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Pulled- Pork Sandwich with Egg Benedict and Hollandaise sauce (Martha Stewart) ..丰富的早餐呢!!

When i first saw Zoe cooked this i am so interested to give it a go. I know my kids will love it. I know this is quite a big portion for my family so i cooked 1/3 of the recipe and it still took us 2 days to finish it. We all love it and i will definitely cook this again. I matched this Pulled-Pork with my home made English Muffin and Egg Benedict with Hollandaise sauce. That is a awesome breakfast right?? But we have it for lunch :p 这道焖肉超棒呢!! 肉的香和丝丝的口感真的能让你吃上好几口.  把白白的英式小餐包拔开, 夹上一层肉丝再加上水煮蛋再淋上Hollandaise酱料..你想要咬一口吗?? :p 还有还有再加点番茄酱~~~ Pulled-Pork Sandwich ..焖烤肉丝三文治 Home made English muffins..自制白 白的英式小餐 包   Egg Benedict and Pulled pork sandwich between English muffin and top with... 白英式小餐包夹着水煮蛋和肉丝再加上番茄酱, 好吃啊! 这道蛮简单的一道料理. 把猪肉用调味料腌好..(主调味料是番茄酱和牛至-oregano)再放入个厚的钢锅, 加入水把盖,盖好送进烤箱烤上2个半小时. 就可以享用了. 简单吧!! ...Hollandaise sauce ....加上酱料 二宝贝喜欢没酱料的! This is really tasty!!! We are happy with the soft english muffin, tasty pulled-pork and the soft center

Durian Egg Tart . 榴莲蛋挞

 Durian fever is still not over yet. There is still a few boxes of stock durian flesh in my freezer..:p   When i saw this(Durian egg tarts) in Wendy and Vivian's blog my finger goes wiggling and i done it. I made this lovely and yummy durian egg tarts. Egg tart use to be my favourite. I like  to  have my  egg tart  loaded with filling ...:p This is 2 in 1 (durian in egg tart) if you like egg tart and you love durian you will love this Durian Egg Tart. I make half of this recipe..and regretted that i did :p The next time i make i will make a full recipe..:D 榴莲还在飘香, 榴莲高烧还没退呢!! 在 Wendy 和 Vivian的部落格看到这个榴莲蛋挞,就很好奇会是怎样的味道!!! 我们家啊!! 超爱蛋挞, 尤其是挞馅多多的吃的很爽快. 这个榴莲蛋挞像是2合1. 有蛋挞又有榴莲呢!! 你会不会也很爱呢!! 看看是不是皮香馅滑的感觉呢 ??  :p The filling is just nice. It is smooth, soft and full of durian fragrance.  挞馅口非常好. 滑的来又柔软还充满榴莲 香. :D The crust is very buttery. It is lightly brown at the bottom and you can easily remove the tart from the tart pan. This is one of the best part i

Green Tea shortbread Christmas Tree..绿茶圣诞树奇曲饼干

When i saw Lena eco friendly green tea shortbread cookies, i love it very much. Why do i called it eco friendly?? Simply because it is green in color and the green colour is from green tea and it does not loaded with lots of royal icing which is very good. 在Lena的部落格看到他那绿绿油油的雪花抹茶饼. 很喜欢,很环抱的感觉!! 再说绿是抹茶的绿, 天然色素还有糖霜也不多,又不甜..很环抱..对吧~~ I decided to make Christmas Tree Cookies which i saw  here . 做了抹茶圣诞树奇曲, 灵感来自: 爱和自由  The ingredients for making this green tea cookies are not much and it is quite simple to make too. All i need to do is to beat the butter until smooth, add in the icing sugar, beat  u ntil combine and add in sifted green tea powder with plain flour. The cookies dough is very easy to manage.  I don't have different sizes of star shapes so i browse around the internet and get this cut out template here 这奇曲饼, 还不难做. 一班的饼干做法. 不过奇曲口感好好呢!! Most important is these cookies are really good for snacking. If you like green tea you will love this shortbread cookies. It

A Christmas Greeting Bread . Award...圣诞节面包 . 奖章

Today is 24th of December and tomorrow will be 'Christmas Day'. I would like to wish all my fellow follower, fellow bloggers and all my beloved friends a         Merry Christmas. ******** 今天是平安夜, 明天将是欢庆的圣诞节了. 我想趁着着 机会祝我的部落格友们和喜爱或不喜欢:p我的格的朋友..谢谢大家的厚爱..也祝 圣诞快乐, 合家健康, 平安, 快乐. ** ** ** ** 做了棵咸口味的圣诞树面包跟大家分享..圣诞节的喜悦..^_^ **灵感来者:  Jessie Cooking Moments Presenting this Christmas Tree bread to wish you a Merry Christmas!!!!! This is inspired by Jessie Cooking MOments . Will post up the recipe later. The Liebster Blog Award I am so honored to be nominated for the Liebster Blog award by Veronica of Minty's Kitchen . This serve a wonderful Christmas gift to me too.  Knowing that this nominated Liebster blog award in German  meaning dearest , beloved or favourite .  A huge thanks to Veronica for this awesome award which i really do apppreciate.  Veronica is a brilliant a mum with her wonderful blog writing especially for her beloved daug

Happy Winter Solistic (Dongzhi festival) ~ 冬至快乐 ^ ^

Sweet  vs   Savoury glutinous rice ball, which is your choice?? ...甜汤圆和咸汤圆, 那个你爱呢?? Sweet glutinous rice balls (tang yuan).. 三色 甜汤圆. Savoury glutinous rice balls (tang yuan)...咸汤圆. Dry glutinous rice balls...干汤圆. Soupy vs Dry glutinous rice ball, which have you tried?? ...汤和干的汤圆, 你试了哪种呢?? Glutinous rice balls is called 'tang yuan..汤圆' in Chinese. Sweet soupy 'tang yuan' is the one we use to eat. My mum like to make them into dry 'tang yuan' which it is rolled into soy bean powder or peanut powder.  Today we have three ways of serving the 'tang yuan' .. the soupy and sweet 'tang yuan', the savoury and soupy 'tang yuan' and the dry 'tang yuan'. Sweet tang yuan..甜汤圆   Dry tang yuan...干汤圆. Savoury tang yuan..咸汤圆. 甜汤, 汤圆是我们最常吃的那种. 我妈妈喜欢干的汤圆再洒上一层炒香的黄豆粉,非常好吃呢! 咸汤, 汤圆是我嫁了给夫君,来到他家才学会吃咸汤,汤圆. 今天,我们家吃了三种汤圆, 就是甜汤圆, 咸汤圆和干汤圆. First, it is the common sweet soupy glutinous rice balls. This year