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Gaeran Mari (Korean Rolled Egg Omelette) 韩式蛋卷

Read about this Korean Rolled Egg Omelette in Joyce 's blog. Since i am looking for a simple, easy and nice Korean cuisine recipe to join Grace' s who is hosting Aspiring Bakers #37 with her theme "Feast of Hansik' i definitely will go for this.  Furthermore my kids love egg and this makes me so interested to try this out.  Like Joyce i am also cook this at a dish to go with rice for our dinner. 在Joyce的家看到这道简单又美味的韩式料理就非常喜欢. 先是, 我可以参与Grace主办的Aspiring Bakers #37的活动. 再来我家的宝贝们爱吃蛋的料理. 还等什么呢?? 那就快快动手 动脚 准备咯!! My kids love this a lot. My second ask me "Mum, can we have this again!!" pic 1 Gaeran Mari (Korean Rolled Egg Omelette) (source from :  Read from Joyce's blog - Kitchen Flavours 3 eggs 1/2 small onion, finely chopped 1/2 small carrot, finely chopped 1 sheet Korean Roasted Seaweed (Gim) 1 tsp salt  (I use 1/8 tsp) dash of pepper Mix eggs, with whisk or fork, and add onion and carrots until well combined. (Pic

Pumpkin Angku Kueh (南瓜龟糕)

Shawn was telling me "Mum we have not eaten Angku Kueh for a long time"  ^_^  Since my fil have harvest 2 big pumpkin from his little garden, i took a small portion to make some Pumpkin Angku. The pumpkin patch my fil had is a small one.   好一段时间没做红龟糕了. 宝贝们可想念这糕点呢! 家公刚好在后园刚收割了两粒大南瓜. 就趁着这 机会做了南瓜龟糕. A total of 17 pumpkin angkus from the recipe. 这食谱做了17粒南瓜龟糕. Nice, round and shinning surface, would you like to have one :p 表面,花纹蛮清,滑又亮呢!! 请你吃一,两,三片吧!! It's took about 3-4 months from growing the pumpkin plant until harvesting time.Pumpkin grow as vine which means they need lots of space. Although my fil's pumpkin patch is a small one but it really takes up a lot of the little garden space.  南瓜是爬藤的植物. 需要蛮宽的园子栽种. 我家公的不很大不过也爬的整个园子都是了. 从种植到收割大概需要3-4个月. Pretty pumpkin blossoms!!  These are closed flowers. Can you see is these male or female flowers??  :0 南瓜花, 这些是关着的哦!! 你看看是雌还是雄的呢??  I especially love the pumpkin blossom. So bright yellow, the

Kai Loog Kuey (Thai Son-in-law eggs) 女婿蛋 - AFF Thailand

Saw this recipe in ' Complete  Thai Cooking' cookbook in the library. The named of this Thai dish is Son-in-law eggs. I am curious why it is name so.. it is a funny name right?? and  what is the connection between the egg with the son-in-law?? Other then that i am also interested to know how does this dish taste?? Just sometimes ago my Ah Chi,  Sonia   cooked this Thai dish and she share why it is name so. Do hop over to her blog here . After goggling from the internet i found there is a few version why it is name so. I guess it doesn't matter why it is name so as long as it is really tasty!! ^_^ 那天在图书馆看到一本泰式料理的食谱. 里头有个很有趣的泰式菜肴, 名为''女婿蛋' 是直接翻阅的. 女婿跟蛋有什么关系呢?  这道泰国菜式,'女婿蛋'味道酸甜的酱汁淋在炸香的蛋和洒上香脆的炸红葱和蒜片, 很受宝贝们欢迎.  这可爱的泰式料理的菜名, 在 这看 到其中的由来就跟大家分享吧!! 女婿蛋的由来是因为泰国是母系社会, 所以女儿是宝贝. 女儿出家後, 带女婿回娘家时, 母亲为了讨喜, 都会准备好'女婿蛋'表示早生贵子, 丈母娘的用心可想而知. 由来可有很多版本呢!! 不管啦!! 只要是好吃的管他什么版本 :D Crispy fried shallots and garlic for topping!! I should have boiled

Coco Crunch Oatmeal Cookies (可可脆燕麦曲奇) - LTU November

Welcome to another exciting month of LITTLE THUMBS UP. Last month  was a wonderful month  (October, theme Soy Bean and our wonderful host Mich from Piece of Cake) , please come HERE to view all the wonderful posts. Little Thumbs Up is a monthly event organized by  Zoe from Bake For Happy Kids   and  me  My Little Favourite D IY.  Each month an ingredient is selected and everyone is welcome to take part in this blog-hop. We have our host with Vivian from Vivian Pang Kitchen and her selected ingredient “ Oats ”. Cook or bake with any recipes with Oats as its ingredient. Your post(s) must be in this month (only current posts) and link to this post, thumbnail linky provided at the end of this post. In your post please include the following information: This post is linked to the event, Little Thumbs up organised by   Zoe from Bake for Happy Kids   and  me,  My Little Favourite DIY ,  hosted by   Vivian from Vivian Pang’s Kitchen. The post should also include a pictu

Braised Bean Curd (红烧豆腐) - LTU October

  Can't have enough of soy bean yet?? or still lingering in the month of October?? Hi, WAKE UP!! Hahaha!! I am in November now. Just cook this 'Braised Bean Curd' two days a go so i just post this here as a sharing ^_^ Why not as bean curd is such a nutrirional and healthy food. Little Thumbs Up of October 2013 with the theme 'Soy Bean' and the fabulous host Mich from A piece of cake have done a great job hosting the event.   Well Done Mich!!  You might want to view all the posts HERE 黄豆..豆腐, 豆腐卜, 永远吃不腻!! 宝贝们都爱吃, 健康又有营养就煮呗!! 上星期六煮了'红烧豆腐'就把这贴上做小记录虽然 OCT 小姆说好一过去. 十月份的小姆子说好, 被 Mich (A piece of cake) 办的很棒   ^_^ 请到 这 看看吧 My family love this dish, you can see this appear in our dinning table quite often. This is a quick to cook dish. It can be prepared in only 15-20 minutes if you have all the ingredients ready. I believe other then tofu you will have all the ingredients in your refrigerator and pantry.  There is leek, carrot, chicken, dried shi

Ebi Fry (Fried Shrimp) エビフライ (日式炸虾) - AFF Japan

Today my kids are very excited when my hubby's classmate gave us 1 kg of large prawn. They request mummy to cook their favourite deep fried prawn (the chinese style) but i told them i am going to do the Japanese style...  EBI FRY   for dinner     :D 宝贝们今天特兴奋, 老公的同学送了我们1公斤的大虾. 宝贝就要求妈妈煮炸虾(中式的), 不过我告诉宝贝们今天妈妈要煮日式炸虾, 当晚餐 ^_^ This is dish that my kids will definitely order when we go to a Japanese restaurant. Other then this they will request for another dish that is Ebi Tempura. I always wonder how do they cook the prawn so very straight. Again with Nami's step by step tutorial i know how to cook a very straight Ebi Fry at home ^_^ 这道日式炸虾和 天麩羅是宝贝们必order的日式料理. 常常在想怎么能把虾炸的直直的..看了Nami的 食谱就明白了!!! Ebi Fry (Fried Shrimp) エビフライ  recipe source, adapted from Just One Cookbook Ingredients: Large prawns (I used 10 prawns) Salt Freshly ground black pepper 1/2 cup all-purpose flour 3 eggs 2 cups Panko Oil for deep frying To do: Ebi fry’s prawns are very stra