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Sabah Meat Egg Roll (Hakka Chun Ken) - 客家蛋卷

Sabah is a neighboring state to Sarawak where i am.  But I don't know much about Sabah delicacies other than those that my auntie use to bring to us when she comes to visit us from Sabah  She married to a Sabahan and settled in Tenom a small town since and now she is staying in Kota Kinabalu.  Meat egg rolls aka  Hakka Chun Ken is one of the delicious food she will bring to us every time she comes. After reading Alice's post here  bring back the old memories of this delicious food. Thanks to Alice:) 沙巴跟沙劳越是邻省. 不过我对沙巴美 食认识不多. 只有小时的回忆, 就是姑姑常会从沙巴带来好多好吃的沙巴美食. 其中一样就是这客家蛋卷了. The meat egg roll is full of flavors.  这蛋卷的味道好好, 宝贝们还很喜欢吃!!! First prepared the egg wrappers 1) Pour 1/4 cup of egg mixture into a hot non stick pan. 2) Swirl around to make it evenly spread all over the pan. 3) Wait till the side of the egg wrapper leave the pot (mean it is ready or cooked) 4) Stack the cooked egg wrappers together. Wrapping meat roll 1) Mixed all seasoning with

Steamed Pumpkin Buns aka pumpkin mantou - 南瓜馒头

Phew!! finally i found a recipe to post for AB event to support Ms B ^_^  Thanks to Ms B the host for 'May' Asipring Bakers event for letting me know that the event has extended by 2 days and the round up will be on the 3rd of June. i was like  yeah! yeah! yeah !!  Actually, i have a few more baoS that i have prepared earlier, hopefully i will be able to post all before 'Bao Ho Chiak AB event ends. This is a soft, fluffy and healthy mantou. Mantou means steamed buns in chinese. It is a plain bun that has no filling inside. It is so good to eat with kopi o or chinese tea. Pumpkin puree is added into this mantou. A wonderful thing about this recipe is that it do not use shortening  but sesame oil. I uses olive oil instead. 享受简单又健康的早餐是件很幸福的事 吃着香香的南瓜馒头再配上一杯热热的 'kopi 0' 太爽了!! 南瓜馒头做法简单,材料健康又养身而且还不错吃噢!! 这贴子是特别为AB活动而准备的.AB 5月 的主持人是 Ms B (Everybody eats well in Flanders) 她的主题是'包好吃!!' 很开心...Ms B让我知道活动的截止日期改了. 改到6月2号了. 那我可要赶快把我的包子(们)贴上. 先来这个南瓜

Braised tofu with shitake mushroom...红烧香菇豆腐

This is another dish that we had in the vegetarian cafe that our friend brought us to. It is Braised tofu with shitake mushroom. The dish here comes in a small portion with steamed rice for only 1 person. Each of us ordered different dish so we can share.    再来一道'菇'的料理吧!! 这道也是在同一家素店其中一道招牌菜, 红烧香菇豆腐. 这家的料理都是小小份. 每一份都有配上一碗百饭只共一人噢! 我们只好一人order一份彼此分享. Look at this slice of tofu, it soft and juicy (it soaked up the gravy while braising)  厚厚的一片红烧豆腐, 柔软, 咬一口,浓浓的红烧香菇汁喷发在口里..好吃的不行 :p This is actually a vegetarian dish but i added some slice meat (chicken or pork) inside for more flavour. Again if you want it to be a vegetarian dish just omit the slice meat. 这道原本是道素菜不过我呢加了点肉片吊味 但是如果您要素的可以不放肉片. Homemade tofu... HERE 自制白豆干... 这里   There is tofu, shitake mushrooms, leek, carrot and some seasoning in this dish.  The tofu is slice into 4 thick strips  (a piece) and shallow fried until it is lightly brown.  S aute the chopped white part of the leek* with s

Deep fried fresh abalone mushroom....炸鲜鲍鱼菇

Good morning dear all : ) I am sharing another mushroom dish today :D Like I have mention in my pervious post about mushroom that I love mushrooms..LOL Ok.. am going to share a mushroom dish again today and this 2 days will have more to come :p This is deep fried abalone mushrooms. I get to know this dish from a friend who was a vegetarian. She brought us to a cafe that they only sell vegetarian food. This is one of the dish she ordered which we found it is very nice. It is named Vegetarian style  Deep Fried Prawns. It is very yummy, not too oily, crispy out side and soft, chewy inside. I tried to replicate this dish. I found it is very close to what we have tried in that cafe ^_^ I have the really prawn version here  ..go have a look see if this and that look alike in appearance..:p Plain and pale, well don't judge a book by it's cover..:p 没什么诱人的外表..对吧? 不可小看这道炸鲜鲍鱼菇哦!! ^-^   Do you find this look like really deep fried prawns?? 看看有像真的炸虾球吗?? Crispy

Cheesy chicken floss cuppy buns...芝士鸡松杯面包

  ~ A bun in a cup..interesting ahh...可爱的杯子面包 ~ This is a very interesting cup bun.  ~ Side view of this bun....旁边看看也可爱 ~ ~ Make a total of 12 cups...做了12个小杯 ~ pic a ~ 1) Shaped into small round dough. 2) Flatten it with a rolling pin. 3) Spread the chicken floss and mayo filling on. 4) Roll it up like a swiss roll and sealed the edges. pic b ~ 1) Rolled into a swiss roll. 2) Make 2 slits on the roll like pic 2. 3) Twist the first piece upright then the second and the third. 4) Put into the paper casing and let it proof for 45 minutes or double in size. Chessy chicken floss cuppy buns recipe source: Its a chinese version book simple translated as  "Simple home bake bread and buns" (简易家庭面包制作...王志雄. 游纯雄/合者) Method: Straight dough  Ingredients: 500g bread flour 80g castor sugar 6g sea salt 10g instant yeast (i use 2 tsp) 30g butter 1 egg (50g) 250ml water (i used 100ml milk and 150ml water) To

Stir fried broccoli and fresh mushrooms...鲜菇西兰花

This month's host for Little Thumbs Up is Joyce from Kitchen Flavour s and her theme is 'MUSHROOM'   Mushrooms is one of my favourite. Difference mushrooms gives different taste, flavour, aroma and texture. Most of all mushrooms have lots of fibre in it :D I saw this simple and wonderful stir fried  recipe  'Broccoli and fresh mushrooms'  from a magazine 'Feminine' when i was in a saloon. The color and the simple ingredients of this stir fried dish attracted me. I love mushrooms. 五月的'小姆子说好'活动的主次是来自 Kitchen Flavours 的Joyce. 她的主题是'菇类'   菇类的营养和纤维特别多. 菇的种类很多. 不同的菇类所给予的味道, 口感都不一样. 还记得上回带宝贝们到'沙龙'理发时在一本'风采'杂志看到这一道'鲜菇西兰花' 颜色鲜艳很吸引我. 当时快快把食谱拍下来了 ^^ This dish only uses 2 types of mushrooms that is the abalone mushroom and the shimeij mushrooms. I always wanted to try different kinds of mushrooms but sometimes if you are not familiar with certain kind of mushroom you might hesitated to give it a go!! This time w