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Bread maker Hot Cross Buns. 面包机热棒棒

Today is Easter Day. This is the first year I am baking a Easter bake. It is a fuss free kind of buns. Why?? Because it is the bread maker that is  doing the mixing, kneading and proofing work. Easy right! This bread maker hot cross buns caught my eyes when I was browsing delia online recipes.  All I need to do is just add in all the ingredients into the bread pan slide it into the bread maker machine, press sweet bread mode and 'start' let the bread maker do the work. The wonderful thing about breadmakers is they cut all the tedious bits out of making an enriched dough, but all homemade hot cross buns are in a different league from anything you can buy...shared by Delia Smith :) Bread dough have rise. Pour onto the work top. Divide into 50g each Rolled into round balls and proof for 50 minutes or double its size.  Greased a large polythene bag to cover the ready rolled buns for proofing. Breadmaker Hot C

Pandan Ogura Cake - 班兰相思蛋糕 (MFF - Johor)

This is my 3rd attempt to make this Ogura Cake. My first attempt was making a  Cranberries  Yogurt Ogura Cake and the second was Passion fruit Ogura Cake. Both of the recipes are from Cass . I will share these recipe soon. I get to know Ogura Cake is a famous cake Batu Pahat , Johor when Wendy asked me "Eh! Friend :D Can you try to bake a Ogura Cake for MFF this month?" she sound so cute :p Then she gave me a link to see what is the real Ogura Cake looks like in Batu Pahat... here  Ogura Cake, is named ' Xiang Si Dan Gao' in mandarin, it is so famous in Batu Pahat, Johore. I goggle to find a Ogura cake recipe that is the nearest  to the Johore ogura cake in    taste(flavour) and in apperance. I found a awesome recipe here  I am glad my first attempt to this recipe was good. The cake is fluffy, soft and most importantly it only shrink a little at the top. Earlier on i saw Angeline is also using the same recipe hop over to view her Famous Bat

Mock Cream 简易牛油 淇淋

This is a simple and versatile kind of frosting that you will love. I love it after trying once, i know you will love this too. It  is the MOCK CREAM. It is a blend of butter, icing sugar and some boiling water. Mock Cream Recipe source: cornercafe Makes 1 heaped cup (about 250g) cream Ingredients 125g butter, softened 75g (1/2 cup) icing sugar mixture 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract 40ml (2 tablespoons) boiling water 20ml (1 tablespoon) water at room temperature To Do: Mix boiling water and room-temperature water; set aside. Cream softened butter and icing sugar until light, pale and fluffy. Beat in vanilla. Gradually add the warm water, one teaspoon at a time, and beat well to incorporate after each addition. As you add the water and beat, it might be a good idea to beat by hand (or using the lowest speed if using electric beater) to prevent the water splashing about. (I am using a hand mixer on the lowest speed ) I am using this cream for my Pandan Ogura Cake.

Simple Prawn and mushroom Turnover

This is another Delia Smith's wonderful recipe. It is the Quick and Flaky pastry from her online Cookery School site. I am burning the midnight oil to make this simple prawn and mushroom turnover...LOL :Pll my pictures is taken with my smart phone..:D I decided to make this after i saw Sweet Angel's  (Angeline)  Quick and Flaky pastry Portobello turnover. This quick and flaky pastry is very quick to prepare but it is very challenging to handle because it turn soft easily. Shaping it will have to be like running to and forth from the fridge to keep the pastry firm and not too soft. Although the pastry is very very soft to handle but it is all worthwhile because it is sure delicious!!! The pastry is buttery, crispy, tender and most of all it is quick to prepare. I will definitely use the quick and flaky pastry again and again and again with different fillings. I make a simple prawn and button mushroom filling to wrap in this turnover. Again I only

Slimmers' Scramble Egg 瘦身..炒蛋

My family loves eggs..who don't..:p Perhaps only those allergy to protein..that will be another topic..:p When i saw this Slimmers' Scramble Eggs in Joyce 's post, i know my kids will love this. To be honest i love it more :D WHY?? because base on Delia this recipe is devised for people on a diet or for those who have to cut down on fat. 瘦身炒蛋..听起来很不错, 对吧!! 在Joyce的贴子看到这个料理时就晓的很特别. 炒蛋肯定用油炒,又要多油才炒的美. 那又怎样叫瘦身炒蛋呢?? 不过呢, 根据Delia老师这个食谱是特别设计给要瘦身, 要减底吸取脂肪的人士. 哇, 哇, 哇!! 很不错...对吧!! 好吃, 有营养又不发胖哦~~ Yummy Slimmers' Scramble Eggs...I had this for my lunch :) 我的丰富底脂高蛋白质午餐 ^^ Making this Slimmers' Scramble Eggs is no fuss at all. I am happy because no oil is added to cook this scramble eggs. It is a tablespoon of milk added to moisten the pan. Pour the lightly beaten eggs mixture into the pan and start scrambling. Do take note do not use to high flame or else the eggs will burnt easily. 做这炒蛋一点都不难. 没用油只用了一大匙鲜奶让锅润湿倒入拌好的蛋液再拌炒 至7份熟再加入乳酪酱(我用60%底脂的乳酪酱) 拌至蛋液

Prawn Cocktail..凉拌鳄梨虾

Good Afternoon everyone...:)  大家午安..(^^*) I only knew Delia Smith after Zoe  from Bake for happy kids told me 'In March Cook Like a Star is going to cook like Delia Smith and it is a great pick from Baby Sumo  from Eat your heart out, who is one of the host for Cook Like a Star in March. After browsing through Delia Smith online recipes, i have bookmark a lot of her recipes that i wanted to try. I choose to start from this simple Prawn Cocktail. Delia Smith 是一位著名的英国厨师和媒体主持人. 主持教导基本烹饪技巧和料理. 现在还有网络教学法(online cookery school). 她的烹饪食谱书售买超过2千1百万本至多. 很棒吧!! 当Zoe说她的'Cook Like a Star'活动要煮的像位厨师而这位厨师就是她(Delia Simth).  这可要谢谢Baby Sumo. 是她的好介绍哦!! 她的食谱大多是英欧料理当然也有英式亚洲料理. 做法简单,健康不需太多素材呢! 这个我喜欢:D啦 看了她的食谱网站, 我眼花缭乱这爱煮那个也爱煮..最后先来个凉拌菜吧, 也称为沙拉. Base on Delia this is a recipe that is a part of he