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Bacon Cheddar Scones - Bake Along #81 (培根车打芝士司康饼)

This is a tasty savory scone. When i saw this in Joyce's blog  i know i am going to bake it. Bacon, cheddar cheese and chives is what i love. When i run through the ingredients, i saw creme fraiche. Creme fraiche over here is quite expensive and buying a pack is too much. Thanks to Joyce for sharing a home made creme fraiche. Why not DIY you own creme fraiche. Bacon Cheddar Scones iAdapted from   "Bouchon Bakery" , Thomas Keller and Sebastien Rouxel) or here Ingredients: 107 gm all purpose flour 196 gm cake flour 8.1 gm baking powder 1.6 gm baking soda  27 gm granulated sugar 3.6 gm kosher salt 132 gm cold unsalted butter, cut into 1/4 inch pieces  71 gm heavy cream, plus additional for brushing 89 gm creme fraiche 340gm Hobbs applewood smoked bacon, cooked, drained and cut into 1/8 inch pieces(77gm,cooked weight) 144 gm grated white cheddar cheese 36 gm grated white cheddar cheese (for sprinkling before baking) 10 gm minced chives fres

Croissant - Bake Along #80 ~ 牛油可颂

It's Bake-Along time again. This round we are baking Croissant.  A friend ask my boy: Do you like Croissant?                    My boys: Yes, we do.                   My friend: Do you buy them from the bakery often?                My second: No, we don't cause my mummy can bake well....                           Me:  LOL (i don't really bake that well, i am only an amateur :D ) Croissant have always in my to bake list. My list is as long as a locomotive or even longer ... lol   Since Bake-Along event is baking Croissant i am joining in the fun. This my first attempt baking a croissant. Love the flaky layers so much!!.    抱了这个食谱很久了。很想学着试做做看但是总是没勇气 ,kiasu嘛!哈哈! 这是我的处女作哦!还好家人和孩子都给了我鼓励。送了我好多好多小拇指。。呵呵!选择这个食谱的原因是食谱材料不多样,示范的是林绣美老师(我个人很喜欢她的食谱),还有食谱的做法很适合我们这里热带的气候呢!做可颂是有一点麻烦,需要保持面团里的牛油冷冻。还需要把包上冷冻牛油的面团擀平扁,折,冷冻。。擀平扁,折,冷冻。。再擀平扁,折再冷冻后才可以开始做可颂。冷冻的牛油夹在擀平和对折的面团和冷冻牛油之间产生了有层次的可颂面包。  It is flaky and buttery and it is so good to enjoy over a cuppa of coffee。 外皮酥

Fail proof Pandan Chiffon 班兰戚风蛋糕 (不失败版)

This is a all time favourite flavour,Pandan flavour. Knowing that Fion is baking Pandan Chiffon for today bake and post together, i baked this fail proof chiffon. I found this recipe in a cookbook and the original recipe is a chocolate chiffon. I like this recipe a lot and it bakes up really wonderful chiffon so i tweet it a little and bake it into a Pandan chiffon. 每人都爱的班兰口味。这是个不失败的班兰戚风。 液体不多,蛋黄糊也不太粘。把蛋白霜拌入时很顺利也不容易消泡。原食谱是做巧克力戚风,就把食谱做了一点调整做了个班兰口味。 I found that a naked cake look a bit boring。。。lol   Why not give it a little make over, with cream and some fresh kiwi and strawberry and a blueberry.  Not only it look pretty, i can also share this to Little Thumbs Up, June event, our theme is CREAM :D 想着想着,没装饰的戚风很单调。就来个装饰,加上鲜奶油和新鲜奇异果,草莓和一粒蓝莓。。 :D Fion, 这个就是特地,为你准备的 :D Due to my small heart shape chiffon tube pan, i have extra batter into a small square cupcake case. Fail Proof Pandan Chiffon 班兰戚风蛋糕 (不失败版) Recipe adapted from Home Baking by Parandal (a chinese coo

Super Smooth and Velvety Cream Pudding ~ 超浓滑布丁

It's June! Time files!! We are having 2 days holidays (1/6, 2/6) in Sarawak to celebrate Hari Gawai.  Hari Gawai is celebrated by the natives of Sarawak, the Dayaks or Ibans for a week marking the ending of the paddy harvesting season and usher into a whole new year for another planting season. There is singing, dancing for the celebration and also a considerable drinking of 'Tuak' (their signature rice wine) in the local longhouses. Ibans who works outside their village will returned to join the celebration with their families. It is like a family yearly reunion. ****************************************************************************************** Back to Little Thumbs Up event. Zoe and i would like to THANKS, Cheryl from Baking Tai Tai for hosting LTU May event. We had a awesome month cooking and baking with YOGURT. If you have miss the fun, please visit her here In June we are welcoming again, another awesome host, she is non other then Diana from Do