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Mid Autumn Festival~中秋节

Another festival is around the corner. I guess everyone felt the qi fen around, you can see everywhere in the supermarkets are selling mooncakes and fancy lanterns. Few days ago my mum ask me "Are you making any green tea bing pi mooncake this year?" So this is my little favourite DIY bing pi mooncake just for my mum and its a little difference this year. Not more traditional shapes and looks.... wah... la... cuttie..haha Snow Moon Cake (Bing Pi Mooncake) Ingredients: 90g Gao Fen 100g Icing Sugar 120g water (at room temperature) or cold water  Few drop of orange paste or yam paste or any flavour you like 1 tbsp Crisco (shortening) Method: 1) Mix icing sugar with water stir until sugar dissolves. 2) Add in gao fen slowly and mix into a soft dough. 3)Add in crisco and knead gently until its smooth. 4) Wrap in your favourable filling and press into any shapes you like. That all. It is simple. Shawn and Samson 1st Mid-autumn with cousin Hung an