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Yam Cake (Wu Tou Gou) ~芋头糕

This is another one of my favourite. I will also share some of my favourite in this post which you can click to link to my favourite dim sum as i can't post in time to meet the link in time :p This Yam Cake is quite versatile kind of cake or kuih (means cake in Malay). It can be eaten just as it is after it is cook. Just top up with mince preserve radish, mince dried prawn and some chopped spring onion or pan fried it, till its skin is slight brown and crispy or cut it into pieces and stir-fried it with bean sprout, mince dried prawn and egg, then it is stir fried yam cake. If you ask me which way of eating this is good?? I will tell you, they are all very good :D Steamed Yam Cake Stir Fried Yam Cake So yummy with the dip of chilli sauce! 点上辣椒酱,好好吃呢! Cook the batter till thicken then transfer into the greased cake tray and steam. 煮好了,防入蒸盘就可以蒸了! Sreamed Yam Cake with a cup of Chinese tea! Steamed Yam Cake  ~芋头糕 Recipe adapted from Delightful Sna

Fried Wantan ~炸馄饨

Hi everyone!! Fried wantan, is one of the dim sum i love. It is crispy on the outside with moist and chewy prawn or meat filling inside. It always come with a sauce, like mayonnaise mix or chili sauce. My boys love it with tomato ketchup. How about you?? I will share what is special inside the mayonnaise mix. My friend who own a dim sum restaurant share with me that how they mix this mayonnaise mix for the fried dim sum. She also mention that all the fried ones are using the same mayonnaise mix. This round i wrapped the fried wantan same as the previous Shark Fin Dumpling (yu chi gow) . I am going to share a tutorial on how to wrap this, due to popular demand..LOL Fried Wantan a plate of fried wantan ready to serve! Love the light crispy skin!! This is my first batch, i fried it a bit too dark :p Drizzle it will some mayonnaise mix The filling is a mix of mince meat, prawn and water chestnut. Fried Wantan ~炸馄饨 Recipe adapted from Delightful Snack

Chocolate Raspberry Marble Pound Cake with Chocolate Glaze ~巧克力树莓云石磅蛋糕

Hi everyone! Hope that you are having a great day! My time have been quite crazy lately >< I am wrapping up all my duties with my present company as i am leaving for a new firm soon. Nevertheless, it is hard to say goodbye to my present company but i am excited to join the new firm :p  Bake Along event this round is baking Chocolate Raspberry Marble Pound Cake with Chocolate-Raspberry Glaze. We (my family) love buttery pound cake and it is definitely my bake. Indeed this is a lovely cake with buttery fine crumbs and subtle raspberry fruit flavor. I added 1/4 tsp raspberry essence to the batter for more flavour and added a few drop of pink food coloring to get the different shade in the swirling!! I am so happy with this cake and i am definitely will bake this again. 大家好呀!!Bake Along活动这回烤了巧克力树莓云石磅蛋糕配上巧克力树莓酱呢! 蛋糕做法跟原味磅蛋糕一样。唯有不一样的是原味蛋糕糊,份成两个部分。一份加了巧克力酱,另一份加了树莓果酱,再倒入模中拌成云石花纹。蛋糕很细幼,有淡淡的树莓果香气,上面扑上巧克力和树莓混合浓酱,真的好好吃呀! Chocolate Raspberry Marble Pound Cake without the chocolate gl

Shark Fin Dumpling ~鱼翅饺

This Shark Fin Dumpling (yu chi gow), is one of my favorite dumpling. Although it is named Shark Fin Dumpling, but they contain no actual shark fin in it. Some say the look and shape of the dumpling does look like shark fin and other do include in imitation shark fin, though. I am lucky to have spotted this long hibernating in the book shelf chinese dim sum book ‘香港地道小吃’ translated as 'Hong Kong Authentic Tapas' Well, Do, you find this look like Shark's Fin?? 看看形状像不像鱼翅呢??  Filling for the ingredients are prawn, mince meat, carrot, yam bean and black fungus. Get ready the filling and the wanton wrappers. This is the parade of my Shark's Fin dumpling ... lol Homemade parchment paper liner. Arrange them neatly into the bamboo steamer. HOT! HOT! From the steamer!! Loaded with filling ..YUM! ENJOY~ Shark Fin Dumpling (yu chi gow) (Scallop dumpling /Cilantro dumpling - depends which filling you using) Recipe adapted from  ‘香港地

Mocha Hokkaido Chiffon Cupcake ~摩卡北海道戚风蛋糕

Bake Along #84 is baking the popular Hokkaido Chiffon Cupcakes. My kids never get bore with the Hokkaido C hiffon Cupcake. I have baked a quite a few different flavor here , here , here and here . 圆形的北海道戚风小杯蛋糕!!看看这芒果装饰像支小鱼还是小鸡呢?  Usually they are bake in square mini size cupcakes. Just want to make it a little bit different, i baked with the round ones.  Round Hokkaido Chiffon Cupcake..what do you think of that? My second told me that the mango cut out look like a little fish and my youngest told me it look like a little chick. Which one do you think it look like?? First batch of the cupcakes and i have 3 sitting on the table top waiting for the second round baking. This round the cupcakes does shrink a little with a little crack but it is still nice and pretty.  Snip a cross into the cupcakes, with a pair of sicssor. Mango cut out with a cookie cutter to garnish the cupcakes. The mango is actually a mango shape cut out. Square Hokkaido Chiffon cup