Bak Gou(蘿蔔糕 ) ~ Fried white radish cake

This is a savoury pan-fried dim sum. It is called 'Loh Bak Gou' in cantonese. Loh Bak in cantonese means Radish or Turnip and Gou mean cake. It can be eaten plain by adding fried shallot,  chopped spring onion and dried shrimp floss or just pan-fried or in a another way stir fried it with bean sprout, spring onion, egg..etc ~pan fried loh bak g o u ~After pan-fried this turnip cake, will have a nice crust on the outside and soft and hot inside~ When I was little my mum use to make this for tea time snack. My sisters and I like it just pan-fried style. After pan-fried the outer skin is crispy and the inside of the cake is soft and nice. ~Stir fried style~ ~This is even yummy with a dip in a little Asian chilly sauce~ Before pan-fried or stir fried these turnip cake (loh bak gou) it is a plain steam turnip cake Recipe is adapted from the book with slight modification.. '香港地道小吃'  'Local delicacies of Hong Kong' P

Lemon Bars ~ Barefoot Contessa

Ina Garten is new to me. I only knew her when i wanted to join the blog hop event Cook like a Star organised by Zoe, Bake for happy kids . I get to know her Ina Garten) more after i went browsing thru her website and found that her recipes is really simple yet delicious. This is one of the simple yet delicious recipe that i found...Thanks to Zoe..^^ ~Lemon Bars~ These lemon bars tasted great.  Even my boys like it too. But my second one wanted the lemon bars that is cut out from the side of the baking tray..I wonder why?? I asked him..he told me that the side ones have more I I think the next time i make these Lemon Bars again..may be i will make thicker crust and half the lemon filling..:p To be honest, I love the crust is so nice and melt in the mouth..and of course eating with the lemon filling will be even more delicious. Lemon Bars   Recipe is adapted from  (The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook)   or refer to this site

Soursop Mousse Cake~红毛榴慕絲蛋糕

~Soursop mousse cake~ This is a overdue post for the delay in post and replies to  comments  to my dear friends and readers . i have been quite busy lately with work and kids..hope you are still with me and i am back in action..:p  I make this Soursop Mousse Cake for Mother's Day celebration. Using  soursop   (fruit)  to make cake for my mum and my mil(mother in-law).  This is a new flavour to them.  My mum is very adventurous she don't mind trying new things but not my mil. I know they like Soursop and I BET they will like this Soursop Mousse Cake... fingers cross when I serve this cake... :p When i serve them, it is what i expected my whole family love it....LOL Share a bit with you how does this cake taste. This cake  taste  sweet and sour (more to sweet) , the mousse is velvety and creamy... sandwich in between layers of sponge cake. It is simply scrumptious. 红毛榴莲慕絲蛋糕.~ 今年做的母亲节蛋糕是红毛榴莲慕絲蛋糕.. 做给妈妈和家婆是同类的蛋糕. 开始时还担心, 家婆不能接受. 还好妈妈,家婆和家人都很喜欢. 觉得红毛榴莲口味

Steam Yellow Roses Paus and Pumpkin savory Paus~~ 黄玫瑰包子及咸南瓜包子

I am a 2 days late to  wish all my readers and friends                  Happy Mother's Day..:p hehehe... Late is better then not at all ... right? I found this Yellow Roses Paus looks interesting. Nice too see, nice to eat and it made of health orange sweet potato. (i used pumpkin) These roses paus method I learn from a Malay food magazine 'Aroma'. Like I said it is interesting, I want to give it a try..:p Do tell me what do you think of my Yellow Roses Paus looks..:D ~Orange Yellow Rose Paus..橙黄玫瑰子~   ~Top view ... 看看上面~ ~these are the savoury paus with simple yam bean filling... 这是咸 包子,内馅是沙葛和虾皮~   ~pumpkin paus skin is nice and soft, the outer skin can be peel of.. 南瓜包子的包皮很柔软,外层可拨皮~   ~savory yam bean filling simple and nice..咸香,脆口的沙葛简单好吃~ Recipe is adapted from Coco Kong's book 'Paus' : 食谱是来自Coco 老师的'包'书,食谱以下。。 A)2 tsp yeast..小匙 酵母 Mix with (溶入)100-120ml 水 Mix prior before use...

Bake Along #23 Honey Walnut Cake

Rush..rush..rush... I am glad i manage to join this round  Free and Easy Bake-Along hosted by Zeo, Lena and Joyce. This round Bake Along is (Bake-Along No. 23 - Honey And Walnut Cake)  I have been to our baking friends blog to look and see what tips that i can get to make this Honey And Walnut Cake. This is what i get..  Zeo's blog (Bake for Happy Kids) i got that honey burnt easily so i have to take care of that..  Lena's blog ( Her Frozen Wings ) i knew that when grinding the walnut not milled it but just to use a processor to pulse it ..I have got that..  Alice's ( i love. i cook. i bake .) i found conversion of cups to grams ..which have help me in measurement conversion.. Thanks to all my blogger friend s here for providing such useful tips.. Back to my Honey Walnut Cake ....I measure the ingredients for the whole recipe. I  baked the first batch in paper cup cases. I make 1/4 of the recipe...because I am not sure how much is 3/4 cups butter. I search