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Home made Lemon Curd .. 自制柠檬凝乳

Hi everyone, hope that everyone are fine and well. I am not very well since CNY because of bad flu and cough. The flu and cough that i had was on and off maybe due to leak of rest (",) and the weather here is really hot.  The bad coughing irritated me. I can't concentrate in whatever things that i am doing...sigh!! Anyway, i am going to share this Home made lemon curd. This is a simple and delicious lemon curd.  I love this smooth, sweet and tangy home made lemon curd. It is so good to spread on scones or bread roll or crackers or even better to use as lemon pie filling.  It is so easy to prepared. All you need is lemons, sugar, eggs and some butter, then you will have a home made lemon curd in no time. I used mircowave oven to make my lemon curd.   Home made lemon curd recipe source: 孟老师的甜派与咸派(a chinese version of Meng Lao Shi (Teacher Meng's) Sweet Pie and Savoury Pie) Ingredients: 145g whole eggs 145g castor sugar 135g lemon juice zest of a lemon