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A dear friend ask for this recipe ~ eSpecially for you Lee ^^

A dear friend of mine is going back to Sibu to celebrate Chinese New Year. Sibu is her hometown and her sisters and brothers are all going back to Sibu too. It's really a big family reunion for her. So I made a cake specially for her. I made her a Brownies Marble Cheese. Wishing her and family......... 新年快乐....万事如意...天天开心 ~Brownies Marble Cheese~ Ingredients for the brownies: 180g butter 20g chocolate powder 150g castor sugar 3 eggs 120g self raising flour Ingredients for the cheese layer: 250g philadephia cream cheese 60g castor sugar 1 egg 1/4 cup water 1 tsp vanilla essence Method: 1)Preheated oven at 170c. Melt butter in a thick bottom sauce pan. Then add in chocolate powder and stir to combine. 2) Add in sugar and stir until sugar dissolves. Beat in eggs, one at a time. 3) Sieved the self raising flour twice before adding in to the mixture. Mix well. 4) Prepare a 8" x 8" baking tin. Lined with parchment

2009 OX Year ~ This year's cookies ^^

QWERTYUIP{}ASDFGHJKL:" ZXCVBM<>? Happy Niu Year 2009 ~Bumbble bee cookies~ ~Cactus Cookies~ ~London chocolate hazelnut cookies~ ~Strawberry tart~ It is so excited, it Chinese New Year time, fun time and it time to make cookies. It would not feel like chinese new year if I don't make cookies or cakes myself. Ha..ha.... ~ Traditional Butter Cookies~ This is the switch up version, haha... my shawn named it ~Bumble Bee face~ (The movie Transformer, Bumble Bee) 2nd cookie I made it is........ ~Crystal Snow Ball~ 3rd cookie I made it is...... ~Snow White cookies~ my version I used a rabbit cookie cutter to cut out the cookie so I named it...... ~snow white rabbit cookie~ ^^ These cookies are really yummy. It gives the fluffy  and crunchy  texture. Once  you start to munch, the fragrance of the almond filled up your mouth  yummmm..... it really awesome. ^^ .. ^^ Ingredients: ( A ) 180g crisco/shortening 90g icing sugar ( B ) 1

~Samson's 2nd Birthday~

This is about my xiao bao bei Samson. He was born on 3rd of January 2007. Simon and I headed for the hospital at 3.00am, I was sent to the labour ward immediately. At 6.00am Samson was born. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAO BEI SAMSON! New born ~ Samson Pui New born Samson is 3.05kg Samson is 8 months old. This is taken when he is learning to stand for the 1st time. I'm 11 months old. 03rd of January 2008, its my 1st Birthday. "Yes, its my birthday My dearest koko Shawn Shawn my koko is having fun, taking pictures. ** Arrival of in vited guests. ^^ This is uncle peter and aunty lena. " Hahaha! Say yi, I like your gift...." "Introducing my godma angie and my god che che ash" Hei! Ah Yan yiyi Hai hai my drumstick is really yummy...... ~My family~ My daddy and Me... See, that handsome guy looking at the camera........... that's my godpa Alan Oh! my sock is too small mummy... Group Photo after my birthday dinner My daddy, mummy, koko and me... ~2009 Jan 3rd Samson

After meal yummies~Almond pudding with Sea coconut

This is another cold dessert I like very much. The almond pudding is smooth, delicate and the sea coconut is chewy and tasty. Try it, you might fall in love with this dessert. I ngredients 2 1/2 tbsp gelatine powder 4 tbsp castor sugar 1 cup boling water 1 tsp almond extract 1 cup evaporated milk 1 cup cold water 1 tin sea coconut Method: 1) Mix gelatine and sugar together and pour into boiling water.Stir until sugar dissolved. 2) Add in evaporated milk, almond extract and cold water. Mixed well and pour into a container. Chill in fridge until it is set. 3) When it is set, cut the pudding into cubes with a agar-agar knife and serve with sea-coconut and ice cubes. *You can use Honey Sea Coconut or Fruit Cooktail instead of just plain sea coconut.