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Sesame Glutinous Ball... 芝麻黄金球(煎堆)

Yesterday's yesterday...(oh! i am supposed to post this on Cap Goh Mei but something happen to my internet connection) was the Lantern festival(灯节..China)  or know as Yuan Xiao (元宵) or Cap Goh Mei in Hokkien. Cap Goh Mei means the 15th night of the Chinese New Year which is also marked the end of Chinese New Year celebration.

Similar to how is the day before Chinese New Year (New Year Eve...年三十) is celebrated with much joy. During Cap Goh Mei families gather together over grand meal which includes Yuan Xiao (glutinous rice balls). In the Northern part of China glutinous rice balls are called Yuan Xiao (derived from the Yuan Xiao festival) but we are more use to Tang Yuan.

Today i am going to share another type of Chinese New Year snack.
This is one of the many southern Chinese New Year snacks. 'Jian Dui' means Heaps of gold and sliver comes!! 

(煎堆碌碌,金银满屋) 煎堆就是今天的主角. 

The Northern chinese likes savoury fillings like mince meat and vegetables are usually their ingredients whereas the Southern chinese likes them with sweet fillings often consists of sugar, osmanthus flower. sweet tangerine peel and  sesame seeds, red bean paste, peanut are more often used.
I am making the simple version which is just as good. It is made into different shape for difference filling, the round ones are filled with peanuts and sugar, the dumpling shaped ones are filled with vegetable and the oblong ones are filled with red bean paste. I love the savoury ones, it is slight sweet from the chewy crispy skin and a crunchy savoury vegetable filling inside but Shawn love the peanuts one. He loves the aroma of the peanut once bite, it is a bit chewy crispy outside and full of peanut aroma inside :p I believe you have seen these 'jian dui' in Dim Sum restaura
\nt. DIY it will also give you the taste of the 'dim sum restaurant. Sesame balls?? Oops! i have run out of sesame seeds so i did not coat them with sesame seeds. 

昨天的昨天是元宵节了... 年过完了
不过我想每户家庭都希望带着'年年有余,  合家安康,  金玉满堂' 过这新的一年.
而在广东呢, 犹如北方人过年的饺子, 家家都要吃. 故有'年晚煎堆'. 人有我有谚. 这一习俗流传至今.

 北方人爱吃咸的馅如肉碎和菜如沙葛而南方人切爱吃甜的馅如糖, 芝麻, 桂花, 甜橙皮, 豆沙和花生. 今天分享的是简单的煎堆的内馅有三种...花生,  黑豆沙,  菜(沙葛), 我呢! 喜欢菜的, 菜是咸的而煎堆皮是微甜的, 外皮是微甜而香脆, 吃起来就咸带点甜又QQ脆..好吃\(^^)/

I am submitting this post to Chinese New Year Delights 2013 
hosted by Sonia, Nasi Lemak Lover. 

Sesame Glutinous Ball (Jian Dui)
Recipe source: Yum yum magazine (volume 52)

300g glutinous rice flour
1 tbsp wheat flour (tang mian)
75g corn oil
100g castor sugar
200 ml boiling hot water

Recipe source: mui mui
Peanuts filling:

120g peanuts
50g castor sugar
30g butter

1. Stir fried peanuts in a pan or wok without oil until it is cooked. Remove the skin and let the peanuts cool before blend. Blend the cooked peanuts in a food processor into fine crumbs and add sugar to mixed well.
2. Add in butter and combine well. Roll them round about into 10g each.

Red bean filling .. this is store bought
Roll this filling a 10g each round balls.

Vegetable filling:

200g sengkuang (yam bean)~peeled and shredded
1 tbsp fish sauce
1/2 big onion~peeled and chopped finely
1 tbsp dried shrimp~soaked, drained and chopped finely
1/3 tsp salt
dashes of pepper

To do:
1) In a wok add in some cooking oil saute big onion, dried shrimp till it is fragrance.
2) Add in sengkuang, stir fried till it is soften, add in fish sauce, pepper and salt. Taste, if you like it a bit more salty you may add more fish suace. (please adjust the saltiness to your own liking) Dish up and set aside for later use.

To do:
1. Put glutinous flour, wheat flour, sugar and corn oil into a mixing bowl and mixed well. Pour in hot water, stir until it is well mixed. Knead into a smooth dough.

2. Divide into 35 portions and form into small balls about 20g each) Wrap up peanuts filling and rolled lightly into a round ball shape, wrap up red bean paste and rolled into oblong shape and as for vegetable filling, wrapped 1 tsp of vegetable filling and shaped it into a dumpling shape. With difference shaped you can easily recognize in difference fillings.

3. Dip the wrapped 'jian dui' into water and coat them with sesame seeds.

4. Heat up oil for deep frying. When the oil is hot, turn the fire to low. Slowly drop the 'jian dui' into the hot oil. (deep fry in batches for easy handling) Once the out layer of the 'jian dui' have turn lightly golden,about 1 minute(please refer to the picture below) then start to stir frequently and also turn up the fire to medium high.Keep stiring until it is golden.  Dish, drain and serve warm with a cuppa of kopi o or warm chinese tea..:D


'小姆子说好'(Little Thumbs Up)的活动.
是由Zoe (Bake for Happy Kids)和我(my little favourite DIY)主办的. 
这也是我的第一个活动,希望大家多多指教, 多多支持 (^^*)
三月份是我主持我的第一个活动, 活动主题是'番茄'


1. 您的贴子必需是最近的作品噢! 比如是2月或3月的

2. 也请在您的贴子里附上'小姆子说好'的标签后再连您的贴子到
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Zoe ( 或 我到 (

好了, 接下来朋友们快吧您的'番茄贴子送近来吧!!

A little announcement from Little Thumbs Up organised by Zoe from Bake for Happy Kids and me(my little favourite DIY). This is my first event and i am hosting for my very first time in March. Please join us!

To join, simply cook or bake any recipe with the theme of the month which is TOMATO for Mar 2013 and link with us at this post for the month of March.
 Don't forget your thumbs up or display this badge! And make sure that: 

(1) Your post must be a current post preferably within Feb to Mar 2013 . 
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For more up coming months event and hosts please refer to the side bar of my blog..:D hope you can join the fun of this event.



  1. Hi Mui Mui, Thanks for sharing this recipe. I love 'Jian Dui' but only bought them in stall. Will try it when there is a gathering.
    Oh, I definitely love to join the Little Thumbs Up. Too bad my pineapple post was too late to meet the deadline.

    1. Ann,
      Oh yes! This is good finger food for gathering!
      Try it for your next gathering.

  2. Hi Mui Mui
    These Jian Dui looks really yummy for my tea break! I loves this and will try to make this myself one day because nowadays I will not buy deep fried stuff from outside anymore.

    1. Mel,
      Homemade deep fried food is always more preferable. We uses fresh oil right?? :D

  3. 原来这个好吃的东西名叫煎堆,嘻嘻!

    1. Casey,

  4. 好久没吃这小玩意煎堆了!请我吃一个好吗?我会在你番茄活动中给你加油!

  5. Hi Mui Mui, throw 2 pieces over here! LOL Wah.. long time never eat this, sure very ho chiak. Yours look awesome, I go make coffee and we have coffee break together?

    Have a nice day.

  6. Doreen , I love it with or without sesame seeds :D Your version looks really delish !

  7. Hi Mui! Really respect you and all those who blog in both English and Chinese. It's not easy!

    I've not tried this glutinous rice ball before but anything with peanut should be good!

    Ok... Let me try this:

    嗨Mui! 我真的很佩服你能以中英文来发表你在部落格的文章。 真是不简单!
    我从没试过煎堆这玩意儿, 但是任何有花生为食材的食品应该是美味可口的!

    怎么样? 翻译的还可以吗? :D

    1. Alvin,

  8. mui mui, this is so nice to eat! Never tried before but I am very sure I will eat a few if you give me hah! hah!

  9. I remember that you said you wanted to post it 2 nights ago, thought that you were stuck in the busy routine again, so it was the internet problem. Anyway, love your 煎堆, what a good auspicious snack to have in order to end up the CNY celebration. My MIL always bought us the 煎堆 with sesame toppings on every CNY but never try making them before.

    I will surely support you with the Little Thumbs Up but won't renew my blog until next week so see you next week, haha!

  10. Hi Doreen,

    Running out of sesame seeds! Great thinking with your peanut substitution! But I still like the ones with vege filling the most... Vege or peanut, they all look very delicious!

    Good luck with the coming Tomato event! No worries... you will have my full support :p Btw, you may wish to emphasis that you are starting on first Tuesday of the month... just in case, some early birds might ask :D


  11. 我已经想到了番茄好怎样弄。

    【三月份是我主持我的第一个活动, 活动主题是'番窃'】

  12. When Pai Tin Kong, my mom bought this with peanut filling outside , but the size is too big, so hard to finish one, hehehe., oh , now you have own event huh, I will think some dish to join you..

  13. hi doreen, i like the oblong ones..they are unique to me but i like all the above fillings even tho i've not tasted a savoury jien dui before :)


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