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Siew Pau (roasted bun)...烧包

Siew Pau is my family's favourite. I never tried making Siew Pau until i saw these lovely Siew Pau recipe in HOdy Blog. These Seremban Siew Paus are a kind of roasted buns with flaky and fragrance skin and the filling is sweet and salty.   This Seremban Siew Paus are full of flavour. I love the extra sauce in the filling, it makes the Siew Pau even tastier. I am submitting this post to  Malaysia Food Fest  ,Negeri Sembilan month, Host by Hody Loh of  Cook 4 you & me Seremban Siew Pau/ Seremban Roasted bun Recipe source : Catherine Chia and Cook 4 You & Me Pastry method source :  My Kitchen Snippets Ingredients: Pastry ( A ) 200g flour 60g butter-I use salted butter 25g sugar 120ml water ( B ) 160g flour 100g shortening Method Mix well flour and butter of pastry (A),then add in sugar and water.Knead into dough (A). Mix well pastry (B),knead to a dough (B). Leave dough (A) and (B) for 30 min. Divide the both dough into 20 equal pieces. Wra

Hakka Stuffed Tofu .. 客家酿豆腐

This is a must have dish in my hubby's house for Chinese New Year. I remember when we are seeing each other time (not married yet ;) ) when I was invited to his house for New Year dinner i sure see this dish. This is one of my favourite other then the Braised duck with blue ginger (galangal) and soy sauce, Roasted 5 spice chicken, Braised pork trotter and etc..:D Now this 'hakka stuffed tofu' is my boys' favourite. 这是一道百吃不厌的一样菜肴. 每每被邀请到夫家吃饭(当时还没嫁给他:p)都有好多好 吃的菜肴, 像这道酿豆腐, 还有卤鸭, 香菇焖猪蹄, 五香炸鸡等等 到今天这道酿豆腐也是我家宝贝们的最爱. This is my homemade tofu..这就是mui家的自制豆腐了. A nice and soft silken tofu will give you a nice and delicious stuffed tofu 'yong tofu' You can make your own tofu,  here 如果有香滑的豆腐,你肯定可以酿出好吃的酿豆腐噢! 可以尝试自己做豆腐, 这 **pic. a Slice the tofu into half for stuffing...把豆腐切一半来酿   Use a pair of chopstick to snip open a little line in the tofu. The rough surface made by the chopstick in the tofu, will hold the meat stuffing nicely. Do not us

Cold Oven Cream Cheese Pound Cake

Cold Oven cake?? Never attempt to bake a cold oven cake before. I would love to give it a go and see how it goes!!  您有尝试过烤蛋糕不预热烤箱吗?? 我呢!!就是想尝试做这个免预热烤箱的乳酪磅蛋糕, 看看效果如何?? Guess what?? I baked twice...the first baked i used a heart shape bundt baking pan and 2 small silicone cup cake mould. These cakes turn out to be good but something happen. When i unmould the heart shape cake it dropped out and break into two:o but the cake taste really good. So i decide to bake another time. 这食谱我做了两次..第一次做,用了一个心形和2个小杯. 当在脱模时蛋糕被我不小心摔破了:( 就不给你看丑丑的了.. 第二次就做了一个心形和一个小长条的蛋糕. 这次我自己很满意. 我用了 Mich 所用的食谱. 她把杯的量转换到克的量了,简单多了. 谢谢她!! This is the second baked which i am impressed, a cold oven cake turn out to be a really nicely brown, soft and delicious cake. Whereas the first cake is taste nice only that it doesn't brown nicely and it is a bit dense.  虽然第一次有意外不很理想不过第二次可就很满意了.. 原来, 免预热烤箱烤出来的蛋糕也可以这么松软好吃!! 我家的大小宝贝都爱爱爱..:D This is the freshly baked from a cold oven...免预热烤箱的两蛋糕 '出炉了'

Easy Homemade Tofu~轻松自制豆腐

Good bye to the passed 2012. Its a whole new year 2013.  I am looking forward for a new and exciting year to come.  I believe life is a journey of Joy, Hope, Faith ..... in God. I hope it is not too late,  to wish all my reader, blogger friends and everyone out there  ' A Blessed and Good Health New Year ~  2013'. Forgive and forget what is not so good and bad in the passed and openly received a Whole New Blessed Year ahead  to YOU and Your Love Ones!!   送来迟到的祝贺..我祝大家有个, 快乐的新年'2013'. 愿每一个朋友们都能用平常心去迎接美好的 每一天..^^ Share a health food to kick start my first post in January 2013..Tofu or called bean curd..:D 用豆腐, 一种健康又很棒的食才来做2013年的开头. 跟大家分享自家也可以做'豆腐'. 还是两种呢, 白豆干和黄豆干.   This is a dish 'Hakka Stuffed Tofu' that we always have when there is a special occasion or a festival celebration is on. It's my Mil's signature dish. Now she passed down to me :p  hope that i can passed down to my next generation and share to every