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Sesame Roasted Chicken and Awards

My Shawn is a fussy eater. He only takes what he likes. I guess all kids are like that... > <   Shawn likes poultry, seafood and vegetables ( only potatoes, carrots, leek and celery). When i was visiting a friend's blog, Shawn was beside me, he saw the Sesame Honey Chicken post that i was reading. Shawn asked: ' Mummy, this look really yummy. Who cook this? I said: 'Its mummy's friend auntie Jessie' Shawn said: 'I like this. Can you cook this for me?' I said: 'Yes, it lovely.. we will cook this' This is a very delicious dish. i have cooked this dish the following day after seeing in Jessie's blog. I am cooking this again for our dinner last night! 大宝贝爱吃烤, 当他看到 Jessie阿姨的烤鸡他毫无忧郁的说 "妈妈, 我要吃这个. 煮这个给我吃好吗?? 还加了个..PLEASEee....." 可想而知,这烤鸡腿的魅力!! It is actually quite simple to prepared. When you are having a busy day, why not marinated it overnight and the next day just roast it in the oven. I used 2 chicken maryl


S m i l e ~ This cookies is very very delicious. Why am i said so? i love this cookies since i am a little girl. I missed that buttery, thick cut, soft texture,  melt in the mouth  and so much of shortbread cookies taste. YUM ><  The taste of my old time favorite..:D Now my kids can enjoy it ~ Can also packed as a gift...good food share with good friends~ Saw this cookies in Sonia's CNY round up and it is submitted by Alvin from    Chef and  Sommelier and later saw Lena baked this. See!! blogging is so funny, why??? Because if a good recipe is around it will spread like good news to every corner of that community...don't you agreed? One more good example, it is just like Sonia's Bak Kwa  and roasted pork  ...did you see her Bak Kwa is almost in every bloggers home...LOL  I have not enough time, if not i will make this delicious Bak Kwa too... Back to this cookies. At first i am keen with this cookies because it is simple to

CNY fondant cupcakes...新年小蛋糕

I saw this auspicious cupcakes just before Chinese New Year in Ann 's blog. Then later I saw a whole Chinese New Year fondant cake in Sonia 's blog.  I like fondant very much. It gives the cake a very clean, neat and pretty look. Don't you feel the same way too? :p Have some left over fondant after making a set of birthday cake for a friend's 80 years old father. It is a 8" sponge cake with non dairy whipped cream frosting and a 12 pieces of cupcakes with fondant decorations. I will share this soon. Back to my Chinese New Year cupcakes. I make chocolate cupcakes this time. I love the aroma of this chocolate powder very much. I would like to thanks  Crystal  from 厨房找快乐 for sending this wonderful chocolate powder and some lovely gifts to me (谢谢你 水晶妹妹 ) This chocolate cupcakes are very nice to eat with a coffee or tea. I love the blend of chocolate powder with the orange zest, it is so flavourful..:D    I  am submitting this post

Sesame Glutinous Ball... 芝麻黄金球(煎堆)

Yesterday's yesterday... (oh! i am supposed to post this on Cap Goh Mei but something happen to my internet connection) was the Lantern festival(灯节..China)  or know as Yuan Xiao (元宵) or Cap Goh Mei in Hokkien. Cap Goh Mei means the 15th night of the Chinese New Year which is also marked the end of Chinese New Year celebration. Similar to how is the day before Chinese New Year (New Year Eve...年三十) is celebrated with much joy. During Cap Goh Mei families gather together over grand meal which includes Yuan Xiao (glutinous rice balls). In the Northern part of China glutinous rice balls are called Yuan Xiao (derived from the Yuan Xiao festival) but we are more use to Tang Yuan. Today i am going to share another type of Chinese New Year snack. This is one of the many southern Chinese New Year snacks. 'Jian Dui' means Heaps of gold and sliver comes!!  (煎堆碌碌,金银满屋) 煎堆 就是今天的主角.  The Northern chinese likes savoury fillings like mince meat and vegetables are usu

Flower Shaped Pineapple Tart..黄梨花挞

If you have read my last post, Homemade pineapple jam you will know that, this is the out part (part 2) about my pineapple tart 'pastry'. I have a simple and i am happy with enclosed pineapple tart recipe that shared by my Sil years ago .. HERE  I stick to that every year when i am craving for pineapple tart.  如果你有看了mui的上篇~自制黄梨酱, 那这个贴子就是下篇~黄梨花挞 往年我都在用我嫂跟我分享的食谱   (黄梨酥) . 我超超喜欢的. But this year i am distracted :p by Angel's 'Warning!! highly addictive pineapple tart' . Out of curiosity i am going to give it a go. Do something difference this year. 今年想要来个新常识, 也因为被 Angel(cook. Bake. Love) 的超诱人的食谱吸引到 :D I make my tarts into a 3D flower shape.  还是3D版的黄梨花挞噢!! :p 哈哈! 像花嘛! 就取名为黄梨花挞咯:p   Sam can't wait to give me his 'Little Thumbs Up'... he is so addicted to these tart..LOL  二宝贝等不急要把他的'小姆子说好'举给我拍照..他啊! 真的吃个不停 xD 1. Get ready all the tools needed. 2. Place the pastry dough between the sheets and rolled into  0.5mm thick. 3

Pineapple Jam....黄梨果酱

Do you like homemade pi neapple jam?? I do..although it is a labour of work cooking this but it is all worthwhile :) I like to cooking my jam only with 2 ingredients, that pineapple and sugar. I found this way it has more pineapple aroma. I read a few fellow bloggers like Sonia , Yen , Zoe  also like their pineapple jam with only 2 ingredients. How about you?? 自制黄梨果酱, 你喜欢吗? 工夫不负有心人, 自制的肯定好吃到不行...哈哈 真是老黄卖瓜, 自卖自夸:p 我只喜欢单纯的黄梨酱,只需两种材料, 就是黄梨和糖煮出来的. 各人觉得比较香黄梨. 有好几个格友如(Sonia, Yen, Zoe)也喜欢单纯的两种材料的黄梨酱..呢~ 你呢?? 喜欢怎样的?? I bought 4 medium size pineapples, which given me 1680+gms after peeling and get rid of the eyes. Cut into small piece, do not discard the core as this will give more fibre to the jam. Blend the small pieces of pineapple in a multi processor without adding water. Do not blend too much at a once because this will slow down the blending process. Add blended pineapple into a wok to cook this jam (i am using a 30cm wide stainless steel wok, the wider the