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Almond Nibs Choux Puff...酥脆杏仁泡夫

I am making this Almond Choux Puff to join Jasline/s Choux Party. Intended to follow her savory  choux puff  (gougeres)  recipe but i found out i don't have parmesan cheese on hand...:p And i come out with this Almond Choux Puff with a savory filling.  Almond Choux Puffs Adapted from .tsuji Ecole de patisserie ( 果子学校) Volume 7 This book is in chinese version Ingredients 100 ml water 45 g butter a pinch of salt 60 g plain flour 2 eggs Fillings: 50 g cream cheese 30 g tuna flakes in olive oil some black pepper some salt to taste some oregano flakes To do: Boil water, butter and salt in a sauce pan. Add in plain flour all at once into the boiling water and stir vigorously. Leave the pan from the stove. Let the batter cool. Beat in eggs a little at a time until mixture turn thick. Put the mixture into a pipping bag with a plain tip. Pipe onto a lined baking tray. Bake at 200C for 30 minutes. When it is cool, snip open a side of the choux p

Kampar Chicken Biscuit ..Kai Zai Paeng (鸡仔饼)

Never knew that this delicious chicken biscuits is from Kampar until Wendy's MFF for Perak month mention it. I tried made a similar kind of chicken biscuits before but it is quite different from this one. I like this version as it is the original Kampar chicken biscuits,  My Shawn loves this very much. He is the one who keep digging the cookies jar for this delicious biscuits. He told me this is his after meal Kampar Chicken Biscuits...鸡仔饼 Recipe source:  Minty's Kitchen originally from At Home With  Amy Be (A) Mix together: 300g plain flour, sifted 1/4 tsp baking soda, sifted 1/4 tsp baking powder, sifted  150g icing sugar, sifted    120g crystalised melon (tung kwa), finely chopped 1/2 tsp Chinese five spice powder 1/2 tsp mixed spice powder  60g sesame seeds (lightly toasted)  (B)  - Mix together 20g garlic, pounded 1/2 tsp salt 1/2 tsp pepper 1 large egg, lightly beaten 30g maltose (mak nga to

Avocado Salsa ...谅拌酪梨

Good Tuesday to all my dear friends ^_^ I have been quite or i could said really slacking on blogging lately :p please do excuses me if i have not been dropping by your blog lately or maybe dropping by late. I will try my best to catch up with all the best i can :D Cook Like a Star is cooking like Nigella Lawson this month. I get to know her through TLC. I love to watch her cooking show and i never miss it. I have four of her books and i am going to cook 1 recipe each from her books ^_^ When i saw this salsa in 'Nigella KITCHEN' i know i am going to make this. I love avocado and this recipe is so simple but it taste fabulous. Smooth avocado flesh and the lime juice that goes so well with it. All you need is get ready those ingredients and just mixed them up and your are salsa-ing away!! My dear sister gave me a huge local avocado. It measured 16cm long and the 6cm width, huge right?? ^_^ She help me to halves and stone this avocado. Avoca

Choco-mint Sarawak layer cake (砂捞越可可薄荷千层糕)

Kek lapis Sarawak, is one of the specialty of Sarawak. This layer cake comes in different flavor and different colors between the layers. Normally this layer cakes can only be seen in Raya time. In fasting month you will see lots of different design of layer cakes(kek lapis) selling in the puasa(fasting) month market. The whole cake will be selling for 85 ringgit which is expensive :p But then they will also cut the cake into 4 long bars and sell individually ..which makes it affordable to buy.                 This Raya I am baking a Kek Lapis for 2 of my Malay friends.  I am baking Kek Lapis Coklat Mint aka Choco-mint Sarawak layer cake. Normally layer cakes required more egg yolks then egg white to yield moist and softer texture for the cake. Some layer cake required 25 egg yolks but this one I am using is only using 10 eggs yolks and 6 egg whites. The left over egg whites is going to be one of the ingredients of my egg white sandwich loaf. Will be sharing after

Choco-orange Crepe Cake 鲜橙可可千层蛋糕

Another CS recipe, that i love. I have been wanting to try the famous crepe cake for ages but never really give it a go. It is very popular and trendy over here in my place. How about over at your place?? Please share with me?? :DD This french millie crepe but Curtis named it the Crepe Cake. 又是一个Curtis Stone 的好食谱. 很久前很想尝试做了可是一直都没行动..:p 最近在我这非常流行呢!! 这法式千层蛋糕.  This Choc-orange Crepe Cake looks stunning and tastes absolutely delicious. The chocolate flavour and orange compliment each other very well.  这巧克力和香橙口味的配的非常搭. 巧克力的香和鲜橙的 酸 甜的味道太好了 ^_^ 还有那特别的香橙糖浆..吃起来很轻爽!! At first i was quite worried, about pan frying 20 pieces of crepe. I am asking myself.. Can i do well? Can my crepe comes out nice, round and fry evenly? Can i stack them nice and neat?? OH!! why ask so many question?? JUST DO IT!! Get the ingredients going and lets start.... So..this is my three attempts on pan frying the crepes :O After finish all 19 pieces of crepes

Pecan Tart - 山核桃挞

Love at first bite instead of love at first sight for this pecan tarts..:D Thanks to my dear 'sil' Gek brought this home when she came back for her holidays in May. When she told me she is going to bring home some pecan tarts. I quickly request her to buy some pecan nuts for me..:p Pecan nuts over here are very very very expensive. It is like RM90+ a kilo. What do you think of that price??? Crazy right?? When i am searching for a recipe that i like to bake in i found this Pecan Tarts recipe, i am so excited because i have pecan nuts and the rest of the ingredients too. 对这山核桃挞可是太喜欢了!! 自第一次吃过就念念不忘.:D  是Gek嫂从奥洲回来度假时做了带回来的. 当想在Curtis Stone.com找个食谱时就看到了这山核桃挞的食谱. 又刚好Gek嫂有带了些山核桃回来给我. 就尝试做了这个山核桃挞. 我们这卖的美国山核桃太贵了. 1 公斤要RM90多呢!! Can't cope with the linky time set by Cook Like a Star (Curtis Stone) but i am so wanted to link up this wonderful recipes (i actually have 2 recipes) of CS so i request Zoe to link me up..:p  She is really nice .. she agreed THAN