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Braise Tofu with Tomato and Leek

Making tofu or beancurd is a family business of my hubby. They have all types of soya bean made products. Products are yellow tofu, plain tofu, tofu block, tofu puff and etc.....haha all are tofu, tofu, tofu and tofu...^^ Tofu contains lots of nutrients, especially protein. There are lots of way to cook tofu and my kids and hubby like it this way. That is.......... Braise Tofu with Tomato and Leek Ingredients: 5-6 pcs tofu~sprinkle some salt to seasoning the tofu 3 sprig china leek~slice 5 tomatoes~wedge 1 tsp garlic ~ chopped 1 1/2 cup cooking oil 2 tbsp mince pork~ seasoning with a dash of light soya sauce 1 cup water 1 1/2 tsp corn flour ~ dilute in some water Method: 1) Cut the tofu into 4 pieces eaches. Deep fry with some oil until it is light golden brown. Do not over fried the tofu or it will be hard and dry. Instead of soft and moist inside. 2) Saute garlic until fragrant, add in minced pork stir well, add in leek and tomato, add in a few dashes of light soya sauce and

Flaky Yam Puff

This is a mid-autumn festival yummies, guess what? I misses this so much, I made it in this time of the year, just for me haha.... I love yam and the texture of this flaky pastry. The flaky pastry needs a bit of work to roll and roll but it is all worth it..... ^^ when you see the end result. It is even more worth it when you eat it. Part 1 Ingredients Shortening Dough Flour 160 g Icing Sugar 24 g Shortening 40 g Water 88 g Part 2 Flaky Dough Flour 144 g Shortening 88 g Yam paste As desired Procedure 1. Mix all the ingredients in group 1 and set aside. 2. Mix all the ingredients in group 2. 3. Roll shortening dough into rectangular shape and wrap in the flaky dough. Apply dusting flour when necessary and rest the dough for 10 minutes. 4. Meanwhile, divide the filling (e.g.: red bean paste or lotus paste) into 30g each and shape round. (I use yam filling here.) 5. Use rolling pin to flatten the dough and roll into a Swiss roll. Rest the dough for another 5 minutes and repeat the proces

DIY your own dessert....

Need a dessert after dinner?..Try this your family will love it. It is easy, delicious and healthy though... One thing this one is presentable if you are having some guests coming over for dinner.....^^ This is quick and easy. Use a nice and fancy see through glass...a small size will do................. This is the top view 'two lovely hearts...Isn't that lovely... ^^ Boysenberry Yogurt Dessert Ingredients: 2 tubs of plain yogurt 10 pcs of digestive biscuits some boysenberry jam/syrup Method: 1) Put the digestive biscuits into a zip bag and crush it with a rolling pin until it is fine. 2) Scoop 2 tablespoon of yogurt into a clear glass. Tap the glass a little to make sure the yogurt is lay nicely. 3) Sprinkle a tablespoon of crushed digestive biscuits onto the yogurt layer and top with a tablespoon of boysenberry syrup. 4) Repeat from the yogurt layer again until it reached the top. The last layer always finish with the yogurt so that you can do decoration. ** You can put mo

Guess what is Shawn's Daily bread today?

This is a picture that Shawn insist me to take. I ask him why? He says "Because I am eating the bread my mummy made."........^^ Isn't that SWEET.... He even help me to picnik his own picture with those easter eggs...he enjoy it.. We are having Hazelnut miniature bread loaf that day. I was thinking it will be more healthy to add in nuts to the bread. Everyone loves the nutty taste, even gong gong and po po loves it. This is the miniature, with this recipe I made 3 loafs. We ate 2 loafs and gave 1 loaf to my sister Shelly. Hazelnut bread Ingredients: 300 ml water 40g castor sugar 1/2 tsp salt 500g bread flour 20g mik powder 1 1/2 tbsp hazelnut powder 40g soften butter 2 tsp instant yeast Method: 1) Pour all the ingredients into the breadmaker bread pan. Wet ingredients have to goes in then fol low by the dry ingredients. 2) Use mode 11 for this bread. About 55 minutes including first time proofing. 3) When the kneading

Misses my mum's dish

MUM's dishes is always my favourites. I guess everyone will agreed with me because your mum's dishes is always YOUR favourites. Right!....... ^^ This is one of my mum's dish that i misses and love very very much. It is HAKKA STEAMED PORK BELLY WITH YAM ~ (芋头扣肉) ************************* This is a sweet tasted dish, it is pork belly and yam as the main ingredients. The sauce is simple and you can even do extra for later use. The pork belly is so tender after hours of steaming especailly the skin it is so smooth and the texture is so smooth and jelly like when you give it a bite. I still remember when we were little, my mum use to make this dish on special occasion. It will be a very big portion for the whole family. Because I like this dish very much so I learn to DIY it, I asked the recipe from mum but mum did not have a proper measurement recipe. Thanks to YUM YUM MAGAZINE Vol.26 (this recipe is from chef 郭子仁) I found this recipe and it is so similar to my mum's. I di