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My first Swiss Roll ~ it was a success ... recipe is from 孟老师的美味蛋糕卷

Swiss rolls have always been the kind of cake that I would like to lay my hands on....BUT I never have the guts to try it....So so scare that I would fail to do it. Maybe that is what I demand from everything have to do up to my own standard....:p Until recently I came to know this book from Facebook. The title of this book is " 孟老师的美味蛋糕卷". It is so great, only from this book, that I know that swiss rolls (蛋糕卷) can be so much variety,  so simple and easy, so special and so delicious...^^ The variety of Swiss rolls in this book consists of 5 types of cake basic, the filling of the roll like the butter icing, which I really love it and also the milk base pudding and fruits that can also be roll into the cake. The steps and the instructions that is in this book is so clear, easy to understand and follow. If you also wanted to try to do Swiss roll or have known how to do a swiss roll, I recommend that you buy this book, you will love it and will benefit a

Tea time ~ Green Tea and Black Sesame Mousse Cake

~Green Tea Black Sesame Mousse Cake~ Ingredients for the green tea sponge: 5 eggs 80g castor sugar 20g cake emulsifier 30g milk 100g plain flour 20g green tea powder 70g melted butter Ingredients for the Sesame Mousse: 15g gelatine, 50g water 180g non dairy whipping cream 50g cream cheese 200g milk 20g castor sugar 50g black sesame seed powder To do: 1) Put eggs, castor sugar, cake emulsifier and milk into a mixing bowl and whisk until it is thickened and ribbon like. 2) Slowly add in flour and green tea powder and mix well. Add in melted butter. 3) Pour batter into a 14' square baking tin. Bake in a preheated oven at 180℃ for 20-25 minutes. Remove and leave cool. 4) Slice cake into 2 pieces of  7" square. Put one slice onto a 7" loose bottom baking tray ( if you do not have one, just cut a piece of aluminium foil and lined onto the bottom of your tray but over hang the aluminium foil a bit long on both side of your tray. Please refer here I d

My birthday cake ~Chilled Pineapple CheeseCake...^^ 黄梨乳酪蛋糕

六月是我许多朋友的生日月份, 我也在内. 好开心, 今年有好 fb的朋友们祝我生日快乐,好好感动噢....^o^ 在这里就想请所有祝我生日快乐的 fb朋友们吃我的生日蛋糕. Thanks to all fb friends for the birthday  wishes that you fb guys have given to me,  in return this wishes will also be with you always.....^^ ~ Chilled PineappleCheeseCake~ This is a chilled cheesecake. I used biscuits crumbs for the base, swiss rolls slices for the side, filling is cream cheese with pineapple the taste is just delicious..... Base ingredeints: 200gm sweet biscuits ~I use kraft tiger biskuat crushed biscuits finely 100gm melted butter 2 tbsp brown sugar 60gm toasted almond flakes To do: 1) Mix biscuits, brown sugar, almond flakes together and pour melted butter to mix well. 2) Press this prepare biscuits mixture into a 8' loose bottom round mould. 3) Put into refrigerator while you prepare the cheese filling. Cheese filling ingredients: 320gm canned pineapple~drained and crushed 2 1/2 tbsp gelatine powder,dissolve in 120ml pineapple syrup 250ml milk 5 eg

Tea time 18 ~ Spiral Curry Puff from Petaling Street..茨厰街的curry pap

My sister is getting 'HOT' to do bakes as well recently. She bought a book from Popular book store about yummy food from Petaling Street. After reading it, she decided to do this Spiral Curry Puff. ~ Spiral Curry Puff ~ Ingredients for water dough: 300g plain flour 120g margarine 150ml ice water Ingredietns for oil dough: 200g plain flour 120g shortening 1/2 tsp salt Filling: 100g chicken fillet (cubed) 1 no (50g) big onion (cubed) 300g sweet potatoes 2 tbsp curry paste 1 bowl (250ml) water                                                        ~ yummy curry filling ~ Seasoning: 1 tsp salt 1 1/2 tsp sugar To make filling: 1) Peel the potatoes and cubed, deep fry in hot oil for a while, remove and ready to use. 2) Leave 2 tbsp oil in hot wok saute onion over low heat until fragrant, add chicken cubes, stir well. Add potatoes, curry paste, water and seasoning, simmer for a while until the gravy is absorted. Remove leave to cool and ready to use. To make wrapper: 1) Mix

Tea time ~ 17.. Bamboo charcoal bread loaf ~ 竹炭面包

竹炭粉,在市场上现在非常流行. 到处的面包店都有卖竹炭面包和蛋糕. 起初看了这面包感到有点怪怪的, 那么黑可以吃吗? 心又有不甘, 很想试试看是什么味道..... 以是, 就托了我二妹帮我买了竹炭粉. 哎哟!!! 真的好黑...不过很兴奋, 就可以试看这竹炭粉有什么特别....^^ Bamboo charcoal powder...I don't know when it is so trendy in baking. In every bakery shop you can see bamboo charcoal powder breads or products. First glance at this powder, I am curious, I mean can this be taken??? Because of curiousity I ask Shelly to buy a packet of a 50gms BAMBOO CHARCOAL POWDER home for me to clear my doubts....:p                                         ~ Bamboo Charcoal powder...50gms rm14.50 (price that I bought)  ~ Basic Sweet Bread ingredients: A 100g bread flour      70g boiling water B 300g bread flour    100g plain flour      80g sugar        6g salt       20g milk powder 1 tsp bamboo charcoal powder         9g instant yeast C 175g cold water      60g cold egg D 60g butter E some cheddar cheese ~ cut into cubes To Do: 1) Add boiling water from A into flou

Avocado Mousse Cake ~ 鱷梨奶油蛋糕

 鳄梨或是牛奶果 (Avocado) 是原产于普埃布拉、墨西哥、桂皮、樟脑以及湾桂冠的开花植物家族樟科植物分类的. 型状像梨,也有像卵或球型, 果皮粗而绿色. 是一种大种子的果子, 含较高的脂肪量比起其他的水果, 大多是不饱和脂肪. 味道呢...这果子不甜, 有椰子肉的甜味, 香滑, 几乎奶油的口感. 好好吃哦...^^                             ~我妹家种的本地牛奶果....很丑但是真的很好吃~    ~切片的牛奶果...本地的是带点黄色~ 前一阵子我的二妹的家种了很多本地,鳄梨 多到吃不完. 送了一些给我们吃, 我们也吃不完. 刚好买了 Kevin 老师的书"Baking with Fruits" 就找了 ~鳄梨 奶油蛋糕 ~                                       ~这是鳄梨奶油蛋糕~ 海绵蛋糕材料: 120克 蛋糕预拌粉 2个 鸡蛋 30毫升 请水 30克 溶化牛油 鳄梨奶油材料: 200克 牛奶果肉类 60克 细砂糖 120毫升 鲜奶 2小匙 鱼胶粉 100克 鲜奶油~打发 做法: 1) 蛋糕: 将蛋糕预拌粉, 鸡蛋和请水打发至松白, 加入牛油拌成面糊. 2) 把面糊倒入铺上油纸的烘盘里, 送入烤箱以200*c 烘干10分钟. 待冷, 切成与模型般大小形状, 备用. 3) 将模型铺上一层班点朔胶纸, 备用. (我没将模型铺上一层班点朔胶纸, 我把班点朔胶纸, 贴在蛋糕上.)            ~我把班点朔胶纸, 贴在蛋糕上...这是我做白巧克力mousse蛋糕的样板~ 4) 鳄梨奶油: 将果肉,砂糖,鲜奶和鱼胶粉放入搅拌盆,隔者沸水不停搅煮至鱼胶粉溶化,离火过筛, 待冷, 拌入鲜奶油. 5) 把蛋糕先放入模型底部,再把鳄梨奶油入模型里, 盖上蛋糕, 送入冰箱片刻. 6) 脱模, 随意装饰即可. **书內是用橄榄模型制做这蛋糕, 我没这模型就用了圆的模型.  ********

A cake that I brought to a friend's house warming ~ Strawberry cheeseCake *好友新居入伙做了个~草苺乳酪蛋糕~送給他们.

 A Home sweet home wishes for Peter and Lena for their house warming today. They have been in this lovely home for a while until today we are invited for their house warming. A really stylish,cosy and warm feeling when we enter their home. A two storey semi detach house.                                                                  ~ Strawberry Chilled Cheesecake ~ To make it more merrier I brought a Strawberry Chilled Cheesecake along. I bought fresh strawberries from a friend HB. She fly them from US, she is also selling fruits (strawberries included) and mashmallow with chocolate fondue. Thanks to her for selling me this strawberries at a very special (friendly price) ^o^ ... ~ Fresh strawberries..smell and look soo ...nice ~ Ingredient for the biscuit base: 110g butter ~ melted 200g digestive bisuits (I use tiger biskuat from Kraft) 2 tbsp firmly packed brown sugar 50g cornflakes ( I use toasted almond flakes) 60g melted dark cooking chocolate + 2 tbsp milk 1 pc of sponge

Tea time~16 Yummy mini Cheese Tart ~ 今天茶点..小乳酪塔塔~

                                                                                                               ~ Mini Cheese Tarts  ~ It's have been a long time, since the last time I make these tarts. I remember the first time Shawn and Sam tried these tarts, they love it. Shawn said "Mummy I love the crispy pastry of this tart and the rich cream cheese in it. I want some more please."  I have been searching for this cheese tart recipe for a very long time. At last I found it in a recipe book selling in a book very small book store. I bought it just because of this recipe. In the book this recipe is named "Blueberry cheese tart".                                           ~ 可爱的小乳酪塔 ~ Ingredients for the pastry case: 250g all purpose flour 125g unsalted butter 63g icing sugar~sieved 1 yolk 1 tsp vanilla essence 1 tbsp cold water To do: 1) Sieve flour and icing sugar in a bowl, rub in butter until it resembles breadcrumbs. 2) Mix in cold water,vanil