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Non-bake CheeseCake

I love this cake, is easy and simple to make. I got this recipe from a distributor of mine, she is a housewife and she love to cook and bake. I went to her house for visiting few years back she served me this cake. Just one bite simon and me love it. ^^ Fantasy CheeseCake Ingredients: (A) 2 packet of plain Marie biscuits (B) 2 cans of Nestle reduce cream 8 tbsp of condense milk (C) 300g cream cheese 8tbsp of condense milk (D) some chopped peaches (E) some shredded cheddar cheese Method: 1) Mix ingredients (B) together till combine. Set aside. 2) Beat (C)~cream cheese till smooth, add in condense milk and beat till smooth. Add in (D)mix well. Divide into 3 portions. Set aside. 3) Use a 9" x 9" square cake tin. Lined with grease proof paper or aluminiun foil by over hanging the paper at the side of the cake tin. (this will help you easier to take the cake out from cake tin later or you can use a loose bottom square cake tin). 4) Dip a piece of Marie biscuit into the

Samson's birthday cake ~ Cheddar Cheese Cake

CheeseCake is almost everyone's favourites, you can DIY (Do It Yourself). The cake will be much more richer, more yummy it wouldn't be too sweet and definitely cheaper. I used to make cheeseCake with cream cheese but this one is different. I used slice cheddar cheese for Sam's birthday cake. The slice cheese is really handy because we have it everyday for my kids. Cheddar CheeseCake Ingredients: (a) 130g fresh milk 40g butter 4-5 pcs of slice cheddar cheese (b) 20g plain flour 15g corn flour some lemon zest (c) 2 yolks (d) 3 whites 1/8 tsp cream of tartar 80g castor sugar Method: 1) Use a thick bottom pan to double boil (a) until it is melted. Set aside to cool. 2) Add yolk into the melted mixture one at a time until it is well incorporated. Then stir in (b) to combine. Set aside for later use. 3) In a clean and grease free bowl beat whites and cream of tartar in medium speed and add in sugar gradually. Turn to high speed beat until soft peak form. 4) Fold in the egg whi

Frozen Fruits Salad~freezee....

Hai, hai, Its chinese new year again, visiting is always comes with good food and yummy food. Shawn's teachers is coming for visiting on the 6th day of chinese new year. I prepared some food and I wanted to make sometime specially for them. I tried this 'Frozen fruits salad' and it turn out to be so awesome :) everyone like it very much.. Frozen Fruits Salad Ingredients: 2 cans mix fru its cooktail 2 cans yellow cling peaches 1 medium size apple ~ cubed 1 tsp of lemon juice 220g cream cheese 500ml whipping cream/double creme 300ml condense milk 8 maschino cherries(optional) Method: 1) Drain the syrup out from the mix fruits cooktail and peaches. Set aside for later use. 2) Cut apple into cubed and sprinkle the lemon juice onto the cubed apple. Mix together with the fruits cooktail. 3) Whisk cream cheese until it is smooth add in condense milk mix to combine. Beat in whipping cream/double creme until it is well incorporated. 4) Pour the cream cheese mixture onto the fruits