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Chao Tom (Vietnamese Grilled Shrimp on Sugarcane) - AFF French IndoChina

I am kind of curious with this Vietnamese classic appetizer or party food.  It is seasoned shrimp paste (my family is a big fan of shrimp :D) wrapped around a stick of sugarcane, then steamed to firm the paste, shape and grilled to finish. The sugarcane act as a skewer to hold the shrimp paste while grilling and the sugarcane is not easily burnt while cooking. This appetizer is full of flavor between savory and sweet. After you have eat up the shrimp paste you can chew on the sugarcane to enjoy the sweet sugarcane juice.Want to know how does it taste...I have to prepare it and taste it, which i did :D     The old fashion way, they uses the mortat and pestle to pounded the shrimp chopped coasre pieces into paste but now the modern way we can use the food processor, In just a few blizt it is done. It is ready to mixed and shape on the sugarcane stick.        It is really good!! My second (Sam), is like me so curious about the taste that he is following me around in the

Apple Strudel (Paula Deen)

My first treat for apple strudel was a friend brought back some for me from Australia. It is so kind of her to bring it all the way back to me :) Miss that first bite of the apple strudel. The flaky crust and the moist and nice apple filling is so delicious.   I am going to choose a recipe from paula to join the fun in Cook Like a Star event. Saw this Apple Strudel recipe and i happen to have a box of phyllo pastry in the freezer, why not make it :D   A mug of black coffee and a piece of Apple Strudel. Would you like to join me ??       I am using pampas filo pastry       The filling in the apple strudel are Granny Smith apples, apple juice, golden raisin (i use dark raisin), lemon juice, brown sugar, cinnamon powder, pecan nuts and shortbread cookies. (i use marie biscuits) Adding shortbread cookies in apple strudel filing is new to me. I was wondering how would it taste. Guess what? It taste really good, the cookies/biscuit absort the moi

Potato Cheese and Ham Pie

This is the third week school reopen after a 2 week plus break. Everything is back  to usual for my kids and me :D :D Do hope you are having a great week ahead. Do you like potatoes?? So far i have not come across anyone who doesn't like potatoes :D This is Potato Cheese and Ham Pie is a recipe from Alex Goh's book of 'Baking Code' The recipe call for puff pastry and some simple ingredients for the filling. I wanted to try to make my own puff pastry but i do not want to use pastry margarine. I found this puff pastry recipe from David Lebovitz's book of 'Ready for Dessert' -  It is a whole wheat puff pastry and in this recipe the puff pastry is for a apple tart but I tweak it a little by using the puff pastry to make a potato cheese and ham pie.   I bought some cute rectangle small baking tins lately, i wanted to try baking the pie with it. I think it will be kind of cute to make the pie in a small rectangle size. What do you think??     Th

Mango and Almond meal Friands .. 杏仁芒果Friands小蛋糕

It is mango season now.Everywhere here, you can see lots of mangoes hanging on the mango trees .. lol    'Friand' is a new word to me. When i first saw this word in Ann's blog i thought it means friend but what does friend has to do with baking. Then i realise it is not friend but its friand. :D :D :D The Friand (pronouced free-onds) is a small oval-shaped French cake often mistaken for a muffin which is not. It is baked in a special purpose oval tin called friand tin or barquette mould (shape like a boat mould) It is also appears to be related to financier, though sometimes the same mixture is baked in a rectangle tin for financier. Financier mean 'Gold Ingot' which the shape resembles. Both are popular in western cafes and comes with variety of flavours. You can have Mango and  Pistachio Friands from Ann and  Lemony Prunes from Cheah. I don't have friand tins, i replace it with muffin tins. I am trying to search for the friand tins around the baki

Pandan Buns...香兰面包

Hi Hi everyone, Hope that you are having a great week ahead. Do you still remember this Kopitiam milk buns .... With a little tweak you can have the same soft and nice texture buns but with another flavour. Today i am going to share a pandan flavour kopitiam buns.       Nice and soft buns are ready for tea break!! These buns are so good to go with any spread or you can even have it on it own. YUM!!               Pandan buns (香兰面包)            adapted from my pervious kopitiam milk bun...  here         * makes 12 buns          **Ingredients for overnight sponge dough:            215g high protein or bread flour          125g plain water (cold)          2g instant yeast (1/2 teaspoon)           To do : Add all the ingredients in a mixing bowl, combine all ingredients to a rough dough by hands, Do not need to knead till smooth. Cover with cling film and immediately store in the fridge for overnight. (at least 12 hour