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Croquette (コロッケ) 可乐饼 - AFF Japan

Another Japanese dish 'Korokke' for AFF. My kids love these very much, so do their mum ^_^ It is simple, easy to make and so yummy!! 再 来 一道日式 料理, '日式可乐饼', 孩子们很喜欢, 我和老公也很喜欢 :D 香脆的外皮,柔软充满薯泥的香气, 好吃呢!! Sam : Mum, what are you cooking, it smells so good!!  They look like little dino eggs!!  =O Mum: Sam, This is Japanese dish named 'Korokke'  Sam: See, mum its name is like a dino's name..:p YUMMY ones of course...:D Mum:  LOLs..... pic 1 1.. get ready everythin 2.. Dredge each ball in flour ( mine doesn't look like ball) no wonder Sam told me it look like dino egg :p 3.. Dredge in egg  4.. Dredge again in Panko I learn how to prepare this yummilicious Japanese dish from Nami's blog. Thanks to her tutorial, make cooking this dish so simple. Thanks Nami :D Korokke (Croquette) コロッケ recipe source, adapted from  Just One Cookbook (I make half of this recipe) Ingredients: 2 lb (about 4 potatoes, peeled

Rye and Milk French Bread (黑麦牛奶面包)

Bought this book " The Second Book of Baking for Beginners " by Carol Hu on its launching time in Popular bookstore. There is always some special offer on launching time and this book is given a special  rebate of  30%  plus member discount of 10%. I can't be more happy seeing this offer and  grab the book straight away :D  黑麦法国面包,灵感来自于Carol Hu老师的奶油法国面包, 躺在冰箱的黑麦粉以好久了。不想留到过期再扔了,太浪费了。你说是吗? 这法国面包的造型我特喜欢。像是片叶子漂亮的很。不晓得你觉得如何呢? 感觉很乡村的味道. 之前没做过这种面包,还以为会很难。经过这次的尝试做这法国面包,其实还好不会很难呗! This leaf shape french bread have been on my to do list for sometimes. Have been wondering how to shape this bread into this triangle leaf shape until i saw the step by step tutorial in Carol's book ^_^  Let see how its done in below tutorial.. 看看如何把面团做成 三角型. pic 1  1) After punch down  and expel out the air from the dough, roll it flat like a disc. 2) Cut into 8 portions 3) Shape each portion into a ball with the palm of your hand. 4) Let it sit for 15 minutes. Covered.

Mini Cheese Bread (一口乳酪面包)

Saw this mini cheese bread in "Original Flavor' while browsing through the book. Thought it is quite interesting. No need to shape the bread dough after mixing and kneading. All you need to do is to roll out the bread dough flat and square. Then cut into small cubes. Let it rise until it is 1.5 of it size and bake in the oven.  在 '原味' 看到这一口乳酪面包,好喜欢呢!! 一口一粒肯定回吃个不停咯...哈哈哈 有微微的乳酪香,软软的面包,真的不错吃 ^_^ Sam called this parmesan cheese bites, he just can't stop eating one after another. The taste is a mild parmesan taste and the texture is soft.   I like it with extra cheese, so i slice small piece of cheddar cheese, cut a small slit at the side and sandwich the cheese in ^_^ yum..yum   微 微的 帕马森干酪香, 再夹上一小片车达乳酪更佳呢 ^_^ 一口接一口, 甜中带点咸, 哎哟!! 忍不住多吃几个!!   Texture of this mini bread is fine and soft. It is still soft even the next day :D 面包的蛮柔软呢,留到第二天还软软 :D Wanna try some... help yourself with one, two and three bites   ^_^ 来吃, 一,二, 三口吧!!! 

Chicken Katsu (チキンカツ) 日式炸鸡排 - AFF Japan

I have never post a Japanese dish before in my blog :p Can you imagine that i love Japanese food but never cook them myself. I only make sushi once a while and that all.  Following Wendy's Malaysia Food Fest i learned and shared all Malaysian very authentic food from state to state and again now am following her to Asian Food Fest to learn more from country to country within Asian. This month is food in Japan and the host is Alan from  travelling- foodies 没在这上过日本料理的贴子呢!! 我家人爱吃日本料理不过不知道为什么没自己动手准备过, 除了做 寿司 !! 想想可能是觉得很难...还是买不到日式的素材和酱料还是懒呢.. 哈哈!! 现在也该动手了, 我家宝贝们喜欢炸的日本料理. 随着 Wendy 的 AFF 活动 (主持人是 Alan, 本 月的日本料理)  我才发现其实做日本料理不难.只要找对素材和找对食谱就能做出一道美味的好菜了. Chicken Katsu, can i say this is a very delicious and easy to prepare dish. The main ingredient is just chicken breast, it is breaded with flour, egg, panko and deep fried, the chicken transform into a crispy, juicy satisfying meal.  (I quoted Nami's words :p)  These Chicken Katsu is so tasty and my kids love it.

Brown-Sugar Raisin Bread Bake Along #53 (黄糖葡萄干面包)

Sam and Seanan loves dried fruits. All kind of dried fruits from raisin, cranberries, blueberries, fig, black cherries ... you named it they will love and eat it happily. BUT not Shawn he doesn't really like dried fruits as much as the 2 brothers did. He only likes dried mangoes, apricot and nuts. Sometimes it is hard to please each and everyone in the house when comes to cook and bake :p  家里的两个小宝贝爱吃果干. 任何的果干都可以'SAPU'的很开心. 大宝贝就比较挑只爱芒果,杏桃干和坚果干. (他说的'豆豆' ) 有时候真的很难煮的让家里的大小宝贝们满意呢!! Bake Along 53期这回是烤'黄糖葡萄干面包' 就连夜烤了来当早餐呗!! Bake Along #53 is baking Brown-Sugar Raisin Bread this round. I decide to bake this bread for our morning breakfast :D Make into a square bread loaf. Love how the square loaf looks :D I like the raisin in the bread. This bread is just nice to eat on its own. This is the small loaf. Love how soft it is. Looks!! this is the piece .... after i squeeze it, it bounce back nicely....believe me?? keep scrolling do

Soy Milk Marble Ogura Cake (豆奶云石相思蛋糕) LTU October - Soy Bean #2

Shawn request for a Ogura cake last week. Think back i have not baked a Ogura cake for quite a while too.    I baked  this Pandan Ogura and this Black tea Ogura months ago. Little Thumbs Up theme for this month is Soy Bean so i am going to baked a Soy Milk Marble Ogura cake ^_^ I used some pandan extract to do the marble in the cake and also get rid of the egg-y smell. I am quite happy :) with the result despite the little crack across the cake :(  好久没相思了..哈哈不是相思病噢...是相思单糕. 想来个豆奶口味的但又怕不够香也不要蛋味太重的. 就做了一些调整,试试看效果如何 :D 出乎意料哦,  除了蛋糕有一点裂   ><以外,  成品还算挺满意得!! It is soft and cottony with pleasant mild soy and pandan aroma. Love the marble in the cake. It surprises you in each and every slice. Slight shrink at the side of the cake. pic a 1. Cut 2 pieces of pandan leaves to infuse into soy milk. 2. Mix oil, egg yolks, whole egg, sugar, soy milk and flour together. 3. Beat egg whites till almost stiff peaks. 4. Pour into a prepared square